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  1. Hey! Cool! Yeah, my husband Brett and I are going to our first Coachella. We've been in Chicago a couple years, and went to our first Lolla last year, and just fell in love with the whole thing. So when tickets went on sale in January and I was stumped on his birthday present, well, here we are. And SO stoked.

    We're actually flying to San Diego on the 13th, and then driving up to Palm Desert on the 16th. And we're not camping :(, but we got a room in PD. I would totally camp, but Brett's kinda girly when it comes to dirt n stuff.

    How bout you?

    And OMG can't wait for the Presets. We've gotten to the Metro late too many times and been banished to the back wall. Not gonna happen with this one. We're gettin there like right after work.
  2. Howdy! Just trying to meet people from Chicago out in the desert! So stoked!!

    I see you are going to the Presets on the 8th...awesome! Me too!
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