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  1. LOL get your panties out of your asscrack you bogan. You just keep proving my point that you (as a Canadian) are a waste of human life.
  2. Hey pussy, for the record offer still stands:) Have you ever had any of your front teeth punched out?
  3. Lol canadians thinking they have the right to equality
    you further prove why the world believes you canadian schmucks are sub-human
  5. Dude, I shit you not, I better not find a picture of you somewhere here and then see your pathetic ass at Coachella 'cause I'd teach you a lesson you'd never forget. That's not a threat, that's a promise;)
  6. (5) I too am coming from Canada for this show. I would like to formally and respectfully issue a challenge to every big talking jackass on this page to put your money where your mouth is and meet me at the place of your choosing(outside of the venue) for a good old fashion man to man fist fight. Leave your guns and shit in your glove-box and come have a chat with a Canadian who's got something to teach you about respect.
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