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  1. Hi Ron,

    Random Coachella goer here. I have a question for you! I have been attending Coachella since 99, I just don't post on the boards. This year, for the first time, my partner and I are attending Bonnaroo. Yay.

    My main question is about camping. My partner does not camp, as he is a big princess. Also, I am disabled, and camping will add a little extra challenge to my already excitingly painful fest experience (It doesn't stop me, but hey less pain is good).

    Bonnaroo is a camping festival. I feel silly going and not doing it all the way. We actually did reserve a hotel, just in case. But my question is, does it even make sense to stay in a hotel? Is this even feasible? I know you camp, but would love to hear any info you have about the options in terms of getting in and out of the fest. Or just the camping scene in general.

    I checked the roo boards for info, but I thought it anybody could offer any words of wisdom, it would be you.

    Thank you for your time!

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