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  1. miss u friend ;)
  2. August 13th is the official move date. : )
  3. whn do u officially move?
  4. Yes, a real life farm. And, yes, I got to milk a cow, but it was mostly just hard labor. I probably gained 10 lbs of back muscles from that one week. Ha!
  5. WOW...a farm huh?! did u milk cows =D
    ur still going to HARD right?
    i miss chit-chattin with u
  6. No, no luck. Who WOULD want to hire someone who's moving to NY in a couple of months, right? I'm collecting unemployment and picking up odd jobs here and there. House-sitting, working on a farm (no joke) etc. Thanks for asking! : )
  7. hows the job hunt coming along?
    any luck?
  8. sorry. that was not a dramatic exit...i got the boot and was able to log in again =(
  9. hey mister...
    havent seen u around lately
    hope all is well
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