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  2. what we just did was too cool for school.......who would have thought my first post on your wall would be right after going to Ultra? crayzles....
  3. MY FRIEND! This whole electronic tour is going to blow every other year out of the water. 2010 truly is the YEAR OF RAVE.
  4. DUDE......I feel like Vitalic/Ultra/Coachella/EDC/whatever else is really just the red carpet for the CHEMICAL BROTHERS @ THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL........I could say that phrase for the rest of my life, and it still would not get old........
  5. OMG. My post below nearly a year ago is way premature. The Chems DID get added, and they ARE playing for us this year. I love it.
  6. HOW WAS YOUR FIELD TRIP??? & what do you think of the lineup. No Chems :(
  7. OMFG TOMORROW! & you are on a field trip you insane person. Have fun, lineup will be waiting for you when you return.
    <3 feath
    p.s. You are supposed to respond on the other persons wall, not your own! :)
  8. Disco!!! We only have a few weeks left, until the Sahara is revealed...

    There will be tears, laughter, anger, I can't wait.
    <3 feather
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