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  1. Well ofcourse you can ask me whatever you like :)

    I have had amazing experiences both times I went to TAO. I have heard mixed reviews about Giant, that it is not put on very well. Hopefully we will brush feathers in the Sahara! 17 days...

    xo feather
  2. Hey Feather! If I see you in the Sahara could I ask you about your experience at TAO 2008? I'm thinking about doing that next year. Did Giant Maximus this past new year and it was just okay. Looking for something differnt.
  3. I am in charge of the Sahara, I live and breathe it everyday! Oh and no MIA, I am done with that for awhile. Presets, I really feel will be on the lineup, it's their year...I <3 them soooo much.
  4. I knew it Feather, You ARE the one in charge of booking the Sahara! Girl, please grant my wish and bring the Presets. Oh, and, I think we got enough of MIA last year, so please leave her home.
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