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  1. I will definitely look for the lobster flag. If a pretty black girl who looks like she is on drugs runs up and hugs you, don't be alarmed, its me haha.
  2. I probably sound like a nutty nut case but your posts crack me the fuck up! I hope we meet up at camp! When are you rolling out ? Also, if you are still bringing a kiddie pool, I WANT IN!
  3. Dude, how fucking sweet was Prince ??
  4. Yeah, they allow kiddie pools. Just be advised, it will get pretty nasty by about Saturday. Can I hang out by your kiddie pool ?
  5. indeed i am. do they allow kiddie pools? i want to get wasted afterwards and lay in a kiddie pool next to my tent.
  6. Hell yeah, I am camping! Are you ?
  7. are you camping?
  8. You're totally my new best friend! I want to see all those acts too plus God knows how many more.
  9. fleet foxes, band of horses, theivery corp, MBV, amy winehouse having a breakdown, black keys, PB&J, etc. i really want to see all the bands ive never heard of too.
  10. What bands are you seeing ? I want the whole motherfucking list, so I can judge your character, haha.
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