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  1. Aww, Cherita, don't be sad. You know I ruv you.
  2. oops my bad. I talk to wrong blonde guy
  3. Drugs? I don't know what you're talking about, Cherita.
  4. we do drugs in sahara next year ok?
  5. My favorite alias (who everyone knows) :thu
  6. Man, I haven't even read past the third line on friday. You're very right, there's just so much stuff. Too much maybe. But Franz and The Black Keys are my personal can't misses.

    I ask because I was kind of thinking about getting a group of people together for Franz's set, going on the assumption that everyone wants to see them. But yeah, we'll see what happens
  7. I want to see Franz, super cute and catchy too, yeah? But Friday is so loaded that the chances of them not conflicting with someone I "can't miss" are slim. Guess we'll see...
  8. Are you planning on seeing Franz Ferdinand?
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