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  1. Indeed. I'll have to meet some of your friends in the Asian category. I've noticed that you have pics with alot of the Khmer population in Long Beach. That's great! I grew up in the area so I have quite a few as friends. Anyhow, almost time for Coachella...yay
  2. Azians are crack for my soul too, just so you know. I really really really have an obsession. Hopefully sometime you can meet my plethora of asian friends :)
  3. Haha...but to be honest, you're quite the looker you own self, S. I'm just weak when it comes to the Asian persuasion--its like crack for my soul. I don't know where I'll be for New Year's but I'll make my appearance in L.A. soon enuff.
  4. Haha I knew you would love Dolly. She is one hot asian/ probably the hottest friend I have IMO. It's amazing the attention she gets. Aside, yes hangout again soon TRP was fun with you there :)
  5. I didn't even notice that you left a message on my page! Anyhow, I was amazed at the hospitality shown by you and co., that I'll be soon joining you guys/girls again! Say hola to Dolly for me, too. ;)
  6. We actually did it!!! Hung out for more than :30 sec. Let's grab that beer soon.
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