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  1. Hi Feather-
    I'm so happy I found your thread. I would really like to be with all of you for the glowslosion. I have a few extra necklaces and such to contribute (not kandy, but glow). My Panda will be with me. Hope you've had a wonderful year. Mine has been exiting and scary so far.


  2. (your message didn't show up on my phone app, hmmm.....). Feather, still not sure about EDC, but Massive on Wednesday for sure and I'm going to both Hard Summer shows. My friend Nian has sort of changed her mind about EDC. She'll be w/ me @ Massive Attack. Maybe we can persuade her....
  3. Never done VIP before. I have friends who do it everytime and love it. Andrew and I will be getting VIP this year. You should too!!! There is more than one VIP stage. Free water, energy drinks, cocktails, shade, private entrance and more! Can't wait to see you!
  4. What was EDC like without a VIP pass? Never been. Is it a similar lay out to Coachella w/ a 2 or more VIP areas? The VIP rose garden really came in handy at coach this year.


  5. Coachella 2010 yes?
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