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  1. Hi! I so remember reading your blog. I haven't been on this board for a year. My other life has sort of taken over. I am going this year, though. I went last year. It was so unforgettable to be a part of a raining Coachella. Cheers, Motionnn
  2. i literally just saw your visitor message on my profile from 2 years ago today! so sorry i missed that, but thank you for your nice message. coachella this year?
  3. Hey Irenex-

    Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog. I've been going to Coachella for 3 1/2 years,(in '08 I only went 1 day). I don't camp and I've had a VIP pass each year. It's a fashion contest in the VIP and I think the women who dominate this board (not all of them) get weird about the fashion thing. I've met some of them, but they don't post very much.

    But I agree with your prospective that you can be comfortable and look cute. Looking cute means shorter lines to get drinks in the VIP:-)

    Btw, I found some great sandals w/ a bit of a wedge (rubber) that are so comfy. I wear 5in stilettos when I go out sometimes, so I love having a heel. This one is maybe 1 1/2 in, but they are Aerosoles, so they are made for comfort. (Never thought I would ever purchase this brand. But then again I got some Choco's in Kauai because I needed them for hiking and crossing rivers.

    I also do wear eye-make up to coahcella and I've never had all of it come off.


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