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  1. Thurs at 12 is great! Awesome.
  2. let's do Thursday! Around 12p
  3. I'm gonna start texting you. Still want to know if you want to do lunch with me & Jacob (Tues or Thurs would be good).
  4. no sure yet but I work the morning of tuesday that week and the evening on wed and thurs.
  5. heyyyy, looking forward to meeting you in SF. Do you have your schedule for that week yet? (last week of May)
  6. they are EVERYWHERE!
  7. What Daft Punk rumors?
  8. Oh hey! thanks for the message!!! I am hoping these Daft Punk rumors are true!! I booked my room today!! YAH!
  9. HI MARCO. never sent you a little msg. So here's one. :)
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