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  1. Hi!
    We'll miss you this year!
  2. Official Update: The Fab40+ Meet-Up is on! Friday at 5 p.m.!

    Direct your walkers to the beer garden between the main stage and the outdoor stage. Meet-up will take place between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. on Friday, leaving just enough time for us to hobble over to The Specials (6:20) and get our skank on. We'll be flying the Fab40+ banner seen in our group pics, so keep an eye out. If things are set up like last year, come through the gate and make a left towards the canopies. We'll be recovering in the shade, meetin, greetin, and drinkin beer. Cynthia and I made some Fab40+ Candee bracelets for those who arrive first, so come early. Cant wait, my friends!

    PM me if you want to exchange numbers!
  3. HARD Summer Fest line up announced! Gotz to get my tickets now. Anybody else interested? Sounds like there's a boardie meet-up happening too.
  4. Set times are up! What time would work for the Fab40+ meet-up for you on Friday. I'm imagining we'll all be arriving about mid day (3 to 6 pm).
  5. Hi HTD! Thanks for joining the Fab 40+ social group! Hope this year is the best Coachella ever for you!
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