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  1. Thank you my love... :)
  2. congrats on the win! no worries on the phone call. I just did homework.
  3. Love you too!!! Sorry I didn't call you back, I ended up winning poker and it was almost 1 am by the time I got out of there. :(
  4. Love you!!! <3 <3 <3
  5. of course I'll be there Thursday... there's no other time to arrive as far as I'm concerned :o>
  6. Awww I miss you too... And of course I LOVE YOU!!! You are getting to coachella on Thursday right?
  7. I MISS YOU!!!! and, of course, I love you.
  8. I don't get text messaging so I wouldn't have gotten it even if someone hadn't stole my phone. :(
  9. I tried to text you a happy new year wish, but your phone deleted my text :( Happy New Year, Loca!!! I hope this year is one continuous happy place. :-D
  10. DMX, the ruff ryder... and yes he was quite the looker
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