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  1. Oh Hai!!! :)
  2. oh hai!
  3. Sounds like a plan. Ill find you and we'll get drunk. Hope you get much better for the fest.
  4. Yes, I will be car camping. I will be the girl in the lit up wheelchair so I am sure I will be hard to miss. Come find me and we will absolutely have a beer together. :)
  5. :) yeah im down for a meet up. Are you car camping this year?? We can chill and drink beer.
  6. Hey stranger, I hope I get to meet you this year at coachella. :)
  7. I have been good, back to work now so that makes life a little better. Glad to see your still around. :)
  8. Ive been good thanks. Havent posted much but still visit here and there to see whats going on in the 'chella forum. How have you been?
  9. wow... stranger danger. how the heck have you been?
  10. la loca
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