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  1. Tournament in a few days. Coachella in a few weeks. Life is a chocolate covered cherry at this point. In other words...Yay!
  2. Ha Ha!! Hey there, Sugar Daddy. :)
  3. I think I can be your sugar daddy.
  4. Ha ha!!! I know Nancy from Coachella myspace chat. I coerced her into signing up for the board. Trying to get her to post. Now I know why she doesn't. ha ha!!!
    Updates would be great!! Thank you. you are the best. ;)
  5. Do you need updates for the game tomorrow? Also, you know **NaNcY**? I've harassed her in chat a couple of times (jokingly of course) and now I feel bad because you know her and I <3 you.
  6. I say we kill The Killers. that would be a dandy sacrifice.
  7. Pix, it looks like you're gonna avoid jail this weekend. Unless the twitter (still not quite sure what that is) is lying to us. Maybe we should offer up a sacrifice to the Coachellas?
  8. I have not committed a crime yet.
    If the lineup isn't out by this weekend I may have to.
  9. Roy Williams is gonna make sure they don't lose anymore games.
  10. What the hell is wrong with Carolina?! They are underachieving hardcore right now. Starting out 0-2 in the ACC. Luckily it's January and not March. Ugh.
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