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  1. Do you see how I don't have access to anything we said to each other in the 2010 group? I went to that. And besides, this is a year off. Nothing is definite at this point.
  2. Don't back out of what you did there. You could have asked or even TOLD me that you were kicking me out.
  3. The social group was for 2010, which I attended. You could've created a new one for 2011, which I won't be going to. I don't recall saying I would rent a condo. I might go back to our resort or camp. I can't afford to do a condo alone.
  4. nice of you to kick me outta your social group!
  6. April 9th.
  7. You're back! YAY!
  8. can't wait for NIN!
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