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05-08-2007, 05:05 PM
the Times had a decent size article or two on the weekend, but it's not available for free anymore ($5 for one article!!???? is that really the way to get your shrinking audience to follow the paper online?), does anyone have it to post here? like a link or a file.

All 3 reviews in the LA Weekly were just lame and make me so happy to not be a rock critic. They were all by people who got burnt out and clausterphobic after 3 hours of the fields. Kate Sullivan (one of the wiser scribes on staff) wrote a big page about how she listened to the Lemonheads in the 90s more than she listened to Rage. Thank you, that's very objective journalism. And the big article was someone detailing their first transcendent musical experience (was this a high school intern?) during Arcade Fire and how the set convinced them to break out of their comfort zone and explore all the Other stuff at the Fest, namely rap and electronica. every other set they review is Decemberists, Rage, Lemonheads... really outside the box.
At least the Times article is written from a slightly more objective east coast view.