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04-25-2007, 10:09 AM
How did you hear about the bands you're planning on seeing this year at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival?

These are how I first heard or heard about various bands as much as I can recollect. This is about how these bands seep into your conscious knowledge.

the Noisettes - Under the Radar
Brother Ali - Coachella last time
Tokyo Police Club - Keriann's mix
Gillian Welch - Valarie
Silversun Pickups - Sunset Junction 2003
Digitalism - Coachella 2007
the Jesus and Mary Chain - rec.music.christian circa 1995
Busdriver - Ash
Jarvis Cocker - via Pulp via unknown media. Also Jennie's Pulp mix.
Interpol - Brian
Sonic Youth - Brian
Bjork - I don't know.
DJ Shadow - Ken

Fields - mp3 blog
the Charles Dukowski Sextet - still haven't heard.
Regina Spektor - Valarie
Hot Chip - Keriann's mix
the New Pornographers - missed at Bumbershoot 2003, Greg's mix
Peter Bjorn and John - mp3 blog
Andrew Bird - Matt, maybe Valarie. Not sure.
the Arcade Fire - various media sources and mp3 blogs
Blonde Redhead - various media sources, Valarie's mix
Sparklehorse - Brian
the Black Keys - opened for Sleater-Kinney, 2003

Anathallo - Coachella 2007
Tapes 'n Tapes - Ash
The Coup - Valarie
Explosions in the Sky - mp3 blogs, various media sources
Rodrigo y Gabriela - Valarie
The Roots - Coachella last time
Konono No 1 - Greg's mix
Placebo - radio ("Pure Morning")
Air - Coachella last time
Happy Mondays - via Factory Records
the Lemonheads - radio, 90s
Spank Rock - Coachella 2007

Rufus Wainwright - Jennie's mix
Ghostface Killah - Valarie
the Decemberists - Bumbershoot 2003

04-25-2007, 10:11 AM
You have a better memory than I do.

04-25-2007, 10:11 AM

04-25-2007, 10:12 AM
He probably saved them all thats why.

04-25-2007, 10:45 AM
That was off the top of my head. And I switched out Lily Allen for Air because I forgot how I found out about her. That might be the worst reason ever for not seeing an artist at a festival.

04-25-2007, 10:53 AM
Noisettes-Saw them open for TV on the Radio
Nickel Creek-My dad listens to them all the time
Of Montreal-Indirectly because of Pot, who recommended Elephant 6 stuff in 04
Silversun Pickups-Gabe, late last year probably
Digitalism-Coachella 2007
The Jesus and Mary Chain-Read about them on Allmusic in high school
Jarvis Cocker-heard about Pulp thru my friend Blake, who's an anglophile
Faithless-Heard that one song that was all over the radio in 2004, my friend bought their cd, he hated it and I enjoyed it
Bjork-I bought Vespertine on a whim when it came out, even though I didn't like "It's Oh So Quiet," which I had seen on MTV many times.

Pop Levi, Fields, Yeva-Never heard
Steve Aoki-Courtney
The Fratellis-Are they on a commercial? I don't think I've heard them
Roky Erickson-I bought 13th Floor Elevators after seeing High Fidelity the first time
Hot Chip-The DFA Remix album-I bought that for the Le Tigre remix, loved the others
MSTRKRFT-Had a group of friends go to see Justice/MSTRKRFT on halloween, they burned me a mix of the two after the show
The Decemberists-Saw Colin Meloy on campus in 04, and I really enjoyed his set
Arcade Fire-Pitchfork
LCD Soundsystem-I liked the Rapture so I bought the DFA Comp 2 and fell in love with Yeah (Crass version)
The Rapture-I'd heard some things, so my brother got me their first full lenght for christmas in 03 (04?)
The Good the Bad and The Queen-through my Blur fanhood

Anathallo-My friend Kevin is in love with them
Lupe Fiasco-A friend from last year kept playing the bootleg of his album and it stuck in my head
Tapes 'N' Tapes-Pitchfork
Grizzly Bear-Pitchfork
Soulwax-Spin wrote an article about the bootleg trend of the early 00s, and I got some Soulwax/2ManyDJs mixes
Konono No.1-Pitchfork review intrigued me
Air-On my way to see the Distillers, I stopped by the only record store near my house, and on a whim bought Talkie Walkie because they were playing Coachella 04. I loved it.
Manu Chao-I was finding any and all world music, and he was frequently referenced
Happy Mondays-Andrew
Rage Against the Machine-I got the self titled at a Sam Goody in 99 because they had mislabelled it as a single so it was a measly 4.99.

Interpol-really good Spin review way back when
Sonic Youth-I found Bad Moon Rising at a local thrift store in High School

04-25-2007, 11:36 AM
Comedians saw a David Cross interview in The Arizona Republic
Noisettes/Brother Ali/Tokyo Police Club all from here
Satellite Party my friend Tom was working on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and accidentally walked into a soundstage where Perry was rehearsing w/Satellite Party.He said they were real good,better than Porno For Pyros.
Of Montreal Silversun Pickups both from here
Stephen Marley I'm familiar w/his relatives Arctic Monkeys the hype
The Jesus and Mary Chain heard the first single("Upside Down") on Rodney on the Roq,and then saw their first US tour,at Safari Sam's in HB when I lived around the corner.
Jarvis Cocker here
Sonic Youth used to hear about their desert parties,and bought the "Death Valley 69" 45 when it came out,loved them ever since.
Bjork from Rodney on the Roq playing the first Sugarcubes 45("Birthday")
Gogol Bordello my brother saw them at Warped

Fountains Of Wayne Tower Records magazine,the Power-Pop column
Fratellis here
Hot Chip Stef on here
Peter,Bjorn & John here
The Decemberists and !!! also here
The Arcade Fire here
Justice/Girl Talk both here
Mike Relm/LCD Soundsystem here,as well
The Good,The Bad & The Queen here
Mika here
Anathallo ditto
Mando Diao guess what?here.
The Coup/Grizzly Bear here from foi and here from someone
Explosions In The Sky that movie
Rodrigo y Gabriela here
Konono No. 1 here
Kaiser Chiefs here
Willie Nelson probably first saw him on Johnny Cash's variety show when I was a little kid.Willie should be on Mount Rushmore,he's so familiar to us.
Klaxons here
Crowded House The Split Enz "I Got You" used to be my favorite video on MTV,followed the Finns career ever since
Air breathing it since I was bornLily Allen hereHappy Mondays "24 hour party people" film
Rage Against The Machine heard their first demo tape in my friend's car in '90 or '91,before they were signed.
Infected Mushroom here
(when I say here,it's most likely from one of FOI,yablo,Adam,Andrew,or mountmcabe's excellent mixes)

04-25-2007, 11:50 AM
the Jesus and Mary Chain - rec.music.christian circa 1995

Oh yeah,is this a joke?

04-25-2007, 11:57 AM
Noisettes - Downloaded Don't Give Up off NME.com ages ago, then found the single for Burn on Itunes, didn't hear from them again till now. But now I see them everywhere.
Amy Winehouse - Heard the hype about her before I heard the tunes, decided I'd pass, then heard Rehab and could not get it out of my head. Got the album after that and fell in love with the vintage sound and unique quality of her voice.
Silversun Pickups- Had Kissing Families on a new music cd I got out of a Filter mag back in the summer of 05, didn't hear about them again til I heard they'd be opening for Snow Patrol on their tour this past March. Got Carnavas, loved it, made sure to get to the SP gigs early, rocked my ass off.
Rufus Wainwright- Saw the video for April Fools (off the first album) in the middle of the night, you know when they actually play videos... adored it, bought album used at the wherehouse hahaha, loved it. Have bought every album since.
Jarvis Cocker- Ummm he was in this little band called Pulp.... as soon as I heard Fat Children I knew his solo effort would be a smash.
Arctic Monkeys- Way back before they even released a full album in the UK, some brit pals of mine send me some of their demos/singles. I was hooked from the opening chords of Bet You Look Good....
Interpol- I think I first heard PDA on KROQ or something and had it on a mix tape... oh how things have changed, hahaha. I always liked it but for some reason never got the album. When Antics came out I stalled buying it but heard C'mere and had to buy it after that. Slowly, but surely became obsessed, then went back and bought Turn On The Bright Lights.

The Cribs- Checked out Hey Scensters after a friends suggestion, loved it, bought the album.
Fields- Researched them as a result of this fest and a review in spin I think.
The Fratellis- Kept seeing their stuff in friends lastfm charts, got the album, loved it.
Peter Bjorn and John- First saw thei name on the poster for this fest, then saw the vid for Young Folks on Subterrnean, bought the album.
Hot Chip - Kept seeing it in friends last fm, bought the album
Regina Spektor- Saw the video for US on VH1, thought she was stunningly beautiful as was her unique voice.
Blonde Redhead- Got 23, for Coachella research purposes, surprised by how much I liked it.
LCD Soundsytem- That Daft Punk is Playing song was playing in my head non-stop for like 6 months after I saw the video on subterrenean I think, love the new album lots.
The Rapture- reccomendation from a friend was love from the intro of the first song (the most recent album, still need to get the older stuff)
Kings Of Leon - That damn catchy as hell song The Bucket.
Travis- Way back when I was still in High school saw a video for a little song called Why Does It Aalways Rain on Me. Been a fan girl ever since.
The Decemberists- Had heard of them, but didn't really get into them for a long time. Then one day on a whim I downloaded Shiny, and adored it. Next came We Both Go Down Together and Engine Driver. Then slowly but surely I collected and fell in love with all their stuff. Seeing them live in October of last year only served to solidify my obsession.
Arcade Fire- Randomly downloaded Rebellion for a mix cd I was making, love love loved it. Bought Funeral, took a while for the album to take hold, but once it did.... amazing. Got Neon Bible as soon it was out songs like My Body is a Cage and No Cars Go felt instantly familliar to me but new all at the same time, it was officially love.

Mando Diao- Saw the video of God Knows on the Dive on Fuse, got Hurricane Bar, thought it was mediocre. Forgot about them a bit til I was going somewhere with my best friend and she was listening to their newest record, I was hooked after one listen.
Teddybears- Downloaded Yours to Keep for free off Itunes loved it, realized they did that Cobrastyle song afterwards.
Klaxons - A friend of mine is all obsessed with them and insisted I check them out. Watched the vid for Golden Skans and didn't quite no what to make of it. Forgot about them for a while, but gave them another try when I found out they'd be playing... Myths has been playing quite regularly on my ipod since then.
CSS- Kept seeing them in my firends lastfm's, was intrigued by song titles like Let's Make Love and listen to Death From Above & Music is my Hot Hot Sex. Got the album, was obsessed after the first listen. Saw the video for Alala on subterrnean, decided this band is to fucking awesome. Since then have heard their music being blasted on several before show mixes and like 5 different concerts, makes for fun dancing time before the main act comes on.
The Kooks- Listened to You Don't Love Me on the reccomendation of a friend loved it, followed it up with songs like Naive and Sofa Song and Want You Back, listened to them a lot summer of 06. Will be cool to see them live.
Jose' Gonzalez- Yeah.... Heartbeats.
Amos Lee - Saw him perform Keep It Loose, Keep it Tight on Conan. Loved his voice, got the album.
Lily Allen- Another where I heard her hype before her music and tried to avoid it, but Smile is so fucking infectious I couldn't help but get the rest of the album.
Damien Rice - Saw the video for Volcano on VH1 in the middle of the night ages and ages ago, love the sound of his and Lisa's voice together. Went out and bought the album the next day listened to it non-stop for like 3 months. Seeing him and Lisa do their thing live back in November 06 was nearly spiritual.
Kaiser Chiefs- Randomly downloaded I Predict a Roit, loved it. Got Employment listened to it all through summer of 05', saw them live that fall was freaking blown away by their uber energetic live show.
Air- Heard SexyBoy in that movie 10 Things I Hate About You, searched for ages to find out who did it.

04-25-2007, 12:10 PM
The Fratellis-Are they on a commercial? I don't think I've heard them

They are on an ipod commercial, also on a Vons commercial that played pre-superbowl this year.

04-25-2007, 12:53 PM
noisettes -a friend loves them
tokyo police club -coachella
tilly and the wall -rilo kiley opener a few years a go
silversun pickups -played with modest mouse with the shins show last year that couldnt catch
arctic monkeys -myspace when the demo was still floating
rufus wainwright -i hear everything jon brion does
julieta venegas -tijuana no
jesus and mary chain -lost in translation
jarvis cocker -pulp cmon
faithless -insomnia cant remember
bjork -yeah......

fields -coachella
the cribs -coachella
the fratellis -iphone keynote
hot chip -this board last year
mstrkrft -pitchfork last year
peter bjorn and john -young folks video
andrew bird -pitchfork last year
!!! -detour
the decemberists -cant remember. too long a go
kings of leon -a friend loves them
arcade fire -pitchfork 04
justice -this board last year
lcd soundsystem -i think the oc haha
the rapture -mtv house of jelaous lover
the good the bad and the queen -damon albarn

mika -someone mentioned any other world for the finale of the oc and well i had to check it out
tapes n tapes -pitchfork last year
the kooks -mtv last year
explosions in the sky -while digging up for mogwai sounding stuff....
soulwax -the oc... wow
css -openers for ladytron but couldnt attend
placebo -cruel intentions
air -the virgin suicides
manu chao -was really big about 8 years a go
rage -uh huh

04-25-2007, 01:38 PM
Oh yeah,is this a joke?

No, I was entirely serious. Same source for other bands like My Bloody Valentine and Spacemen 3.

full on idle
04-25-2007, 01:41 PM
I've heard basically everyone, but the ones I'm not missing:


Gillian Welch - free promotional cd from public radio station that was the soundtrack to a documentary.

Busdriver - my sister's boyfriend

El P - my friend Martin

Bjork - MTV from this one summer I was grounded and only came out of my room late at night.


Regina Spektor - LPTJ

New Pornographers - Yabs 2005

Decemberists - I can't remember, I think because Lely put a song of theirs on a mix once.

Andrew Bird - Keriann and Jennie convinced me to go see him live when I hadn't heard him before.

Ghostface - Wu Tang

Blonde Redhead - A mix a friend made me with Equus on it, years ago.

Girl Talk - Jackstraw

Mike Relm - Jackstraw

Good Bad Queen - Adam Nikyo

The Coup - LPTJ

Rodrigo y Gabriela - read an article, heard an mp3, fell for it

The Roots - Adam Nikyo, Gabe, Brad

Spank Rock - Brad

The Lemonheads - I don't remember, I was in 6th or 7th grade.

04-25-2007, 03:00 PM
Good topic, John.

Tokyo Police Club - Coachella homework this year
(end of) Satellite Party - Became a huge Jane's Addiction fan in 2003; they reunited, so I went and bought "Nothing's Shocking"....I'll watch Perry Farrell anytime
Silversun Pickups - They were one of the first myspace bands to befriend me back in early 2005. Saw my first show the following August during their Spaceland residency....bought "Pikul" the next day, saw them every ensuing opportunity (ten and counting) until they got huge and started touring with shitty bands.
(beginning of) Rufus Wainwright - Jennie
Jesus and Mary Chain - Long heard the name bandied about as a Mogwai influence....checked them out when the line-up dropped
Jarvis Cocker - Pulp, again from Jennie
(first half of) Interpol - Randomly caught their set at the 2003 KROQ Weenie Roast.....blew me away.
(second half of) Sonic Youth - Same thing with JAMC, only I checked them out years ago. Got a copy of "Daydream Nation" from my friend Ryan and never looked back.
Bjork - I had heard about her for years....my friend David finally broke me in about 3 years ago and hooked me up with "Homogenic"

Fields - Coachella 2007 homework
Pharoahe Monch - He was on that Mos Def song "Oh No!" back in...I want to say 2001.
The Frames - The aforementioned David told me about them 4 years ago. Jennie and Tessa enforced it.
Regina Spektor - Jennie
(end of) Hot Chip - Chris
The New Pornographers - Coachella '07 homework, due to Greg's enormous worship
The Decemberists - Got "Her Majesty" as a gift a few years ago and wasn't impressed; gave "The Crane Wife" a shot based on Brandon's "best album of 2006" ranking and did a complete 180
The Arcade Fire - After months of nauseating hype, I downloaded "Rebellion", "Laika", and "Wake Up" from Merge.com in January 2005; tried to commit suicide when I realized I had just missed three Troubadour shows a week prior
(first half of) Blonde Redhead - Heard about them when they opened for Interpol in 2004 (which I didn't see); saw them at Detour in October and was extremely impressed
(second half of) Girl Talk - Brad/Chris/Tessa/everyone wouldn't shut up, so I gave it a shot. Not usually my style, but undeniably fun
Sparklehorse - Coachella 2007 homework
(first half of) The Rapture - I don't know, but I'm seeing them because Jennie and Ronnie will be there
The Good, The Bad, & The Queen - Coachella 2007 homework

Lupe Fiasco - My brother Ian
Tapes N' Tapes - Adam
The Coup - Greg
Explosions in the Sky - My friend Seth
The Roots - One of the first hip-hop groups I got into in '99. I heard they were live instrument and was instantly intrigued
CSS - Jennie
Willie Nelson - I think I read about him getting busted for drugs in Rolling Stone when I was a kid
Placebo - Jennie sent me their cover of "Bigmouth Strikes Again"
Air - Coachella 2005
Manu Chao - Brad made a sweet live mix
(end of) Damien Rice - Same as the Frames; David started it, Jennie and Tessa finished it. "Closer" didn't hurt
Rage Against the Machine - I thought "Evil Empire" had a sick album cover in '96, so I gave it a shot. Loved them immediately.

I'm Rosetta Stoned
04-25-2007, 03:05 PM
Nick & Mallory from GoldenVoice and Anthony from Epic....