View Full Version : final thoughts before you head out to indio!

04-25-2007, 09:48 AM
well, tomorrow we fly out and i figured id go out on this note:

this has been alot of fun talking and bs'ing with alot of you about coachella. yes we are looking at 100 degree weather but im really excited for this and am looking forward to having some beers and good food and listening to some great music. like most ill be back in here after the festival to talk about the experience but for now i want to say take care to everyone and i hope u stay safe and have a great time. if u get loaded, do it with a smile! :) peace, love and strength to all of us coachella geeks!

see u out there! :)

04-25-2007, 10:14 AM
Well the past four years have been almost the same for me. Lurk on the boards for six months and then get back to work for six months. This year has been the year I posted more than any other year. And my post count still sucks.

Anyways, GOING to Coachella has always been fun for me. I plan, I pack, I obsess about music, I make CD's, I fill my Ipod, empty my Ipod, and fill it again. I make lists, spreadsheets, notes, side notes, side notes of the side notes. Finally, the trip begins and it's always the best because of the music, the vibe of the place, and the people. I never run into too many assholes at the festival. I ran into one asshole one time and the crowd made him feel so bad that he left.

My final thoughts? I am looking forward to coming back with a ton of notes, pictures, and videos to share with all of you wonderful people on these boards. Well, some of you wonderful people. I'm going to have a great time and I hope all of you do too!

Two more days of work then POOF!

I actually might check in on the boards from the festival on my Q... if I get bored.

04-25-2007, 10:26 AM
I'm bringing mr. laptop to coachella and locking the dude up

we should start an official "I'm at coachella but I'm also on the internet" thread

04-25-2007, 10:39 AM
This thread is my friend.

Thanks for the entertainment. I've been on these boards for only a few months. Although I might have pissed a few people off, made a few others laugh, and just generally confused the shit outta most, I have enjoyed the dialogue and imagination of the Coachella community. I'm giddy with excitement as I watch the countdown. For the past 6 years this last weekend in April has been my oasis. I can't wait to sit in the hot, desert sun, listen to great live music, drink beer, get stoned, and cross paths with some of the most unique souls on this planet.

God bless Coachella!!!