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01-24-2007, 02:49 PM
I read the faq's and it says no professional cameras, but what do they consider a professional camera. I have a digital slr, but by no means is it a pro camera. It cost almost as much as digital point and shoot camera. Anyone know how they determine this...or is it going to be some dewd who arbitrarily defines what a pro camera is?

01-24-2007, 02:57 PM
A professional camera is any camera with a detachable lens. so your DSLR is out of the picture, they enforce this but by all means I wont stop you from trying to sneak it in..

01-24-2007, 04:24 PM
I got my rebel in last year, I put it inside my sweatshirt in a backpack. This year I am not going to do it, it was a pain worrying about it when in the crowd. Your bag will get bumped, pushed, and crushed if your in the crowd. If you can afford to buy another or pay to fix it, then by all means try to bring it in, if not, I wouldn't risk it.

01-25-2007, 07:43 PM
hmmmm.. i guess small digi cam it is then. shame.

01-25-2007, 07:59 PM
big backpacks are a bad idea ANYWAYS

01-26-2007, 12:57 AM
mine was a regular size jansport bag

01-26-2007, 01:41 AM
GTI GRL is on the right track, here. I had a very small Digital ELPH with me last year, and it was almost too much to deal with. I can't imagine having to deal with a large professional camera, especially with no ins & outs allowed.

01-26-2007, 12:08 PM
I just want my slr for one reason!


that is all thank you come again!

R3d Snapper
01-30-2007, 06:15 PM
unless you get a press pass your slr is definately getting destroyed by the force of the crowd for rage, id suggest you leave it at home.

01-30-2007, 06:31 PM
I'm bringing my camera to take pictures of people I meet and other on going of the festivities.

01-30-2007, 06:48 PM
Dont bring it in. If you are going on Sunday, there is a 98% of possibilities that your camera will be detroyed, and 2% that it will be damaged.
I was planning to take my Canon 20d but when they announcedd RATM, i just decided to take the powershot.