View Full Version : Arriving at Camping Late -- Parking

04-23-2007, 06:51 AM
Hi everyone ...

I tried the search function, but did not see this covered.

My friend dicked out on me, so now I will be camping alone. I cannot get there until Friday afternoon, one or two probably.

I know the web site said that, by then, the cars will need to park in general lots, not the camping lot. But it said you can move your car later after the bulk of the crowd leaves Saturday. Here are my questions:

-- Does that mean early Saturday, like right after the traffic clears out from the Friday shows? Or do you wait until Saturday morning ... 6 or 7 am??

-- Do you even have to move your car? I am traveling light and dont mind walking, can I just leave the car in the same spot all weekend?

-- Advice here ... I really want to get into the show right away Friday when I arrive? Could I set my tent up and check in after the Friday shows are over? I realize it would probably be dark and that could be a pain in the ass ... but I dont want to have to wait in long lines to check in to camping Friday afternoon. (Would the lines even be that bad at 1 or 2 Friday afternoon?)

Any help would be appreciated ... thanks.