View Full Version : Calling all coach's! Join the ParkBq

04-20-2007, 10:08 PM

My 2friends n I started this tradition in 04", we camped out in 1 of the parking lots and made couple of numerous coach friends, we had a hell of a great time. So in 05" we did the same thing, but we were well prepare that time, we camped out in the parking lot again n met up with the 04" friends we provided drinks n bbq and great time. During these 3 past years we've been growing in groups of people. So we suggest people who want to hang out should look for a White trcuck with a flag made out of toilet paper or some bright shirt, its easy to spot. We've always parked next to the campers(Tents) i believe lot #4, if im not wrong. For carpools in the LA area you can reach my temp#9097716716 or search for "extraordinary finger" in myspace. Hope you guys find us !PEACE!

Ps: If any1 is meeting us please pitch in (not with money)with any kind of food and drinks. Our budget won't satisfy every1 (we r just normal people) if you're not able to pitch in "No worries" its about having a great time..........