View Full Version : WK 1 Coachlla to Austin for Austin Psych fest - need lift.

03-14-2013, 05:57 PM

A 22y/o Australian boy here.
A little about my situation.
After the best weekend of my life last year with my friends, I've decided to come back this year to your wonderful country and awesome festival! I'll be making the trip solo this year unfortunately; I'm coming from Australia and this will be the second leg in a string of countries Ill be going to and one of 6 music festival(Being a music photographer allows me to do this).

Now I need to get to or as close as I can to Austin by about the 25th of April. Its either reaching out on the Coachella forums or hitching my way over after the festival. So if you are heading east ways even just to Arizona I'd be ever so much obliged.

So if you would be so inclined as to have me in your attendance a kindly 22y/o Australian male in their midst I'd be ever so eagerly inclined to pay my share of gas. I have minimal baggage and I'm far from boisterous and very easy to get along with. Music is actually my life, I travel the world following the festival season and I love every minute of it.
I can be quiet when I need to be or quite merry and mischievous when I've got a festival wristband on.