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90% loved it per cruisecritic.com (http://www.cruisecritic.com/reviews/review.cfm?ShipID=594)

Celebrity Silhouette Expert Review

More energetic and with more extra-fee attractions than its three Solstice-class predecessors, 122,400-ton, 2,886-passenger Celebrity Silhouette debuted in July 2011 as the fourth of five ships in the now-iconic series. The Solstice signatures -- a stable of themed dining venues, a public hub that smells of crepes and waffles, a strikingly green and grass-covered deck space, the use of glass and marble throughout -- are all there. But Silhouette also reflects a handful of significant modifications to the blueprint.

The most visible are found on the Lawn Club, a half-acre of spongy grass that tops every Solstice-class ship's stern sun deck area. On Silhouette, the public park has become something of a gated village green, and the space is much more exclusive -- and expensive -- to use than those planted on Solstice, Eclipse and Equinox. Gone is the (free) Corning Glass Show, replaced by the breezy Lawn Club Grill, where participants pay for a combination meatfest and cooking class under Caribbean or Mediterranean skies. The Porch, a fee-extra casual breakfast and lunch option modeled after a private deck in the Hamptons, has also been slotted into space previously free to occupy. But the most controversial additions to Silhouette's Lawn Club are the eight alcoves, private cabana rentals that occupy prime real estate in what was a common sunning area on previous lawns.

Inside, Michael's -- the clubby Celebrity staple, adored for its bawdy piano sing-alongs -- has been re-tuned. The piano-free bar now features a rotating lineup of more than 50 beers, with labels from Bud to Delirium Tremens, paired with televised sports and acoustic guitar work. Beer-lovers, long ignored at sea, are rejoicing.

Silhouette's custom-collated multimillion-dollar art collection is also a key differentiator. Two installments that draw the most shouting, laughing and exuberant pointing: caged birds on video screens and the enchanted forest with piped-in chirps, positioned in a vestibule through which hundreds of passengers walk en route to the ship's specialty restaurant hub. Intrigued? Check out our 7 Hits and Misses on Celebrity Silhouette.

Still, despite these distinctions (or perhaps in spite of them, considering the Lawn Club changes), Silhouette is nothing if not quintessential Solstice class. It's the most sophisticated experience you'll find on a nearly 3,000-passenger ship -- see the focus on wine, sleekly styled spaces and slightly upscale dining -- without being overly stuffy. Celebrity does a commendable job of keeping the pretentiousness quota in check by inserting playful touches, like an ice-topped martini bar that features juggling bartenders, the aforementioned cook-your-own steakhouse and another restaurant, Qsine, where passengers are encouraged to play with their food. Solstice-class stalwarts won't miss a beat, and for first-timers, Silhouette will showcase why the series has become one of the most acclaimed in modern cruising.



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do they let commoners on the top deck with the grass?

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If you have a VIP wristband, VIP cabins will start at $1200 per person

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No, you're stuck in third class with a bunch of foreigners and Girl Talk making all sorts of hilarious hijinks to distract you from being poor

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No, you're stuck in third class with a bunch of foreigners and Girl Talk making all sorts of hilarious hijinks to distract you from being poor


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I wonder where the restrooms are located.


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I hope this guy is your activities director. He speaks like the suited man in the half life series at some moments
"You get some drinks and an I-pad to play with while you lay there...these things are free!"

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Celebrity is a pretty great cruise line. I'm jealous.

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Celebrity Silhouette Dress Code
The two levels of dress on Solstice are smart-casual and formal. Twelve-night cruises feature three formal nights. Silhouette's passengers typically dress for the occasion, which means you'll see a fair share of suits and tuxedos on men, and cocktail dresses and gowns on women. T-shirts, swimsuits, robes, bare feet, tank tops, baseball caps and poolwear are not allowed in the main restaurant or specialty restaurants at any time. Shorts and flip-flops are not allowed in the evening hours.

Good luck reinforcing that for this cruise.

This is a weird one:

All guests must ensure they are medically fit for travel. As such, we remind you to check with your physician at least 4 to 6 weeks before sailing to make sure you are up to date with any required immunizations or vaccines you may need (including but not limited to certification of yellow fever vaccination) to ensure you will be permitted to visit each of the exciting destinations and tours on your itinerary.

For further information, you may contact the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Traveler's Health website or call toll-free at 1-800-232-4636.

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I really doubt they are enforcing any dress code on this cruise...all I got is t-shirts and jeans. Second, what does the medically fit thing even require? Are they gonna require you have medical papers to show or something??

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They usually just recommend you get vaccinated before traveling internationally, just so you don't pick up a random bug in 3rd world land. I went to the Bahamas last summer with out seeing a Dr. before I left. Just be aware of potential things like the norovirus (spelling is wrong and I'd rather type than look to see if I'm wrong /surly)

You may want to double check about the night time dress code. Usually jeans will suffice for most dining areas, but after watching some videos on this ship, the owners could be wanting to keep the "class" factor in. Definitely no flip flops/shorts in the board rooms for dinner. They will recommend you head to the buffet deck with that dress code. Menik - you may have to wear a button up for the "nice" dining. Deal with it. Buffalo exchange/good will can set you up to look proper and handsome.

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It would be nice to see Erik dressed to impress. Erik, it's fun to put on a coat and tie every now and then.

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No thanks.

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No thanks.


Drinkey McDrinkerstein
07-23-2012, 11:00 AM
I think the "I will never ever wear nice clothes" people would be surprised how fun it can be to actually dress up nice and look good.

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Will the Do Lab be on a dingy that you can zip line to or maybe a tug boat in swimming distance?

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I think the "I will never ever wear nice clothes" people would be surprised how fun it can be to actually dress up nice and look good.

Nothing is wrong with looking dapper, and you look even more badass when you can dance in a suit and fancy shoes. Plus women generally find you more attractive.

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There should be a pirate-themed fancy dress day.

Drinkey McDrinkerstein
07-23-2012, 01:30 PM
Nothing is wrong with looking dapper, and you look even more badass when you can dance in a suit and fancy shoes. Plus women generally find you more attractive.

I've kind of always hated going to clubs where I have to wear fancy clothes and shoes because it's restraining and uncomfortable and I feel like the promoters/club-owner don't understand the aesthetic of the music or its fans. there are of course always exceptions, but I think different types of genres of dance music have their own fashion associated with them that is a big part of the culture. It would be very weird to see a drum n bass DJ at a fancy Vegas club where you have to wear a suit and fancy shoes. Or a hip hop show at a "fancy" place with a strict dress code where otherwise you'd have people wearing sneakers and t-shirts that probably cost just as much or more than the dressy clothes people are being required to wear to get.

Apart from incongruous examples like those, specifically, i like dressing up quite a bit. i'll always throw on a suit, or at least slacks, nice shoes and a button up whenever I'm going somewhere where it's going to be appropriate.