View Full Version : To the guy that helped me catch my flying EZ-Up at 4:30am...

04-25-2012, 10:27 AM

I thanked you that night after you jumped out of your tent and helped me grab the canopy as the high winds early Monday morning swept it into the air but I have to thank you again!

How I even woke up at 4:30am that morning to see the canopy start to fly away and jump out of bed to grab the leg as its flying 6 feet off the ground is unknown to me but without your help it probably would have ended up in someone else's camp or damaging someones car.

I do suppose since it was flying towards your car you had vested interest in seeing the canopy return safely to its original position but still your help was appreciated and impressive.

- Guy on Lot 10 South 125/Main

04-25-2012, 01:14 PM
We had the same thing happen to us around that time as well. We were at 111 and Main. I dont know who helped us, but thank you as well.