View Full Version : One Weekend 2 GA Wristbands - face value or best offer

04-17-2012, 07:12 PM
Hi folks,

I have one weekend 2 wristband remaining to sell - it is are unregistered
(I have sold two other weekend 2 wristbands and two shuttle passes that l previously had available)

I had some friends flake out on me, so I'm hoping these might be put to good use by others

I'm hoping to get back as near what I paid for these ($331 per ticket after fees).. I have proof of purchase, etc

Shoot me an email at

I'm in St. Louis, flying into LAX on Thursday arriving at 11:35am.. so I could ship this in advance or try to make arrangements to meet at LAX or in Indio? No idea how easy or hard that might be, as this will be my first trip to Coachella. I have a ride from LAX to Indio Thursday afternoon and then we'll be in the car camping area starting Thursday evening