View Full Version : taking two cars and trying to camp next to eachother

03-29-2012, 12:45 AM
ok so my group is planning on taking two cars and we are going to car camp......how hard will it be trying to camp right next to each other

03-29-2012, 12:52 AM
As long as you arrive together you will be able to camp together. Be sure to meet up before you even get close to the polo fields though!

03-29-2012, 03:35 AM
just put the more aggressive driver as the lead after the checkpoint and if you do get separated, let a car or two pass you to reconnect. Worst case have someone hop out and tell the cars between you that you need to get back next to your group. No one is going to be a douche over 2-3 spots left or right, especially if you come in on thursday when everyone is high off being at coachella. We kept a caravan of 11 together last year and while it was a pain in the ass at points, its extremely doable(especially if its just two cars).