View Full Version : Looking for car camping pass but as backup, anyone have extra room?

03-27-2012, 01:30 PM
Hi all,
Currently searching for a camping pass trade (my pass plus cash for one with a camping pass), but in case that falls through I figured it would be better to have a backup plan. Anyone have space for 2 weekend 2? WEEKEND 2

I figure I attach more than enough relevant info....

We are 2 Mature (early 30's), straight Independant Asian American Dudes, we don't trip on other people's fun. Obviously we are comming for the Music and to party (the generic definition of party). We will be bringing good camping gear, great food (in the restaurant biz), awesome IPA's and doubles (aka beer), and party "herbs and spices" for fun, as well as great attitudes (with some light unwitty sarcasm thrown in for irony). We can act Emo if you wish or even give you a bro fist bump, but would rather just chill and be laid back. Not trying to muscle in on your group or itinerary, but can join in if vibe is right. Also We have no restrictions on what We're comfortable being around (we feel like the only downers in the group should be consumable). So if you have an extra car camping pass and no car...or have a companion pass and no gear...or just extra room for a tent, grill, 2 dudes let me know. Also if you have 2 camping passes in your group, we possibly have an extra bracelet that we would be wiling to trade plus cash (for example we trade 2 passes for your 1 pass plus camping plus cash). Pretty excited for bon iver and radiohead, madness,Pulp, buzzcocks, west coast hip hop, etc..and snarkily open minded about new shit.

If this description doesn't creep you out send me a PM and we can jam out with our clams out (then immediately and forcefully tuck them back in)

03-27-2012, 09:30 PM
I'm going to Coachella for my first time (weekend 2) I am a craft beer enthusiast and love my fair share of IPA's, I'm a hop head. I'm a laid back guy in his late 20's and looking for some cool people to hang out with since I'm going solo. Hit me up if you still need a place to crash for the weekend. I have a car camping pass and my car is small enough to fit a couple more tents in my spot. Don't have much camping gear just the basics. I will be driving down from Ventura, CA.