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Holly Wood
03-27-2012, 09:31 AM

The Substrate Gallery is pleased to present Will Sergeant’s “My Own Worst Enemy” art exhibition. The show will run four weeks through June 16th 2012. This will mark the first major U.S. exhibition for Sergeant, who has enjoyed much critical acclaim for his latest body of work. The show will feature Sergeant’s abstracts, collages and screen prints. Highlights include some of his minimalist pieces: Behind the Voodoo Curtain, 21st Century Fallen, Dream On!, Fade Out and Trying to Master Unseen Forces.

This exhibition comes directly from the Penny Lane Gallery in Liverpool, England. Sergeant also exhibited a few select pieces in Los Angeles at the Mr. Brainwash Art Show 2011.

“All of the works mean something to me and have a story behind them. Some of them are tied to events that have taken place on tour, or by situations I have found myself in.” Sergeant approaches painting in exactly the same way as he approaches creating music. “It has always been a mystical process and I still don’t understand where it comes from,” he says of creating. “I begin sometimes with the most vague idea of where I would want to go with the music. I have found if you have a strict plan it never ends up as you have imagined. And, as with the music, the paintings create their own path and they just lead me down it.”

Will Sergeant has recorded and performed worldwide with Echo & the Bunnymen for thirty years. He also has long-term experience in various fields of performance including recording and the visual arts.

Artist Will Sergeant will be present at the opening on May 18th from 7pm to 11pm and will make an additional personal appearance on May 19th from 2pm to 6pm. This exhibition will be on display at Substrate in Los Angeles from May 18th to June 16th 2012. Curated by Ramses.

Substrate 709 North Ridgewood Place, Los Angeles, California 90038 Tel. 323.833.6459. Gallery Hours: 12pm to 7pm Tuesday through Sunday. info@ramsesmedia.com

This exhibition is open to everyone. No RSVP needed but if you'd like to keep track of it via FB, pls Join the Event Page here:

03-27-2012, 09:35 AM
Yeah, this is totally worth twin threads.

Holly Wood
03-27-2012, 09:49 AM
I wanted to post it in a couple of spots in case some only read certain bits of the forum. This is Will's first major art exhibition in the States. Would love for you to come. Feel free to pass it along to anyone else who may be interested/inspired by this show.

Holly Wood
04-16-2012, 10:08 PM