View Full Version : Powered site in Lake Cahuilla for 2nd weekend

03-25-2012, 03:31 AM
Hey All,

Unfortunately I can't attend the Coachella festival anymore, sooooo devastated. wahhh :-(

Have 5 nights booked and paid for at Lake Cahuilla. Not just any ordinary camping spot, you also have the option of using the power and water sources. designed for an RV, but as far as i know there's nothing stopping you from camping there!

As this area is usually used for RV's, there is less competition for using the shower/toilet facilities.

5 nights pre-paid from wednesday 18th April to the monday 23rd April.

Short bike ride to the festival and I was assured that locals are always happy to give you a ride in too which is a great way to wing it!

Price: $160

Private message me if you are interested. First in best dressed!


I also have 1x 2nd weekend 3 day pass (with shuttle option too) if anyone is interested, downfall is that i paid more for it as i bought it from another site ($900) - yes it's well overpriced but it's Coachella and what a line up!!

You only live once and i doubt anything similar to this line up will ever be offered again - like i said, so devastated. Paypal available. Have been advised that ticket has been posted and should be able to repost to you well in advance of the festival.