View Full Version : Week 2, need a lift and wanna camp on site? :-)

03-23-2012, 09:23 AM
Hey there,

My younger brother and I are camping on site and driving up from San Diego. If you need a lift and/or a place to stay let me know. Just split the gas if you need a lift...and maybe buy some beer/liquor if you wanna crash. Should be fun! Message me on FB if you're interested. Cant wait for April!!!


03-23-2012, 10:42 AM
message sent on fb :)

03-23-2012, 11:09 AM
Might be down to camp with you guys if I can't end up sharing a camping spot with another friend of mine. Just me and my lady friend. 22 yrs old and down to partayayayay!

03-23-2012, 01:07 PM
Hey there, can you resend the message, I hit the wrong button on my blackberry and deleted it.

...and yeah, keep me posted.

03-23-2012, 06:07 PM
Updated facebook link, its wasnt working :-)

03-25-2012, 02:31 AM
Just messaged you on FB!