View Full Version : 2 palm springs shuttle passes available (weekend 1)

03-21-2012, 09:21 AM
basically giving these away, dont want them to go to waste. open to trade ideas (a few beers, hugs, prayers, goodwill, etc)

Sorry these are for Palm Dessert, not Palm Springs. My mistake.

03-21-2012, 10:32 AM
I PMed you about this a while back, but no response. Still interested in them.

03-21-2012, 01:33 PM
I would like them...
I'll hug the hell outta you and put a cold beer in your hand..

03-23-2012, 04:40 PM
I'll hug you with $50 in each hand.

03-24-2012, 02:40 PM
Ill give you a huge hug! My first year going to coachella and i bought tickets and shuttles passes for my sister and I but got them for palm desert not palm springs(OOPS!) where we are staying at. I would greatly appreciate it! Ill negotiate for any trade!

03-29-2012, 03:23 PM
Sorry these are for Palm Dessert, not Palm Springs. Sorry for inconvenience.

03-31-2012, 10:36 PM
I'm in desperate need of two Zone 4 (JW Marriott) passes!!! Are they still available??