View Full Version : Desperately Seeking good people to help out good people!

03-18-2012, 02:09 PM
Hi Guys,

I know I'm the gazillionth person that seems to be in this boat but me and my girlfriend are in desperate need of either someone to help us out by letting us crash on their camp spot! Either that, or someone that is looking to offload a GA + Car Camping in return for a GA ticket + Cash.

We're flying in to LA from Australia on Wednesday 18th, and are happy to meet up to exchange anwhere either in the LA area or on the day in Indio.

Ideally we'll be looking to:

a) Pay $120+(ish) to someone that wants to swap tickets
b) Utilise someones camping spot - not looking to muscle in on your group's fun, just looking for somewhere to rest our heads for the night!
c) Offer a lift to anyone with Car Camping but no car who needs to get from LA area on the Thursday in return for use of your camping spot[/B].

We have purchased a Companion Camping spot, so can share if anyone's willing to do so. We also will be happy to share supplies, camping equipment, beer and extra's to anyone that's happy to help out. We are incredibly generous in that regard!

Any help anyone car offer would be greatly appreciated. As I mentioned, we're coming over from Australia so we're a little behind the 8 ball so to speak, as meeting up with anyone until the day before it kicks of, is out.

Please fellow Coachellians, help our 1st Coachella Dream come true!