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03-09-2012, 04:43 PM
3 Day pass + Shuttle option + 5 nights accommodation in a powered site right next door in Lake Cahuilla

Hi fellow festival fans,

To my great sorrow I have to sell my 2nd Weekend Coachella ticket. I bought it off another ticket site so the cost is higher than normal, but as a bonus I was lucky enough to secure 5 nights accommodation at what I found to be probably the last available accommodation site in the entire area. The extra extra bonus is that itís in Lake Cahuilla which is located next to the festival and power and water are included in the price.

Details: Weekend 2, dates 20 Ė 22 April, 2012

Ticket: 1 x 3-day pass with shuttle option to Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA (although I did not plan to use this option it is still available)

Accommodation: Have secured and paid for 5 nights (arrive anytime from Wednesday 18th April, checkout Monday 23rd April) in a powered site at Lake Cahuilla, located alongside Coachella festival grounds - 58075 Jefferson Street, La Quinta, Ca 92253. Electricity and power included. You should bring some kind of shade structure if you arenít using an RV. One vehicle allowed but there are no restrictions on the number of people who can stay in the same vehicle as you, so pack em in and save!

Travelling to and from the festival from Lake Cahuilla: When booking the site I was informed that there are many locals who will happily give you a ride into the festival or another option is to ride a bike to and from the festival which will get you there quickly too.

Cost: $1250.00 Ė Includes 1 x 3day festival pass + shuttle option and 5 nights in a powered site at Lake Cahuilla national park + express international postage of tickets. (no profit is being made, this is the actual cost Ė but for what you get in combination with the fact that everything anywhere near affordable is sold out in all surrounding areas near and far, I believe it is definitely worth it)

Interesting and important discovery!!: For those thinking that you would rather just buy a Coachella camping pass to go with your Coachella ticketĖ think again! I desperately looked for this option and along the way discovered that you canít transfer the name of a Coachella camping pass as itís linked to the actual Coachella festival pass ticket barcode Ė so to buy a Coachella camping pass you actually have to swap tickets with the person you bought the pass off or your ticket wonít be accepted and you wonít be allowed to enter the camping area. I would think that Coachella would better advertise this fact that is undoubtedly going to catch a lot of people out. I think it is to try and avoid scalping though.

03-09-2012, 06:28 PM
private msg me if you want to discuss: lauren.lolly.2012@hotmail.com