View Full Version : Los Angeles People With A Camping Pass/Car Camping Pass That Need A Ride To Coachella

03-08-2012, 03:07 PM
This is for WEEKEND 2
Lets help eachother out. I can pick you and a friend from anywhere in the LA area in exchange to share your camping spot with my girlfriend and I.

I plan to leave Friday early early Morning (3am or 4?) and Return Possibly right after the show sunday night.

b/c this matters to some of yallz (so you kno a little about me)
I am 22 yrs old, Mexican from Culver City CA
what I am most exited about coachella is the reunion of At the Drive In and Refused. I also wanna check out radiohead the buzzcocks black keys.
Im a Beer drinker and I smoke ( Im respectful towards others and step aside when I do)
This will be my first Coachella
Im a meat eatter, ( so carne azada and wennies are whut im thinkin about grillin up at coachella)
I dont mind people using 420 n whutnot
I am currently volunteering at Goodwill (best place to get your camping needs btw)
I am a student at Santa Monica College
my gf rules as im sure yours does too
we be rollin ina impala (that shits roomy)

It would be cool if we can hookup with another couple as i wouldent want 2 dudes around my girl and as she wouldnt want 2 chicks around me. right?
I have space for 2 maybe 3 depending on how much stuff we bring...but defntly 2 spaces in my car are available.

my number is 310-6219543 you can txt me or call me
you can pm n il send you a fb so we can be friends on that shiii.

03-16-2012, 01:17 PM
hey, me and my boy are possibly looking for a ride if we cant get there on our own. Would you be willing to leave thursday though?

also, we have a comping pass and come from LA :]