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03-08-2012, 10:23 AM
Hi All -
I haven't combed through the threads fully, so maybe you can direct me to the info. if already posted.

My car camping friends will be arriving Thursday, early evening. I will be arriving closer to midnight or later to park in the companion lot.

Question 1: anybody with previous experiences that can validate this will be okay?

Question 2: last year ('11) I was in line for car camping and it trickled back that security shut down entry, yellow coats running around, had us wait until we expressed our disagreement (as a mass), then reopened. Please link me on expected times for entry closure to the companion lot. If this poses complications, I'll need to contact someone for an exemption due to my late arrival.

Question 3: when purchasing a companion pass, what is needed? That is, does my friend with the camping pass have to call it in and purchase a companion pass for my car? Or can I just call up to get one? When I have a chance, I'll call the 512-SHOW number this afternoon to get full details, but had a chance to log this on the board in case others had the same curiosities.

Many thanks in advance,

03-09-2012, 09:14 AM
Here is my horrible experience from last year after obtaining a companion car pass for the new "X." it may fall under the TLDR category but fuck it, no one else is responding.

After trading a spare car camping pass I had for a companion pass & case of bud light with a fellow forum poster here around midnight Thurs night, I now had the challenge of meeting up with my now "X" to give her the companion pass on Friday. I also forgot to give her the wristband, so my dumb ass had to walk all the way out to meet her (on 50th Ave)...yes I was one of those idiots you saw walking away from the festival while many of you were in that long line to get thru car inspection & day parking Fri AM.
Anyways, many of the security/traffic enforcers had no fucking clue where the Companion Lot was or how to get there. They all told us (once I met up) that we'd have to drive thru the car search like all the other campers. THIS WAS UTTER BULLSHIT!!! Before entering the inspection lot 13, I told security we needed to get to the Companion Lot, he then said we were in the WRONG LINE & needed to go back to Lot 2. So we proceeded north on Madison with the intent of turning Right on 50th Ave but security forced us into Lot 7 (Day Parking). Now, I just ran thru that parking lot 1.5 hours ago & I knew that if we could get to 50th Ave, then we could get to Lot 2. So after driving against many other Parking attendant's instructions we made it to Lot 4, then to 50th Ave & back finally to the Companion Lot, where they had their own car inspection crew set up. Thank God we didn't go thru inspection in lot 13 earlier!
Anyways, by now I've missed Ozomatli, the one band I really wanted to see on Friday. And now upon inspection, the parking crew scans the Companion Pass (remember I obtained it last night in Vons Parking lot in a trade?) and the fucking thing comes up as NOT VALID/ALREADY IN USE!!! I almost lost it here....luckily the "X" persuades the parking people to use a different scan gun & this time it scanned as good. Fucking low batteries!!!

So then I got to carry all of her highness's matched luggage back to Lot 10 which seemed miles and miles away.....

Back to your questions, yes your friends can arrive before you do as long as they have their wristbands. I would try to get confirmation from the organizers regarding which line the Companion Car people have to line up in because going thru Car/Tent Camping Inspection, then having to go thru Car Companion Inspection seems pretty stupid. A lot of the parking staff were misinformed last year.

03-09-2012, 09:20 AM
Anyways, by now I've missed Ozomatli, the one band I really wanted to see on Friday.

I'm kinda astonished they were the only band you were really into on Friday, but it sucks to have missed them. (The good news is they're like always on tour so other opportunities would be there).

So then I got to carry all of her highness's matched luggage back to Lot 10 which seemed miles and miles away.....

see, this is why you always need to bring your red wagon. :)

03-09-2012, 09:38 AM
LoL Rob! Yeah, I should say Ozomatli was the one Friday daytime show I did not want to miss. I actually heard them ever so faintly as we were unloading the car in the companion lot. I was thinking the same thing about the wagon.

If you have a lot of gear or are a Druish Princess, you should bring a wagon to haul all of your stuff to your friend's campsites or be prepared to shell out $20 to the rikshaw bikers.

03-09-2012, 11:22 AM
sorry about your bad experience. thanks for your reply.

03-09-2012, 12:12 PM
Yes do make sure you have your wristband as it will be scanned immediately.

I've never done Car companion but I am arriving with a group of at least 12 other cars. Right now we're strategizing how to stay together since we got split up last year. But we've heard that there will be a holding area for larger groups so here's hoping.