View Full Version : Road Tripping down. Recommend some good beers on the way?

03-06-2012, 04:21 PM
Hey, I know there is a beer thread already but I'm looking for a little more specific information.

I will be driving down from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I'm looking to try new lesser known beers all along the way.
I likely will be stopping in:
Salt Lake City area
Las Vegas
San Fran
Somewhere between San Fran and Calgary (not sure yet)

The states I'll be in are:
Montana, Idaho, Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona(shortly), Oregon and Washington.

What do you guys recommend? I'm going to try to do a daily writeup of each beer on my website.

Thanks guys!

03-06-2012, 04:26 PM
If you're going to Oregon, you need to spend some time in Portland. There are TONS of breweries there (Rogue was my favorite stop). When coming south, make sure to stop at Anderson Valley and Russian River, as they're both spectacular. In San Francisco go to Toronado, one of the best bars I've ever been to. Bring cash and don't get sassy or impatient with the bartenders. You should also swing over to Oakland for The Trappiste, a really cool Belgian beer bar with good prices and great selection.