View Full Version : Car camping for weekend 1; need a car + campers!

03-05-2012, 02:48 PM
Hey there coachellers, basically none of my buddies were able to get their weekend 1 passes in time so now I'm trying to assemble a last-minute camping spot. The original plan was I'd get the car camping pass (check) and another buddy of mine was gonna drive, so now ideally I need someone to ride with who would like to camp! I'm a really laidback dood and really don't mind much of what goes on in my campsite as long as all our shit's safe. I am willing to split the cost of gas + camping equipment and will most likely be able to get an aerobed or 2 thrown in the mix. I am in the San Fernando Valley so it would be ideal that you are nearby or that I am on the way to Coachella from you. I suppose I'd just keep the camper capacity at whatever the car/driver is willing to fit! If you'd like to bring your friends in on this that won't be a problem as long as there's gonna be room for me in the car as well. Dannnny on ichat if that's more convenient for you, or just private message me/post here... I will try to be as prompt as possible.