View Full Version : House And Townhouse Available For Rent Weekend 1 And 2

02-23-2012, 10:25 AM
Three properties just opened up for weekend 2!!

three available: 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment located in Indio Pool on premise. Thursday-Monday. The unit is vacant...if you are just looking for a place to sleep with hot water and electricity this is the place for you! Bring a blow up mattress and save money on a condo less than 4.5 miles away from the festival!!

Indian Wells house in Country Club off of Hwy111 The House is not located directly on a shuttle stop, but the Renaissance Esmeralda/Hyatt Grand Champion shuttles are just down the street about a 1.5 miles away. It is 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Thursday - Monday. (Max 6 people negotiable)

Please contact Jennifer at JenniferMFerguson@gmail.com for more information and pictures.

02-28-2012, 10:44 AM

03-04-2012, 11:14 PM
Added 2 new apartments.

03-17-2012, 10:01 PM
Added new properties!! And removed the ones already rented.

03-22-2012, 10:28 AM
There are still properties available for weekend 2! Weekend 1 is almost all filled up.

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04-06-2012, 12:22 AM
When it comes to occupancy, does that matter. Will you accept more than the limit by 2 or 3? Just curious

04-10-2012, 09:27 AM
Possibly I would have to talk to you more about the people staying there... it also depends on which property you are talking about.

04-18-2012, 11:01 AM
Three properties just opened up!!!