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It's been a long time coming, but I've been too lazy to start doing this up til now, partially because the day to day life of driving a cab isn't all that wacky. For every memorable character, there's 20 little old ladies coming home from the grocery store. I'll just post a list of trips I get for each day worked with a brief description of the trip/person. Most of these will be unremarkable, but weirdos will get more text. Until I get bored of doing this.

02-13-2012, 01:47 AM
Sun 2/12/12
On the road: 4:40pm
Off the road: 3:50am

Since I'm fairly reliable and actually run a lot of trips (a lot of experienced cabbies don't rely on dispatch or refuse to go out of their way to pick up passengers, which drives the dispatchers literally insane), I've gotten the privilege of being scheduled on a cab, which means one of the less shitty cabs is available for every day at the same time unless I call in and say I'm not coming in. Today, my scheduled cab was given to someone else, even though I wasn't all that late showing up (well relatively; I was about an hour and a half late from when I'm scheduled, but they usually don't put it on the road for like 3 hours of me not showing up).

1. Male, 20s, black. McDonalds to a tower project.
2. Cancel when I show up.
3. Female, 30s, black, 2 kids. Drugstore to home.
4. Male, late 30s/early 40s, white. Was kind of slow, so I went 15 minutes out of my way to pick this guy up since he's supposedly a regular and lives in the wealthy part of town. Goes to the bar. He ends up being kind of a condescending prick and tips poorly.
5. Male, 20s, black. Apartments to nursing home, probably works there.
6. Male, late 40s, Hispanic. My last trip landed me in the far north suburbs, so I move in to pick this guy up at a bar. Bartender called it in. He's too drunk to stand almost. Keeps trying to sit in the front seat on top of my stuff. He doesn't speak very good English in addition to being way too drunk, so I can't get a destination out of him. It's common knowledge not to let a drunk in your cab without a destination. Get out and ask the bartender if she knows where he's going, but she doesn't. Another inebriated customer comes out and starts screaming at him trying to figure out where he's going, but she just annoys and confuses him more. I have to gently pull him away from the front seat which he's leaning near, but he keeps clinging to the interior of the car. I finally get the door closed and locked with him on the outside, but he continues to lean on my cab. While I'm letting the dispatcher know what's going on, he falls practically flat down on his face in the street. He manages to sit up and some passerby watches him so I can take off without running him over.
7. Family of four. Roundtrip to the drive thru.
8. Female, 20s, black. Short trip.
9. Male, 20s, black. Projects to the strip club.

I get sick of my cab at this point because it drives like shit and the ciggarette lighter outlet doesn't work, so I can't use my iPod transmitter, so I exchange it for a different one. The first two I try have other things that don't work, but the third one I try runs.

10. Female, 20s, black. Short trip.
11. No show.
12. Female, 40s, black. Laundromat to home. I don't have enough ones to give her correct change so I have to stiff her a dollar. She half jokingly gives me a hard time, but it's only a $4 trip that I went out of my way for, so fuck her cheap ass.
13. No show at the Children's ER.
14. Female, 20s, black. Very short trip.
15. Female, 30s, black. Short trip.
16. Male, 20s, black, decent trip.
17. Female, 30s maybe 40s, white. Pretty drunk woman at a bar going to meet up with her friends at another bar on the other side of town. First really good trip of the day. She rambles a lot, talks about how some other cabbies she's had are creeps, keeps apologizing for being too drunk, pretty decent tip.
18. Picking up at a strip joint. Guy comes out to tell me to wait, turn the meter on after 5 minutes, dude comes back 10 min later to pay the meter for waiting, found another ride.
19. Show up at the address and a woman and her child come towards my cab. Another car pulls up next to me, I can hear the guy yell at the woman "You called a cab?" "I thought you weren't coming." No one says anything to me, but they get in the other car and take off. Assholes.
20. Female, 40s, black. Takes a plate of food to someone's house and goes back home.
21. Male, 40s, black. Pick a guy up from some other guys house and take him to a hotel. Wonder if they were hooking up.
22. Male, 40s, black. Guy is probably an addict, friendly, pretty talkative, goes halfway across town to go to someone's house for 30 seconds, then hits up another house for a beer, then goes back home. Pretty good trip. Junkies don't mind paying to get where they're going.
23. Show up, no one comes out. Take off. Dispatcher says they called back, try again. No one comes out. Turns out they were at the same address on a different street that ran parallel to the one I was on at a corner house and got the streets confused. Female, 40s, black. Short trip.
24. Show up, honk a couple of times, a woman in a robe comes out to let me know the person I was supposed to pick up was supposed to be sitting on stoop.

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Dude. Mount a camera? Revive Taxi Cab Confessions? I can't believe someone called a cab to go through a drive-thru. Ha.

02-13-2012, 02:21 AM
People do it all the time. This was a store type drive thru, not a fast food place. There's a lot of people out there without transportation that don't live within walking distance of a convenience store. Although I have gotten some ridiculous fast food trips in the middle of the night. One girl a few weeks ago paid $20 for a roundtrip cab ride to go to Rally's for like $5 worth of food.

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If you really want the food I suppose it's better than a DWI / DUI.

Also, it's clear you're already gunning for BMOTY 2012. Cara won't like this thread.

02-13-2012, 03:37 AM
If you really want the food I suppose it's better than a DWI / DUI.

Also, it's clear you're already gunning for BMOTY 2012. Cara won't like this thread.
It's up to Cara to make her self BMOTY for 2012.

13. No show at the Children's ER. I wonder if something bad happen or someone was trying to escape.

02-13-2012, 03:49 AM
Nah. People are just idiots. That call went out again later once those people figured out where the fuck they were.

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I wanna make up stories with an wild imagination for what happen for some of these calls.

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I support this thread. Big Atkins believer.

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I like that it's being broken down by race. A+.

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I like this thread.

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I support this thread and everything that has been said about this thread. Looking forward to volume 2.

Premium Roast
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In mountains of Morocco and had the wrong time on my watch. Frantically packed up, hailed a cab, and headed to the bus station hoping it hadn’t left. There it was, off in the distance rounding a bend, almost teasing us to come get her. “Let’s go. You can do it” told the driver with the theme music to The Natural, Hoosiers, and Chariots of Fire being the undisclosed mental soundtrack. “Look out for the goats!”. Didn’t make it and had to wait eight hours for the evening departure.

My friend owns this company: www.anytaxi.com , distinguishing themselves with the color blue. He use to ride around for twelve or more hours hustling fares in the early years of the company, but now just rents the vehicles to the drivers for $500 a week while he sits on his ass overseas in his home country of Lebanon. Up to eleven cars now. He does pay all the repair work, but that is a nice chunk of change for doing absolutely nothing anymore (eleven vehicles times $2000 every four weeks = $264,000 a year minus vehicle repairs).

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Do you help the little old ladies with their groceries?

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I think the most interesting call was the man who brought a plate of food to someone. I would imagine it's an ailing family member awaiting the food. Do you ever ask questions? Like who's the food for or stuff like that?

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I like this. Please always do it.

Wheres the beef?
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Meh. Get a tumblr.

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Oh, I see. I telepathically let know Patrick know that I was going to start a guedita's daily crab log about irritating minutiae I experience and he decides to go ahead and co-opt it into his own "more relevant" bit. Typical.

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I think you should start that thread anyway, so then I can complain about how derivative it is.

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Is it wrong that I'm rooting for a Blue-Velvet-esque voyeuristic drama to unfold?

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Cool thread; hope you get great tips! Do you allow the passengers to choose the radio station? I enjoy it when the cabbie allows me to crank up the tunes. Bonus tip $$ if they flicker the interior lights to the beat. Jamal from MetroTaxi in Minneapolis is notorious for this; I highly recommend integrating this move into your repertoire. :D

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I also support this thread. Anything that keeps Patrick writing is a good thing.

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Great thread; lasted until 1:15.

kitt kat
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5 stars

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What does the cab look like? I need a better mental image.

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awesome thread, is this NYC?

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Mon 2/13/12
Start time 5:00pm

My scheduled cab is actually in the lot, so an improvement over yesterday already. They change my schedule time to 5pm since I'm always late anyway. I can still come in earlier if I want to though. Today is a weird day because hardly any night drivers show up, so there's like 4-6 cabs out for most of the night, so for those of us actually working, we get to run around like chickens with our heads cut off and make good money.

A few notes about types of trips. A standard trip is a cash fare. Someone calls the company, gives them their address, the dispatcher opens up the stand the trip is in (these are geographical divisions of the city, although there are actual specific stands where we can wait for a trip in a given area, and if a trip opens up in that area and we're in the stand, we get the trip automatically if we call on it. Then it goes out to anyone in the general vicinity, although you're allowed to lie about where you are if you can reasonably get a trip within 15-20 minutes. Then it goes out to anyone in the city. If it's a slow night and you're getting beat out on trips, the best thing to do is to wait in a stand, especially if it's one that's near a lot of other stands that you can call in on).

So anyway. Cash fare. The trip goes out, you claim it, you show up, they get in your cab, you take them where they're going, they pay you in cash (we don't have credit card machines at our company). There are a couple of services that work with the cab company to get people around too. These are charges, meaning we fill out a charge slip and at the end of the day, the sum of all of our charges is deducted from our lease. In the rare instance your charges exceeds what you owe, you get paid out in cash the next day.

One type of charge is SCAT, which is part of the local regional transportation department that also runs the city buses. SCATs are for special need citizens. SCATs suck because no matter how far you go, you get about $6 for the trip, $2 in cash from the passenger and $4 from the company as a charge. If you go 2 blocks over (which one lady does just about every night), it's $6. If you go 15 miles away, it's $6. Everyone hates these trips but everyone has to run them (although they don't go out late at night so night drivers have to deal with them less). If a SCAT passenger has been waiting for over an hour, dispatch can offer drivers $5 or $10 off their lease to grab them (they do this with other charges too, but most commonly with SCATs). Because these trips aren't metered, it's not uncommon to bundle up on SCAT customers if they're going in the same direction.

Another charge is TMS, which is slightly better. These charges are just getting people to and from doctor's visits and I think is paid by their insurance companies. There's a certain flat rate if the trip is 1-3 miles, 4-6mi, 7-8mi, etc., so while it's not as good as a cash trip, it at least has a sliding scale, unlike SCATS.

EMC is another medical charge service that pays pretty decent, probably not as much as a cash fare but not too significantly under.

There's other charges too, including some service that gets people to and from their jobs, hospital vouchers, battered women's shelter charges, board of education charges, etc.

Anyway, on with my day.

1. First trip is a SCAT that someone forgot to pick up. Dispatch offers ten off, it's not far from the garage, so I offer to get it. They cancel before I can get half a mile down the road.

2. Replacement trip. 5:18pm-5:41pm. Female, 20s, black. Girl going to work on the far other side of town, really good $35 trip. She's friendly and easygoing. Good start to the day.
Since I'm out in this part of town, I swing by the health food store since there aren't really any near where I live and stock up on some stuff really quick.

3. 6:27pm-6:37pm. Same guy as #4 yesterday, realize he's definitely in his 40s, he's friendlier and less condescending today and tips pretty good, although he pays with a $50 bill, which you should try not to do for cabbies since we try not to carry too much cash.

4. Cancel en route.

5. 6:55pm-7:02pm. Female, 20s, white. Apts to strip club.

6. 7:18pm-7:35pm. Male, 20s, black. Bar to someone's house that isn't his with a stop at the liquor store. Offers me a flat rate that's a bit higher than I would have estimated the trip to be, so I take it. Asks for my number so he can get a ride later, but I end up being on the other side of town when he texts me.

7. 7:39-7:58. Two females, 20s, black. Some administrative type building to a house. Decent trip.

8. 7:43-8:11. Female, 40s, black. Really soft spoken, kind of timid lady. Goes to the UPS store then picks up Chinese food then goes home.

9. 8:19-8:24. Male, 50s, white. Neighborhood bar to gay bar a bit down the street, pretty good tip.

At this point I realize this trip I tried to call on but didn't hear actually did go to me, but luckily it's only a few minutes away, but I keep forgetting to write down the address and have to ask dispatch, who surprisingly didn't chew my head off.

10. 8:39-8:55. Female, 40s, black. This lady had been waiting a long time and was running late to work, but there's not much we could have done about it since there were only like 5 cabs on the road for the whole city. She asks if there isn't a law saying we have to show up within a certain time, I say no, she says she hopes she doesn't get fired over this and if she does, she's going to sue (the cab company, presumably), I don't say anything. I guess she's a nurses aide or something and had to take care of this paraplegic guy at his home. She gives me the street but not the address so I go the quickest way I know to that general area. As we get close, I try to figure out where exactly she's going and she says something like "Just go whatever way you were going asshole. This is the long way. We should have went this other way." Which is not true and was actually much faster and quicker. She finally gives me the address and I GPS it and we get there. She's mellowed out because she realizes I knew what I was doing and wasn't trying to fuck her over or anything. I give her the trip for $8 even though it's an $18 fare because of the inconvenience. She pays with a $100 bill, which is retarded, but luckily I have the change and don't want another fight so I give her her change without comment. She tries to request a time call pick up for when she gets off work, but we tell her with so few drivers on the road, nothing is guaranteed. Later on, I call a different cab company in the suburb where she was working at to pick her up because there was no way we were going to get her in time.

11. 9:17-9:29. Male, 40s, black. Dispatch offers $10 off for an EMC trip so I take it. Dialysis to the guy's home.

12. 9:35-9:45. Female, 30s, black, two kids. Grocery store to home, stop at the gas station on the way.

13. No show at a gas station.

14. 9:57-10:18. Not really sure what gender this person is, but they're black and in their 40s I think. They smell like soap or hand cream. I remember picking them up before and not being sure of their sex a couple of months ago. Anyway, non eventful trip but a pretty decent fare.

15. 10:24-10:44. Two females, 20s, black, one child. Pick them up from the strip mall and drop them at their respective homes. They're gossiping to each other on the way home, talking about how their families don't help them with their kids enough and how some girl they know is bi. "I knew she was gay before she was pregnant.")

Dispatch changes over. Third shift dispatch are way more gruff and no-nonsense than second shift. They know what they're doing and don't fuck around, but they can be kind of pricks. One guy is actually pretty laid back, but the other one is kind of high strung and berates everyone for not running enough trips (some of us are ok, but there are some drivers who take like one trip an hour, probably doing personal calls in the mean time.) He reminds me of some surly old sea captain and is kind of a buzz kill and I knew with so few drivers on the road, he'd be in particularly foul mood, but he actually ended up being fairly mellow since the few drivers we did have on the road did run a ton of trips. He still repeats himself way too much.

16. No show in an alley where the potholes look like landmines blew them out.

17. There's one other kind of charge that only happens at 10:30 at night. There's some city administrative building downtown and there's a bunch of mentally disabled seeming people that work there and the cab company takes them home every night on charges. They pack as many of them into as few as cabs as possible, usually they fit in 2 or 3. Tonight I got 2 of these people and took them home. Not very far trips. I usually don't get these trips because I'm in other parts of the city.

18. 11:23-11:30 Dispatch is pleading for someone to pick up a driver in the south side of town so we have at least one more person on the road. I jump on the high way to pick him up and drop him off at the garage.

19. 11:39-11:55 Male, 40s, white. Bar to rural suburbs a ways out. Pretty good trip.

20. Move back into town for a no show.

21. 12:26-12:43. Male, 40s, white. Kind of a fat sloppy guy. Says dispatch said his first cab came by and he didn't come out, but that dispatch was lying because he always has a camera facing out his front door. Whatever. Take him through a drive through and then drop him at a house.

22. 12:48-12:57. Male, 20s, black. Going to south rural suburb. Pretty decent trip. Asks me about driving with the company, tell him how it works.

23. 1:11-1:15. Male, 20s, black. Short trip, dude reeks of booze and weed.

24. 1:20-1:25. Male, 20s, black. Similar to the last trip, short trip, dude seemed pretty buzzed.

25. 1:31-1:36. Female and male, 30s, black. Coming home from the 24 hour grocery store. Guy is talking about someone they know, says he didn't know he was "funny like that."

26. 1:52-2:10. Female, 30s, white. Show up at a bar and a girl and her guy are arguing outside while some other group is trying to calm them down and leave. I find the girl who called a cab but she offers to let the drunk fighting couple take the cab. Much confusion. Finally, the guy from the couple walks off, the girl from the couple agrees to take the cab, and since the girl who called the cab is on the way, she gets in too. Drunk girl's friends give me $10 towards her fair. Drunk girl is talking a lot of shit, being antagonistic towards us even though we're trying to help her out by getting her home. The other girl asks to stop at a gas station to pick up cigs and drunk girl gets out of the cab and calls someone and starts giving them my license plate number or some shit like I'm trying to hold her hostage. We try to make sure she doesn't want the rest of her ride home, but she decides she'd rather be stranded, so I give the other girl her ride home.

27. 2:23-2:44. Male and female, 30s, black. Roundtrip to someone's house and back, offer to give me a flat rate, I take it. We see 2 white kids skateboarding down the middle of one of the main streets in bodysuits and helmets in the middle of the ghetto.

28. 2:47-2:56. Male and female, 40s, black. Going to the ER, they seem really out of it and sleepy, guy keeps asking the girl about his heartbeat.

Night ended a little after 3a.m. One of the best nights I've ever had, brought in just under $200.

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Please upload photos (if possible).

02-14-2012, 07:08 AM
Patrick do you know (or have you heard) how driving a cab in Akron compares to a major city? Like, there are a ton more cabs in NY but a lot more demand too. Would that be an upwardly mobile move? Or like say Vegas? My dad drove a cab in Vegas for a few years before he retired. He seemed to do OK with it.

02-14-2012, 07:17 AM
taking a cab through a drive through is something i never conceived of doing.

02-14-2012, 10:42 AM
Patrick do you know (or have you heard) how driving a cab in Akron compares to a major city? Like, there are a ton more cabs in NY but a lot more demand too. Would that be an upwardly mobile move? Or like say Vegas? My dad drove a cab in Vegas for a few years before he retired. He seemed to do OK with it.

I've wondered this myself, but I haven't been able to get much first hand info about it.

I'm not sure why the drive through thing is mystifying people. Public transportation in Ohio sucks, some people don't have cars and they need food/cigs/booze.

02-14-2012, 07:02 PM
21. 12:26-12:43. Male, 40s, white. Kind of a fat sloppy guy. Says dispatch said his first cab came by and he didn't come out, but that dispatch was lying because he always has a camera facing out his front door. Whatever. Take him through a drive through and then drop him at a house.

What a weirdo.

02-18-2012, 04:24 PM
Fri. 2/17/12

I forgot to record most of my times in my notebook today.

1. Female, 40s, black and her son. Grocery store to home.
2. Male, 40s, white. Regular, going from work at some plant to home.
3. No show at a strip club.
4. Male, 40s, white. Picked up this guy from a bar. This girl outside said she hoped I was picking up the guy who queued up 60 songs on the jukebox (she later gave me the thumbs up to indicate I had). Guy is wasted and not sure where he wants to go. Finally decides he wants me to take him to "the nearest titty bar." The bar I picked him up from is like 5 minutes walking distance from 3 strip joints. He starts asking me how old I am, what kind of music I like, asks if I know who Aerosmith is, starts bragging about how he hung out with Steven Tyler one time or some shit. Drop him off around the corner. $3.20 fare. He tips really well (gives me like $11), but he crumbles all his dollars up and shoves them in my hand. I figure I earned that $11 dealing with him for 5 minutes.
5. Male and female, teens/20s, white. Two kids going from Sam's Club to home, pretty decent fare, mom pays on the other end.
6. Male, 30s/40s, white. Regular, kind of short, developmentally disabled maybe. Always goes from the same bar to his house down the road.
7. Female, 50s, white. Friendly woman with a cane who can't get around well going to the bar two blocks down the street. Probably the shortest fare I've ever had.
8. Female, 30s, black, some kids. Pick her up from Children's ER, security gives me a voucher, going to homeless shelter.
9. Female, 30s, white. Pick her up from a fairly ritzy hotel downtown, going to one of the more low rent strip clubs in town.
10. Male, 20s, black. Roundtrip to the gas station and back for cigs.
11. No show.
12. Female, 20s, black. Short trip, her boyfriend or whatever pays on the other end.
13. Male and female, 30s, black, kids. Family going home from Burger King.
14. Male and female, 20s, black. Couple going home from the movie theater.
15. Three females, 40s, white. Take them to the local music venue downtown, they get harassed by a crackhead begging for change when they get there.
16. Female, 40s, black. Going home from work at a nursing home.
17. Male, 20s, black. He's only going a few blocks away but wants me to stop at the drive thru. He has waaaaaay too much cologne on. One of things about being a cab driver is you end up with some really bad smelling money at the end of the day. I complain to him about the night dispatcher who never shuts the fuck up and whines because no one takes trips fast enough. He buys like $15 worth of candy and snacks at the drive thru.
19. Female, 20s, black. Kind of timid girl, take her to her aunt's who pays on the other end "Is it ok if I go in and get the money?"
20. Female, 40s, black. Pretty drunk woman going home from someone else's house.
21. Female, 30s, black, some kids. Going from one house to another, one of the kids cries a lot when he gets in and then passes out.
22. Male, 30s, white. Drunk gay guy going from one house to another. I never realize how bad drunk people smell until I started driving a cab.
23. Female, 20s, black, baby. Going home from her family's house I think (her sister comes out and gives me a long, convoluted tale about why I have to wait a minute when I show up). Sounds like she's sniffling/crying slightly the whole way.
24. Male, 40s, white. Regular, guy going home from work at a restaurant downtown. I don't turn on the meter as he always pays the same amount.
25. Female, 20s, black. Girl is on her phone the whole time gossiping, has one of those voices like a flamboyant gay man (the "hey gurrrrrl" voice). Guy she's talking to pays on the other end.
26. Male and female, 20s, black.
27. Male, 20s, black. Guy getting off work at McDonald's going to the hip/gay district, let him out by the CVS.
28. Female, 20s, white. Girl going home from a bar. Said her boyfriend was supposed to pick her up but ended up ditching her/not answering his phone/whatever. Good trip, going to the other side of town, tips well.
30. Female, 40s, black. Says it's her birthday, kind of drunk, makes a bunch of stops at different houses nearby and back to where she started, thinks she's doing me a favor by telling me to turn the meter off and telling me to pocket the rest of the money she gives me. I try to explain to her that the cab company doesn't keep track of the meter, they just collect a lease, but she doesn't get it.
31. No show at a restaurant.
32. No show at a gas station.
33. Male, 30s, black. Guy is standing a little ways up the street from the address I'm giving, but he tells me the right address, so I take him. Goes to the projects on the south side of town.
34. Two males, 20s/30s, black. Pick these two fucks up from a gas station. They're clearly fucked up out of their mind. They don't really give me a destination, just say the west side. Gives me $10 in advance. They tell me to go down some side street and then ask where I'm going and say that's fine, go the long way, they only have $10. Get on the highway and drop one off outside some house on the west side. Fare is already up to $18. The other one wants me to take him to some club a couple of miles away, but I try to get more money out of them. The other guy clearly has $20s in his pocket. I end up getting $4 more out of them. I take the guy to the club just to get rid of him. On the way he's asking me about what part of town I live in and if I have a house and what kind of music I have on my iPod and saying shit like "white boys gone wild" and some shit about doing good deeds as for why I should be taking him anywhere when he's short changing me and a whole bunch of other shit that makes me want him out of my motherfucking cab as quickly as possible. Get to the club (which should have been closed for an hour) and it's jam packed with people and cars and there's a few police cruisers sitting out there. Dude short changes me $10 for the trip, and I probably could have just walked up to the police and reported it, but I just want to be done with the night and I had made good money anyway and $10 wasn't worth the fucking effort. So I gas up and bring the cab in.

02-18-2012, 04:46 PM
Some great ones today!

02-18-2012, 07:33 PM
Well, do you know who Aerosmith is?

02-18-2012, 08:29 PM
27. 2:23-2:44. Male and female, 30s, black. Roundtrip to someone's house and back, offer to give me a flat rate, I take it. We see 2 white kids skateboarding down the middle of one of the main streets in bodysuits and helmets in the middle of the ghetto.

when they offer you a flat rate does that mean the meter is off?

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02-19-2012, 04:31 AM
These are entertaining to read. I don't know why the roundtrips / drive through trips surprise people. When you live somewhere that doesn't have good public transit, you end up taking cabs to run errands. It had never occurred to me to take one TO a drive-thru, though my friend has made a cab driver stop at a drive-through when we were already on our way home.

What recourse do you have when someone refuses to pay for a trip or shorts you? I've always wondered about that.

What is considered a good tip?

02-19-2012, 04:45 AM
Tell the dispatcher and they can be refused cabs at the addresses they were picked up/dropped off at. It doesn't work as well when you don't pick them up at a residence. We can call the police on them, but it's usually not worth it, especially for small amounts, because then you have to waste time. I've only had one outright beat out so far, and the bitch was so crazy it was worth the $6 or whatever just to have her out of my cab. We do have the right to ask for cash upfront, but I typically don't do it unless it's an out of town trip. Some people are used to paying up front and just do it automatically to make me feel more at ease, especially people from the hood. Handing your cabbie cash up front will definitely endear you to them. Hopefully they're not crooks and will give you change though.

As far as tips, I still don't really know. If you expect me to hand you back change (as in coins), you're fucking petty. For me, the higher the meter rate, the less I care about the tip. A good trip is a good trip and if you're already giving me $20+, I wouldn't be upset without a tip. On the other hand, if I go out my way to get you and it's a $4 trip, and especially if you take forfuckingever getting in and out of the cab, then I'd probably begrudge you if you didn't throw in an extra dollar or two. So I'd say a dollar or two is standard, three to five is a pretty good tip, and anything above that is really generous.

02-19-2012, 05:23 AM
Sat 2/18/12

Saturdays are awesome because the lease is much cheaper and Saturday nights are always busy with bar people, who often go pretty good distances and tip insanely generously. Although it doesn't really pick up until after 11pm.

1. 8:03-8:10. Male, 40s, black. Take another driver home from the garage. The first couple of times I picked up a driver, I ran the meter. Then I got a ride home one time and the driver didn't run the meter on me. I never run the meter on other drivers now. They know what to pay you. Anyway, this guy and I talked about whey protein powders and eating healthy and shit like that.
2. 8:21-8:44. Male and female, 20s, black. Didn't think I'd get anyone out of here since this address is reliable for no shows and last minute cancellations, but they came out thankfully. Went to Chipotle and back. Over half the fare was waiting time.
3. 8:52-9:28. Male, 30s?, black. Pulled up to what looked like a crack house. Pretty disheveled. Lots of mangy people walking into the place and walking out of the place and down the street. Some guy with like half his teeth comes out to let me know that whoever I came to pick up will be out in a minute. The guy is clearly not a crackhead, but maybe a dealer or something. Pretty friendly guy. Black guys from the hood always call me "fam." Round trip from the northside to one of the southwest suburbs and back, so a really good trip. Gives me $20 in advance. Talks on the phone most of the way there, having a fight with his girlfriend. Apparently, some girl out of his past showed up at his place and for whatever reason ended up calling the cops on him, so his girl thought he was cheating on her. He tries to reason with her, although they're both screaming at each other. He tells her to be logical and consider that because his "bag of rubbers" is at her house, he would have to have "raw dogged" the other girl, and then go to the hospital to get checked up, so therefore he couldn't have been cheating, so why didn't she just use her head? Trips ends up being a little over $40, says he lost his bank card, ends up having to pay the other $20 in quarter rolls, but like he said, it all spends the same, and I'm just happy to have such a good trip early in the shift.
4. 10:29-10:57. Male and female, 20s, black. I pulled up to this house and no one came out, so I sat around in the area waiting for another call since it was slow. Eventually they called back and I ended up catching the trip. Pretty short trip, but it ends up being a pretty decent fare because they want to stop to get fast food and McD's felt like taking their damn sweet time getting their food out.
5. Lost call at a regular house. Someone was outside and went in as I was pulling up too so it's not like they didn't know I was there. I don't get people.
6. 11:14-11:22. Female, 20s, white. Pick up a girl from the laundromat, but she's standing outside and doesn't have any laundry. She says she's glad I pulled up then because some guy was coming to pick her up that was going to start drama. Ten seconds later he does show up, but I take off, and he speeds off in front of me, clearly pissed off. She asks me how much it would cost to go from one of the suburbs to where I was taking her so she can lie to her boyfriend, who was paying for the trip on the other end, and get a little extra cash out of it (but in the end he just pays what the meter ran me). When we get to the apt. complex she lives at, the guy is waiting for her. Her boyfriend comes out to pay me and the other guy gets out of the car and starts a screaming match with the girl. "Come here hooker!" The boyfriend just kind of stands by looking dumb. I take my cash and leave.
7. 11:32-11:48. Female, 40s, white. Really good trip, going from the northeast side of town clear across to the west side, and she gives me a fairly generous tip too. Sniffled most of the way there. I'm never sure if these people have been crying or are just congested.
8. 11:59-12:08. Male, 30s, black, kids. Some guy and his kids going from a house to an apt. complex. The kids talk a lot and one keeps kicking my backseat. One of them forgets his racecar in the cab. I turn it into dispatch at the end of the night.
9. Get a trip at a bar in this little island of obnoxious fratty type bars in what's know as the Valley. Show up and the guy says he's ready but his friends aren't so nevermind.
10. 12:27-12:40. Male, 20s, white. Hit up a gas station and get a trip at the same bar I just left from. Show up and call the number I was given, apparently the guy didn't know someone had called a cab for him as he was just standing outside right near me until I called him. Pretty friendly guy, talk about the taxi business, says everyone he's talked to says they like doing it. Drop him at the gas station by his house so he can grab beer for his girl. Generous tip.
11. 12:49-12:54. Two males, 40s, white. Two very drunk gay guys (although one is clearly far drunker and falls down trying to get in my cab) going from their hotel to a gay bar.
12. Show up to the house and they call in to cancel instead of walking out and telling me directly.
13. Get a trip at the nearby hospital, halfway there the guy calls back, realized he's at a different hospital.
14. Get a call for one of the big douchey bars downtown with a phone number. I'm only 3 minutes away, so there's not really any time for anyone to snipe the trip (as often happens downtown on a Saturday night), but no one comes out to my cab and the girl doesn't answer her phone. Who the calls a cab company, gives their phone number to the company, and then doesn't pay attention to their phone? (Answer: way more people than makes me comfortable being part of the same gene pool as.)
15. Female, black, 20s. ER to apt. complex.
16. Male, 20s, white. Strip club to a big house in the wealthy district (which incidentally has terrible, torn up streets). Pretty good tip. Saturday nights are good.
17. No show at the hipster bar I go to some time. I hate getting out of my cab and screaming over a bunch of drunks trying to find my passenger. Someone asks me how much it'd cost to go to Pennsylvania.
18. Male and female, 30s/40s, white. Going from a bar to a small rural town about ten minutes southwest of the city. Good trip. They tell me it's off this one route. I get on the highway and then get off the route they said it was near. The guy asks me if I have a GPS and kind of passive aggressively tells me I'm going the wrong way. I cut through one of those turn outs in the middle of the highway that only the cops are supposed to use and get back on the highway and go the way they forgot to tell me they wanted to go in the first place. I give them a price $5 under what the meter reads for going out of the way, but they end up paying $4 more than the meter.
19. 2:46-2:58. Female, 40s, white. She's drunk and high, coming home from someone's birthday party, friendly and talkative. Asks about how many dancers I've had that night, says she's a stripper too. Says she'd like to drive a cab but has terrible sense of direction. Pretty much a drunken mess but nice about it. Pretty good tip.
20. 3:05-3:11. Female, 40s, white. Going from the psychiatric emergency hospital to one of the regular hospitals, paid for with a voucher. After I drop her off, I hear a call for her to be picked up where I had dropped her with a battered woman's shelter charge. I don't know why they didn't just have me take her there directly, probably sent her to the wrong place accidentally. (It's not because I'm a male because I've ran BWS charges before).
21. 3:21-3:32. Female, teens, black. Pick up this teenage girl, have to pick up her mom at another address. Her mom's pissed off that they have to go home at this hour, apparently they were both staying the night at different places but the girl wanted to go home, I think because she didn't have a wrap for her hair or something and didn't want to sleep on it and get it fucked up. When she's paying me, the mom gives me the exasperated sigh "Teenagers."

Got a pizza and turned in the cab. Another really profitable night.

02-19-2012, 06:21 AM
He tells her to be logical and consider that because his "bag of rubbers" is at her house, he would have to have "raw dogged" the other girl, and then go to the hospital to get checked up, so therefore he couldn't have been cheating, so why didn't she just use her head?

Someone asks me how much it'd cost to go to Pennsylvania.

oh man, ahahahahahahahahahahahha

Patrick this is starting to feel like a New Yorker story or something. I think you can take this places. Think about it.

02-19-2012, 06:27 AM
Rolls of quaters?

02-21-2012, 06:15 PM
Best thread on this message board. Keep them coming. Your perpective and outlook make these a fascinating read.

Drinkey McDrinkerstein
02-21-2012, 08:33 PM
oh man, ahahahahahahahahahahahha

Patrick this is starting to feel like a New Yorker story or something. I think you can take this places. Think about it.

Yeah, Hoenstly, if you could keep this up for a full year+, I'd buy a book of this. it's incredibly entertaining.

02-21-2012, 08:33 PM
Rolls of quaters?

He is probably talking about these things:


02-21-2012, 11:32 PM
Tues. 2/21/12

1. 3:40-4:11 Female, 20s, white, baby. First call is a double up of TMS charges going from one of the hospitals to home (since these are flat rate charges, dispatchers will often load multiple people up in one cab if they're going from the same place to a similar area). At first the wrong woman gets in, so I have to kick her out of the cab and tell her the one for her is on its way (it shows up before I take off, which is a relief, as I always feel kind of dickish telling someone I didn't come for them). The first person I picked up is a white girl with cornrows and her baby, and she takes 5 minutes to get her child's seat strapped in. Starts talking about how she'd been there all day for an ultrasound. Says it took longer because they had some concerns about her cervix being too small but she's just a small person in general so it's no big deal.
2. 3:49-4:00. White female & black male, 50s. Pick up this couple from another part of the hospital, they have to squeeze in to fit with the girl and her baby in there. They chat pleasantly with Queen Cornrow and she tells them about her cervix as well, along with other inane shit about their families and lives. I drop the couple off first then cervix girl second.
3. Get a trip at a different hospital in the suburb to the immediate north. Show up and a little old lady with a walker gets in. Figure out who she is, inform the dispatcher, have to kick her out and try to find the person I was sent for. They didn't specify which entrance they'd be at, so I try everyone I can find and don't find them, so dispatch gives me another trip.
4. 4:36-4:48. Female, 20s, black. North side to west side, mother pays on the other end.
5. 4:53-5:01. Two females, 20s, black. Going to the nail salon.
6. 5:16-5:31. Female, 40s, black. Roundtrip to the liquor store. Lady tells me she's having a quiet celebration at home for passing an exam in some course she hated. Says she's going to school to be a nursing administrator, but had to take some class about "bushmen" and absolutely hated it.
7. 5:40-5:50. Male, 50s, white. Pretty disheveled looking dude in a sweatshirt and shorts, can't get around too well. Vague smell of bodily functions. Says he was washing clothes and his washer broke, despite being bought brand new only 5 years ago, explaining why he was underdressed. Goes to the drive thru to get vodka and back home.
8. 6:01-6:09. Female, 40s, black. Short trip.
9. Go out of my way for a grocery store trip since there's nothing open near me. The guy calls dispatch literally one minute before I get there to check and see how much longer until I get there, but when I show up, there's no one at all waiting for a cab (unless it was the young black guy standing outside who looked like he was begging for change). I don't fucking understand these people. An hour later, he calls back.
10. Go even further out of my way for another no show at an apartment building.

I take a break and buy a prepackaged salad kit and iced tea at the grocery store so I don't end up eating a ton of fast food. Nothing's open near me so I just sit and eat my salad for a long time before heading back in towards where some trips are. You never know when and where trips are going to pop up, so some times you end up trying to wait it out and hoping something pops up near you and sometimes you have to just keep moving and go out of your way in order to make money. Sitting still is the cab driver's worst enemy. It's a real bitch when you take something farther away from you and then a minute or two later something right near you opens up, but it happens all the time and you just deal with it.

11. 7:31-7:35. Female, 20s, black. Short trip, mom pays on the other end.
12. No show.
13. 8:11-8:23. Female, 20s, black. The dispatcher gives me a trip on a street that doesn't exist in the city, turns out the first letter was wrong (V instead of B), which I figure out by browsing my GPS map. Get there and it's a housing complex and each address has different apt./condo/whatever numbers, which of course I don't have, so I drive around the building honking until I finally get someone. Decent trip.
14. 8:33-8:53. Female, 30s, female 50s, two kids and a baby, black. This was the no show for number 13, except the last two digits of the address were reversed. I'm not sure if the dispatcher gave it out wrong or if the passenger did. We're not supposed to have more than four people in a cab or else we won't be insured if there's an accident, and the baby makes it five. But I let it slide and drive carefully. Ends up being my only trip over $20. Going from the west side to a hotel on the far south side.

At this point I'm feeling kind of ill and tired to the point where I'm almost nodding off at the wheel, so I decide to take a nap in the cab, one of the many luxuries of being an independent contractor. So I pull into a Walmart parking lot and doze on and off (slightly interrupted by the dispatch radio) for about 40 minutes. Then I get some Mt. Dew (trying to avoid coffee at the moment because of the anxiety attacks I've been having lately) and get back on the road, relatively refreshed and ready to finish out the night.

15. 10:02-10:12. Male, 30s/40s, black. Going from the south side to just west of downtown, wants me to just drop him off on the corner. At one point I sneeze just as it starts sprinkling and dude makes a joke about my sneeze looking like it went all over the windshield.
16. No show at a hospital. Kind of slow, so I end up waiting awhile for my next trip.
17. 10:54-10:59. Female, 20s, black. Girl going to the hospital because of some headaches and stomachaches. Missed her first cab.
18. 11:10-11:17. Female, 20s, black. Cheerful girl going home from work at a women's shelter downtown.
19. 11:24-11:44. Male, 30s, black. Guy going to his girl's house for a low key night. We talk about how stupid it is the city wasted a ton of money building a fence on the bridge notorious for suicides. Stops at a gas station that refuses to break $20s (the fuck?), so has to borrow $2 from me, which I just add to his fare.
20. No show. The same house canceled on me after I pulled up on Saturday too. Fuckers oughta be blacklisted.
21. 11:55-12:05. Male, 40s, black. Show up and honk my horn and a guy comes staggering out. I've picked up here before and remembered the guy was blind so I get out and say hey. He said I was supposed to get out and ring his doorbell, but dispatch neglected to relay any of that too me. He wants me to run to the nearby drive thru to pick up cigs and snacks while he stays at home, which I do. The change from the $20 he gives me to buy his stuff ends up being just about the same amount as the fare, so it works out well.

Still tired and ready to call it a night, but decide to try to stay on until 1am but there's not much happening on the side of town I'm on.

22. Forget the time on this one. Female, 20s/30s, white. Stripper going home from work, says it's a slow night for her too.
23. Trip cancels while I'm en route to picking them up, didn't even really want to stay out any more anyway, so I bring the cab in.

Kind of a stupid day with all the no shows and pretty much always being on the opposite side of town from where the trips were most of the day, but those days are inevitable. I still made decent enough money for a pretty quick and easy day, or at least not enough that I came home feeling resentful of my time being wasted.

02-22-2012, 12:03 AM
21. 11:55-12:05. Male, 40s, black. Show up and honk my horn and a guy comes staggering out. I've picked up here before and remembered the guy was blind so I get out and say hey. He said I was supposed to get out and ring his doorbell, but dispatch neglected to relay any of that too me. He wants me to run to the nearby drive thru to pick up cigs and snacks while he stays at home, which I do. The change from the $20 he gives me to buy his stuff ends up being just about the same amount as the fare, so it works out well.

I like this one.

Great thread, please keep it up. I don't know if you should put these all in a huge book verbatim or take the stories over a long period of time and weave some kind of narrative. I'm sure there are just so many ideas for possible (fictional) stories. So cool.

02-22-2012, 11:10 AM
Do you feel self-conscious blowing your horn as a means of announcing your arrival? Is it routine or do you only do it in certain circumstances or locations?

02-22-2012, 11:21 AM
You can't really allow yourself feel self conscious about it unless you don't want to make any money. We don't get most people's phone number, so it's pretty much the only way to let them know we're there. I've never had a complaint about it. It's understood that's just what cabs do. When I show up I usually give one really loud long honk or honk two or three times in a row. If they don't come out after about 3 minutes I give a long honk again. I give them one last one before taking off after 5 minutes.

02-22-2012, 11:38 AM
I imagine there are a few neighborhoods in Akron where you wouldn't want to get out of the car at night when you don't have to.

02-22-2012, 11:43 AM
I never get out of the car for a private residence. Fuck that shit. I prefer not to get out of the cab at all when picking up a customer. The goal is to keep fucking moving. But I will at a business/bar/restaurant/hospital if no one comes out.

Mr. Dylanja
02-22-2012, 12:21 PM
What do you consider a good tip, 20%?

02-22-2012, 12:29 PM
Cervix girl.

02-22-2012, 12:35 PM
What do you consider a good tip, 20%?

This has already been covered.

02-22-2012, 01:29 PM
Patrick, can I just say that I'm relieved that nothing has happened that would jeopardize the fact that you're a much better person when you have a job you enjoy, than when you're wallowing in self-pity and hatred? I mean, most people try to forget their workday, or hate it so much that all they can do is bitch, bitch, bitch, making it worse. You, on the other hand, are able to remember each fare and overlook or write off any of the negatives as just part of the job, and then share it with us in a positive way. Seriously, kudos to you for giving it a shot because it's working for you.:thu

02-22-2012, 01:37 PM
Though I must confess that I'd love to come to this thread one day and see a post on how one of your fares had her water break right there in your cab, and how you had to immediately pull over to the side of the street to assist her in birthing her child as the meter kept ticking... Priceless!

02-22-2012, 01:38 PM
Thanks for the mostly supportive post and slightly backhanded compliment. It's definitely pretty remarkable and wonderful to have a job I mostly enjoy. If I can transition this into a city I love, I might actually have a shot at being sort of content or whatever.

02-22-2012, 02:47 PM
Is there an airport that you can wait for incoming visitors, or is that not such a lucrative thing where you are? When I was living in New York City, I pretty much only ever used a taxi when I was returning to the city. When you exit La Guardia Airport, there is a little spot on the side of it where taxis line up and collect everybody coming out.

02-22-2012, 07:35 PM
There's a small airport nearby, but we have to go through some kind of TSA licensing ordeal to be able to pick up there that they say isn't worth it, so we don't pick up there. We drop off there occasionally though. Unlike bigger cities, our trips come pretty much solely through dispatch (or for veteran drivers, personal calls).

02-23-2012, 08:14 PM
bump bump bump

I love this thread, keep it up.

02-24-2012, 01:10 AM
I didn't get around to posting yesterday, so today's a double hitter.

Weds. 2/22/12
This was a short day because my friend called me half way through the shift and told me about a semi-cool thing happening downtown that night, and considering I haven't done anything besides work and lay around the house for 3 weeks and Wednesday nights are typically dead, I only stayed out about 4 1/2 hours.

1. 5:38-5:52. Female, 60s/70s?, white. Old woman going to the drugstore and back. Said she thought I was a different driver she had once that she had wanted to hit over the head with her oxygen tank. Went into the store without her tank and was proud of how well she did without it. Go team.
2. 6:04-6:08. Female, 40s/50s?, black. Going to the grocery store. She overheard the dispatcher talking to another driver about how maybe he was being gruff with a passenger that driver was picking up, but that's just how he is, which started my passenger ranting about how people should be decent to one another and all that shit. I always try to explain to people that the reason dispatchers are assholes is because they spend all day getting cussed out over something they can't control, but no one really cares.
3. 6:19-6:25. Female, 40s, white. Trailer park to grocery store. This woman smelled strongly like a litter box to the point of it kind of choking me up while she was in the cab. Luckily it was a short fare.
4. 6:33-6:43. Male, 40s, white. Brother of someone at the cab company, truck broke down in a grocery store parking lot, going to a bar.
5. 6:48-6:43. Female, 40s, black. Grocery store to home.
6. 7:11-7:16. Male, 20s, black.
7. 7:25-7:38. Female, 40s, white. Stripper going home from work.
8. 7:44-7:46. Male, 50s?, white. This guy is a regular, always goes home from a different local restaurant/pub. He catches a cab to work at the court house every morning too. I'll refer to him as Barker from here on out.
9. No show.
10. 8:15-8:20. Female, 23, black. Girl going home from the police station court house, asks if I've ever gone through a custody battle before. Vents a bit about it and her baby daddy (says she's 23 and he's 35).
11. 8:29-8:33. Female, 60s?, white. This is a regular SCAT passenger that only goes two blocks away. She rides pretty much every weekday. It's not bad getting $6 to go 2 blocks, but she always takes forfuckingever getting in and out of the cab and has a bunch of bags with her. I'll call her Margaret from here on out.
12. 8:39-8:43.
13. 8:50-8:54. Male and female, 20s, black. Going home from the ER.
14. 9:01-9:10. This is the androgynous person I mentioned in an earlier log, always goes to the same place. I guess I'll call them Glen Or Glenda?
15. 9:17-9:25. Female, 20s, black. Girl going home from a nail salon with a stop at the drugstore.
16. 9:28-9:37. Two females, 30s, black. Going home from Mexican restaurant, got the vibe that they were a couple.
17. 9:43-9:52. Male, 20s, black.

Pretty dull, short day, but I made really decent money for the amount of time I worked.

02-24-2012, 01:18 AM
Digging the characters.

02-24-2012, 01:49 AM
Thurs. 2/23/12.

1. 6:07-6:16. Female, 40s, white. Going from the ER to home. Said she has migraines all day but by the time she got to the ER she felt better so decided not to see anyone and save some money. Asked what kind of music I was listening to (it was the Nina Kraviz RA podcast). Asked me to write out a receipt. Asked how far we had gone, 2.8 miles, said she could have jogged that since that's about how long her daily jog is.
2. 6:30-6:42. Female, 20s, black. I pulled up and honked in front of this apartment building on a really busy street. Didn't stick around for too long and got another trip when no one came out. By the time I got to the other house, the first person called back and specified to go in the back parking lot, so I went back. Girl going to work at strip club.
3. 6:44-6:52. Male, 20s, black. South side to east side, we bitched about how old people are shitty drivers.
4. Showed up to this house, after a minute, a guy comes to the door and gives me the "wait a minute" signal. Wait five minutes. Turn the meter on. At some point another person goes in the house. Another five minutes go by and no one comes out. I take off.
5. 7:21-7:27. Regular, goes home from work. I'll call him Owen.
6. 7:31-7:37. Regular, Barker.
7. 7:54-8:14. Black male & white female, 20s. Dispatcher is pleading for someone to pick up these people who called in advance to place a time call that was supposed to be picked up over an hour ago. It bugs the hell out of me that people have to wait so fucking long for a cab, so I offer to jump on the highway and get them even though they're on the complete other side of town. I don't turn the meter on for the first mile to make up for the delay. They end up tipping me anyway, $20 trip, worth the effort. I give them my number to get ahold of when they get done at the bar so they don't end up waiting another hour or so to get home, but as usual, they never fucking text or call.
8. 8:25-8:44. Male, 60s?, white. This guy is a regular, we'll call him Frank. He depresses the hell out of me. He's a nice enough guy and always tips well, but he's just in awful shape, all hunched over and moves at a snails pace. One time I had to walk him to his apartment in his building because he was worried about someone robbing him or something, I don't know. Says he used to be a well regarded professor at the local university. I usually pick him up at the same bar and take him home, but this time he just runs to the liquor store and back home.
9. 8:54-8:59. Female, 30s, black.
10. 9:01-9:09. Female, 40s?, white. Goes from this school for gifted students (that I got rejected from when I tried to apply when I was a kid, ruining all my chances at an extraordinary life) to the transit center downtown.
11. 9:28-9:49. Female, 30s, black. Get a call at a laundromat downtown. No one comes out and the doors are locked because they had just closed, although there's still people inside. I take off. She calls back so I pick her up. She has to stop at someone's house to pick up her kids, which takes a really long time because one of them hid something and she had to find it before they could leave or something. The whole thing took way too fucking long, but she seemed pretty stressed out so I couldn't be too irritated with her.
12. Showed up to the wrong house (some addresses are really fucking hard to read, although this one was pretty pathetic on my behalf, mistaking a 4 for a 2). Take off. They call back. Show up again. They decide they don't want the cab after all.
13. 10:31-10:40. Male, 30s, white. Really bitter seeming guy going to the gay bar. Says he's never been to this particular bar before and doesn't even know where it is. We talk about how Akron is a hell hole. He said he used to live in Cleveland but had to move back because his mom got cancer. Some guy pays on the other end.
14. 10:59-11:13. Male, 20s, black. Had a no show at this house yesterday, but got someone this time, and not a bad trip at $20 either.
15. 11:21-11:48. Males, 20s, black. Guy going to Walmart and back, surprised at how quickly the waiting time adds up while he's in the store.
16. 11:59-12:14. Male and two females, 40s, white. Pick up at a strip bar for some regulars that work there. The guy and one of the girls gets dropped off at one address, the other girl at a different one. She's talking on the phone with someone about some other stripper. She's trying to figure out which one the guy's talking about. "The one with the fucked up teeth? You said she's new? You mean the one with the fake boobs? I don't think she looks like a man. She did not have a sex change." Something along those lines. I guess the guy got a compromising picture of her on his phone and wants to send it to my passenger, but she doesn't have a photo capable phone. She asks if I do and if he can send it to mine, which how can I refuse? But the guy says he'd have to search for it so no dice.
17. 12:21-12:35. Two females, 40s, white. Going home from a bar, pretty good trip. One of them talks about how some cab driver they used to know uses to shuttle her and a bunch of other girls around to the bars and end up just partying and drinking with them.
18. No show at the projects where we get a lot of no shows.
19. 12:53-1:14. Female, 20s, white. Pick this girl up from the strip club and she is a holy fucking mess. Probably pilled out and drunk. She slides into my cab and tells me we have to wait, just please wait a minute, she'll pay me extra. She's waiting for some guy, a customer or something, and he's not coming out. After five minutes she tells me where we're going so I start taking off but after a few seconds she's back to "please just wait a minute" so I back into a spot again and turn on the meter for waiting time. She falls out of the cab and drops her shit everywhere as she goes back in trying to find whoever it is she's trying to find. Gets back in the cab alone and is just mumbling to herself. Take her to another bar in a different part of town. She ends up tipping me $7 over the meter. I'm pretty sure she left her phone in my cab too. Another passenger found it in the back seat and it would make sense that it belonged to this chick. The screen display on the phone said "Butterfly."
20. 1:29-1:36. Female, 40s, white. Another call where they don't come out the first time I pull up. It's not like I don't give them enough time or honk loud enough. They just don't pay attention. Anyway, it's a raggedy looking woman who smells like chlorine. Some guy pays for her upfront. She's talkative and friendly.
21. 1:40-2:02. Female, 20s, white. Pick this girl up at a biker bar on the south side of town, going to the far north suburbs. Really good fair. She vents about her shitty night, how someone grabbed her purse, how some roided out guy was being an asshole to her and her friends didn't stick up for her, all this shit. She's pretty friendly towards me though and gives a very generous tip even after the fare being close to $40.
22. 2:32-2:48. Female, 30s, white. This girl has obviously been crying a lot and sniffles the whole way to where she's going. Gives me a vague location and ends up getting dropped off at a gas station where she walks on from.
23. 2:54-2:58. Female, 20s/30s, black. Dispatcher asks me to see if they need another cab at this address (our max capacity is 4 passengers). Show up, this woman with a reddish afro comes out, asks how much it'd be to go to these project towers a little down the road, I ask her how many people she has, she says 8, I say I'll have to get another cab out there to cover the overflow, she goes back to the house, a dude in his boxers sticks his head out the window asking why we have to send another cab, turns out she was asking if $8 would cover the trip since the guy is paying upfront for her, she's the only person going. Take her to her destination.

Another really profitable night. There's a ton of drivers who lease a cab out for the day but don't take many trips from dispatch, so there's typically plenty of trips for me to take. It kind of sucks because it puts the dispatchers in a shitty mood and people end up waiting absurd amounts of time (one guy waited three hours to get picked up from a bar tonight), but it's putting money in the pockets of anyone willing to work for it, such as myself.

02-24-2012, 02:09 AM
Love these posts, and that we are naming regulars now. I'd say Glen/da for the androgynous guy/gal, using a similar convention in the future, i.e. Bob/ette, Brian/na, etc. Remind me to avoid strip clubs in Akron.

02-24-2012, 08:44 AM
I'm enjoying this, thanks for posting.

How often do people leave their cell phones in your cab? Does the cab company get the phones back to people, or do you sell them on ebay or whatever? I've had three friends lose theirs in cabs. Do people leave much other stuff in your cab? Any interesting items?

02-24-2012, 09:00 AM
Can you take a picture of your cab, and the place where you go and get it?

02-24-2012, 10:08 AM
4. 6:33-6:43. Male, 40s, white. Brother of someone at the cab company, truck broke down in a grocery store parking lot, going to a bar.

do people like that, relatives, ever expect free rides?

02-24-2012, 10:55 AM
No, but some times the dispatcher will authorize us to charge it to company.

02-24-2012, 11:09 AM
Can you take a picture of your cab, and the place where you go and get it?

Yes, please!

02-24-2012, 11:13 AM
It's a typical Crown Vic. The one I'm scheduled on is white, but a lot of them are yellow, and some are grey. It's not at all exciting. I don't know why you people want to see pictures of cabs.

02-24-2012, 11:14 AM
We want you posing in front of it. Also, pics of the ppl you pick up.

02-24-2012, 11:15 AM
Can you take a picture of your cab, and the place where you go and get it?

Careful, Alchemy is gonna steal your book deal.

02-24-2012, 11:22 AM
New Years Eve. That's all you're getting. Untap the wondrous potential of your infinite imaginations for the rest.

http://a2.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/408666_2680751932379_1063726875_2762330_1125904007 _n.jpg

02-24-2012, 11:24 AM
That's a beautiful helm. A disco ball!

02-24-2012, 12:18 PM
We want you posing in front of it. Also, pics of the ppl you pick up.

Like this...


02-29-2012, 10:11 AM
I got some major catching up to do, 3 days worth. Nothing too special happened on Saturday, it was remarkably slow for a Saturday and I'm already forgetting trips, so I'm just gonna do Sunday and Monday.

Sun. 2/26/12

1. 6:47-7:06. Male and female, 20s, black. Going to the movie theater.
2. 7:18-7:28. Two kids, black. This guy put his kids and a bunch of bags of stuff in the cab and told me someone would pay on the other end. They were rowdy the entire ride but I didn't say anything. They kept coming up with weird insults for each other like "you smell like butt Jesus cow."
3. 7:35-7:43. Male, 30s, black. This guy gets in my cab and wants to know if I can take him to the north side (from downtown) for $4. He smells fucking terrible the way homeless people do some times. I say yeah because it's just over the bridge and it wouldn't be much more than $4. On the way he says he wants to go to a certain bar, but I get another trip in the opposite direction. I stop to drop him off once I get off the highway and he tries to get me to take him to the bar, but it's like a 10-15 minute walk from there and the meter's already at $6. I feel like kind of a dick, but I don't run a charity and I got other trips to run. He just kind of sits in the back of the cab like I'm going to take him if he doesn't move for a minute or two before finally getting out.
4. 7:50-8:12. Female, 20s, white. Take a stripper home from work, stop at Subway on the way. She's a regular.
5. No show.
6. No show/cancellation at a strip club where I pretty much always get no shows/cancellations.
7. 8:44-9:09. Five people, male and female, 40s, and three kids, black. Pick them up from a buffet. The kind of weird thing is two weeks prior, when I was having an anxiety attack and had to get off the road, I had had a lost call at the same strip club and then the next trip was at the same buffet. Anyway, they had five people, and you're supposed to call another cab to handle the overflow, but it felt dickish. The guy and one of the kids was only going up the road, but the woman and the two other kids were going from the far south side to the west side. She kept trying to tell me to take this one street that goes way out of the way, but I insisted that this other street was much shorter and would save her money. She said she was from out of town. When we got to where she recognized, she realized it was way quicker and thanked me. She asked me about what the neighborhood on the west side was like because she had been looking at a house on some street there.
8. 9:15-9:21. I forget what this trip was.
9. 9:41-9:49. Female, 50s/60s, black. Some lady in her robe and slippers going to the drive-thru around the corner for cigarettes.
10. 9:56-10:02. Three males, two white one black, one female, white. I had picked these kids up from a gambling place the day before, they seem typical Akron deadbeat kids. This time they were going from a different place than I had dropped them off at on Sat. (this time in a house with fake deer in the front that I thought were real for a split second) to the same gambling place.
11. 10:08-10:28. Male, 30s, white. This guy is a regular, I've had him once before but he says he rides all the time. Gay guy who always goes to gay bars but never tells you to drop him off there, always somewhere right near it like he's ashamed or something, I don't know. He's really reserved, but last time I happened to drop him off at the bar and pick him up on the same night and he's pretty talkative and friendly when drunk. He always tips good, pretty much a guaranteed $20 no matter where he's going.
12. No show. There wasn't any trips open near me, so I took a chance on a trip on the far west suburb (which is the wealthy district), which ended up being over 15 min away on the highway. They canceled just as I was getting near of course. I took the opportunity to sit and eat my salad I had bought earlier and wait for something to open up close to me. The closest thing to open up ended up being right near where I had came from. Some times you take a chance it doesn't pan out.
13. 10:58-11:02. Male and female, 60s/70s, white. These guys are regulars although they don't usually ride this late. I'll call them Darlene and Earl. They usually go from home to a nearby restaurant, or vice versa. I kind of hate taking them because they're old and slightly obnoxious and never go far, although they're pretty nice to me. The woman seems kind of spacey and likes to ramble about inane bullshit, and the guy gets really annoyed with her and I've seen him blow up at her and tell her to shut up, which she never does. This time they went to the sub shop attached to the hipster bar, which at this time of night has got to be an odd match as it's mostly drunken people in their 20s and 30s there. I consciously try to avoid picking them up later by not calling on any trips in that area until I hear them go out over the radio.
14. 11:12-11:50. Two males, 20s, black. I pick these guys up from a wing restaurant downtown, although it seems like a no show at first. As soon as they get in, I'm regretting picking them up and my better instincts are telling me to ask for cash up front, but I don't. They're both fucked up and the one guy falls asleep almost literally the second he gets in the cab, and the other guy is giving me kind of vague directions where to go. He keeps telling the drunk guy he's gonna get him back (for passing out I guess?), and calls some girl and keeps telling her she better be ready. We end up at a house and this kind of dorky looking white girl comes out and gets in the cab. The guy can't figure out where they're going from there, but they decide on some motel deep in the southwest suburb (which we're already on the edge of). They stop at the ATM and a gas station drive-thru and spend $30 on beer and stuff. It ends up being over $30 for the trip so I'm glad my better instincts were wrong on this one.
15. 12:05-12:12. Female, 30s, black. I move in to the closest thing on the southwest side of town. I take a woman to the west side and her husband pays on the other end.
16. 12:21-12:31. Male, 20s, white. Get a trip at a fried chicken joint. End up at the wrong one because I didn't realize there was another one on that side of town, so I think it's a lost call, but find the guy at the one I was supposed to go to (luckily only about 5 minutes apart). Scrawny little ghetto white boy type that's exceedingly common here getting off work. His great big fat father (I assume) pays on the other end.
17. No show at these apartments we get calls from all the time. Never get much of anything good out of there anyway.

It's slowing down in a major way and since it's Sunday, I assume it won't pick back up, and since I've made $80-$90 already, I decide to turn the cab in instead of wasting time and letting my lease rise when there's no trips to run.

02-29-2012, 10:28 AM
I would love to have some dialogue for ride 13.

02-29-2012, 10:30 AM
The Criminal Minds episode with the cabbie was on last night. He selects victims from his fares based on their smell, gasses them in the back of his cab with vaporized chloroform or something, and then extracts their essence while embalming them back in his lab to create a perfume.

I also watched Commando on Sunday. I keep thinking of you when I watch tv now.

02-29-2012, 10:53 AM
Yes, Commando has taken on a whole new meaning for me.

02-29-2012, 01:02 PM
Mon. 2/27/12

Monday's are usually one of our busiest days for whatever reason, but it was strangely slow for the early part of the day to the point where I thought I might just call it quits after a couple of hours and be satisfied with taking home $40 or something, but we ended up only having 5 drivers out at night so I kept busy and ended up bringing home about $180.

1. 6:03-6:17. Male, 40s, white. Guy going to drugstore and back. Told me about the shootings in Chardon, which I hadn't heard about because I don't pay attention to the world.
2. 6:24-6:30. Female, teens/early 20s, white. Picked this girl up down the street from my house, her dad paid on the other end, he seemed like one of those really aggressive right wing REAL 'MERICAN types, paid half the $6 fare in change.
3. 6:44-6:53. Male, 20s, white. Picked this guy up from where I usually pick up this stripper (guess he's her boyfriend), had to go downtown for some drug class or something, wanted me to put in a time call for someone to pick him up after the class was over at 8pm.
4. 6:56-7:01. Male and female, 40s, white. Picked them up from a sleazy motel just outside of downtown (although they were actually standing outside and next door to it when I showed up, probably were about to start walking without calling in to cancel). Guy said he hadn't been in town for 15 years, blah blah blah. They were here for a Pink Floyd tribute show at the theater downtown. Crusty old nostalgia trips. Asked if I liked Floyd ("Ehhhhh I'm more into the Barrett era . . ."). Asked for my number so I could pick them up but I accidentally gave them the wrong one because my brain stopped working and switched it up. Oh well.
5. Lost call at a gas station. Went in to piss while I was stopped, some lady with two kids asked for a ride around the corner as I was leaving, wasn't going to charge them, but she asked how much, charged her $3. (Flag down is $2.75, so it probably would have been $3.10 or $3.55 as far as they went).
6. 7:37-7:39. Male, 60s, white. Picked up the day driver on the cab I'm scheduled at from the bar he always goes to a few blocks from his house.
7. 8:04-8:11. Female, 50s, black, with a kid. Called on this because I was hoping it'd be the guy I put the time call in for (it was a decent fare), ended up being a pick up at the Children's ER. Some times when we pick up there, dispatch tells us to see security, who gives us a voucher for the fare (I think they used to give cash up until very recently). After I got the voucher, I couldn't find the actual passengers, had to go back to security, they told me to check the main desk (different from the waiting room desk), by the time I got there they had already gone out to the waiting room where I found them. The whole ordeal took like 15 minutes, which is a huge annoying waste of time when you're a cabbie, especially since they weren't going all that far.
8. 8:18-8:28. Male, 30s, black. Too much cologne.
9. 8:55-9:03. Male, 20s, black.
10. 9:20-9:27. Male, 40s, black. Dispatch was trying to get this short SCAT off and was offering $10 off the lease to grab it, with a cash trip to pick up after we dropped them off, but no one was taking it. There were a couple of trips right near me, and this was kind of on the other side of town, but it was a guaranteed $20 more or less, and since I was figuring I wasn't going to make any money that day, it seemed like a good way to get off the road faster, so I jumped on the highway to get it. Guy going home from dialysis.
11. 9:29-9:39. Male, 30s, black. Guy going home from grocery store.
12. 10:02-10:06. Male, 20s/30s, black. Guy with a dog (a boxer). I don't think we have to take animals if they're not in a cage or carrier or whatever, but it wasn't a big deal.
13. 10:30-10:56. I decided to go downtown to pick up these charges that get put out every weeknight at 10:30 (well, we pick them up at 10:30, but dispatch puts out the trips at 10:15, time calls always go out 15 min in advance). You pick up some people that seem to be developmentally disabled from work at this government administration building downtown. They're not the best charges, I think it's like $1.50/mi instead of the regular $2.25, but it's guaranteed money and can be alright. This time I was supposed to pick two of them up going to the southwest suburb, flat $20 charge for taking both of them, even though the second guy was about 11 or 12 miles away (and the other guy was on the way). The second guy gave me a ton of drawings he did. Two were on like clear engineering type paper and the others were this stack of over 200 notecards (he has them numbered). They're really simplistic and of like racecars and people and basic abstract shapes. I'll have to take some pictures of some of them some time. I felt weird taking them but it seemed like he really wanted me to have them.
14. 11:18-11:30. Two females, 20s, black. Since there were no trips near me at all and there were only five of us on the road at this point, I had to go all the way back downtown for my next trip. This was two girls getting off of work at a women's shelter, one of them I had picked up a few days before. They stopped at a gas station on the way home that incidentally was where my next trip was at, so I had to tell him I'd be back in a few after I dropped them off.
15. 11:33-11:45. Male, 40s?, white. This guy is a regular, goes home from work at the gas station.
16. 11:53-11:59. Female, 30s, black. This chick was in a really good mood and commented on how nice it was out, even though it had gotten cold after night fell. Guy paid on the other end.
17. 12:12-12:20. Female, 20s/30s?, white. Took her home from a bar downtown, she seemed pretty drunk, passed her street without her noticing and had to turn around.
18. 12:26-12:36. Male, 20s, black. This guy says he sees me a lot, but I don't really recognize him. Take him to a bar, and he thinks he lost a blunt in my cab. I tell him to lift up the seat (it's one big cushion that pops right off) but he can't find it. Tells me to smoke it for him if I find it.
19. 12:43-12:48. Female, 50s, white. Take some woman home from work at a plant, she's a cheapskate and expects me to give her back the coin change (like a quarter or something).
20. 12:57-1:02. Female, 20s, black.
21. 1:08-1:17. Male, 30s, white. Take this guy from a bar near the university downtown to his home on the west side. I can't tell if he's slightly retarded and drunk or just really drunk. He keeps saying "It's all good! It's all good!" Gives me a $20 even though the fare's only like $13.
22. 1:26-1:30. Male, 20s, black.
23. No show at a bar downtown.
24. 1:46-1:52. Male, 30s, black. Take this guy a little bit across town, says he used to be a driver, says he should start driving again, talks about how you gotta carry a weapon and make sure you have the passengers in the rearview mirror at all times.
25. 1:58-2:03. Male, 50s, white. McDonalds to home, says he had been walking a couple of miles to get there already.
26. Go from the north side to the west side for a no show.
27. 2:24-3:00. Female, 20s/30s?, black. Going to Walmart and back to cash a check. The closest Walmart is a $20 ride away, so it ends up being a $40 trip.
28. 3:11-3:28. Male, 20s, black. Show up at this house and this woman comes out and says something along the lines of "Please wait, he's coming, he really needs to leave, you can run the meter." I sit there for 5-10 minutes with the meter running as they fight and he finally comes out, saying she's crazy and talking about "ho drama" and if she wasn't his wife he'd do something or another. He wants to go to the west side, but I accidentally get on the highway going to wrong way. Get off at the first stop and he decides to stop at the gas station there and then just get dropped off back near where I picked up him ("but please don't drop me off back there, I ain't going back there tonight").
29. 3:35-3:41. Male, 20s, black. Young white guy in his underwear comes out and gives me the wait a minute signal, the other dude comes out and I take him home.
30. 4:10-4:15. Pick up the day driver for my cab and take him to the garage (he gets picked up every single day at 4:00am).

02-29-2012, 01:29 PM
1) What kind of person expects coin change back from their fare? If I pay the exact dollar amount (meaning only rounding up to the next dollar), it's because I think the taxi driver was an asshole and am trying to make a point. I didn't think they even carried coins for change?

2) IS it common for drivers to carry a weapon of some type? I remember drivers here used to talk about that a lot, but I think these days they make it tough for them to get a permit, since they don't carry extremely large amounts of cash. Driving around some parts of Akron at night can be kind of sketchy, though, no? Are there parts of the city that you / the company doesn't take calls from, or do you pretty much cover whatever comes in?

3) Did you ever find the blunt?

02-29-2012, 01:42 PM
1. A cheapskate douchebag. I've had a lot of change in my pockets lately but I don't typically carry coins as a matter of course. I usually don't expect them to pay the change if it's less than $0.50 over the dollar, and the majority of the time they give me the rounded up dollar anyway.

2. A lot do, I think, even though it's not permitted. I've been meaning to get some Hornet's Spray, which is what they recommended at training since it's supposedly the same as mace but isn't considered a weapon or whatever, but I'm cheap and don't want to spend my money on it. I wouldn't ever carry a gun though. I'd just get shot with my own weapon. We take calls from all neighborhoods. A good majority of our calls are from the hood and projects, since those are the people who don't have their own cars. When I first started driving, I was pretty freaked out waiting around in the projects, but I've picked up in them all so many times it doesn't faze me any more. I'm maybe a little more on my guard when I pick up a young dude from the projects, but most of them just want to get where they're going with as little hassle as possible.

3. Nope. I didn't really look for it either. He probably left it at home.

02-29-2012, 02:00 PM
I just lurk this thread but I just wanted to say how much I appreciate it.

02-29-2012, 02:31 PM
That reminds me, Patrick, you've mentioned a lot of them pre-pay (or at least offer some cash up front). I've never seen that done anywhere but Cleveland/Akron. Is that a normal thing, you think? My brother frequently offers to pre-pay (but he almost always asks to run trips off the meter too). He claims he had better luck getting cabs that way, back when he lived in a not-so-great area.

I'm also really surprised by the number of people who seem to offer you just a little less than what the cost of the trip would be. It never occurred to me that I could pay a cab driver less than fare.

02-29-2012, 03:31 PM
How often do fares ask you to hook them up with illicit substances? Probably not so much since you don't pick up fares from the airport. Just curious because its a relatively common thing here in Vegas.

02-29-2012, 03:46 PM
Most people do pay the full amount, I'm the one who says don't worry about it when they start digging for a dime or whatever.

I haven't had a single person ask me where to get drugs. Probably because a lot of them are already high when they get in my cab.

03-12-2012, 02:05 AM

03-12-2012, 02:39 AM
Yeah, sorry, I've been trying to keep track, but I've been working a lot of 12+ hour days and at the end of them, I'm just too exhausted to write shit up, and I'm usually too busy to record things as I go (I did try one day). And I start to forget things as days go on. Which is a shame, because there's been some good ones. Like a family of little people. And some guy who got out of detox and was rambling about all kinds of bullshit and making me go to his grandma's so he could get money before dropping him off at a strip club. And the guy who claimed humans have nothing to do with global warming and said we oughta just drop a bomb and wipe out the entire Middle East. And the guy who the bartender called a cab for that claims he was fucking the owner of the bar but she was a drunk and couldn't be trusted and was basically talking to himself because I didn't even reply to him and was saying he was going to propose to her and kept singing lyrics from Geto Boys - "Mind Playing Tricks On Me." And the woman I had to scream at ("If you don't shut up, you can get out of my cab right now and walk the rest of the way. I don't have to take this.") because she was crazy and fucked up and screaming at her boyfriend/husband/whatever and her kids and telling me wrong directions than screaming at me when I followed them (did I mention she stopped by the liquor store while her kids waited in the car, then freaked out when the guy went in to grab her when she was taking too long?).

03-12-2012, 05:09 AM
Such a good thread.

03-18-2012, 10:38 AM
St. Patrick's Day highlight reel:

-Had two SCAT passengers who were entitled as all hell. One guy recognized me from before and was kind of making fun of me because I wasn't eating fast food this time or some shit. The other guy wanted to stop at a gas station out of the way, even though I only got paid $6.25 to take him all the way across town.

-Picked someone up at the bars in the valley, which are notorious for frat style idiocy. One of them had a bouncy house and I watched as some drunk broad fell into the side of it and knock it completely over at 5pm.

-A drunk couple may or may not have been fooling around in the back seat. There was a lot of leg movement going on behind my seat.

-I picked up this woman who is a personal nurse or something to that effect to some guy who had been exposed to chemical warfare. She was telling me all this appalling stuff about him and how he had to sign some kind of nondisclosure agreement about how he would never go public about it. I feel weird even typing this here. It's like something out of fiction. I guess the guy is in his late 30s and just cries non stop. It was pretty heartbreaking hearing about it.

-I got a group of four drunk bitches who kept trying to pry into my life and stuff. They asked what my bracelet I wear means (a stupid rainbow thing I found around my previous apartment have worn as some kind of vague gay pride thing) and I told them I was a homo. They kept asking if I give it or take it and not believing I was actually gay. I'm making them sound pretty obnoxious, and they were, but they were kind of fun too. Or at least they weren't being really jerky or anything. One of them said I was pretty hot.

-Some other drunk chick was clearly trying to pick up on me. She kept saying how glad she was she got a nice cab driver and how cool I was. She kissed my hand when she got out of the cab and gave me a $25 tip.

-I picked up some guy at a gay bar and the first thing he said when he got in my cab was "Oh thank god he's white!"

-We have this thing on major drinking holidays where some service pays for people's cab rides home from the bar if they call a certain number and we just write it up as a charge. I decided to try and shark someone from downtown after all the bars had closed because I kept getting stuck on the fringes of town and getting lost calls and shit, so I picked up these two kids, a guy and his girl, going to the suburbs. They don't tell me that they were using this service until I had already gotten there, which isn't cool because it has to come from dispatch to OK the charge. Supposedly, they had missed their cab earlier in the night, which meant that the charge was void and they'd have to pay cash. They claim they had waited outside for two hours and every cab said they weren't the people they had come for. I told them I'd cut them a deal for it being a fucked up situation and instead of charging them $23, which is what it ran, I'd charge them $10. And somehow, even with me being generous, they fucking beat out. I told dispatch about it when I turned in my paperwork for the night and they said just to write up the charge anyway so I didn't lose that money. Still, what fucking cunts.

03-18-2012, 11:38 PM

Mr. Dylanja
03-19-2012, 12:10 AM
Twenty five bucks and a kiss on the hand goodbye, you fucking ladies man.

04-22-2012, 12:21 PM
Can this keep happening, please?

04-28-2012, 02:36 PM
I'm in transition. Hopefully sooner than later I will be driving a cab in Chicago, where the stories are bound to be juicier.

04-28-2012, 08:08 PM
Bound to be. I'm excited.

06-02-2012, 06:27 PM
This turned out way tl;dr but whatever.

So I tried working for another taxi company . . .

Getting my chauffeur's license in Chicago is temporarily on hold due to the excessive expense and time required to get it, so I moved back home. The company I was working for before told me I had to wait 3 months to return if things didn't work out, and we need money pretty desperately right now, so I tried working at the second biggest company in the county. This was a mistake.

The second biggest cab company in the area is run pretty much by one guy. He looks to be in his 50s. He's had multiple heart attacks. While I was applying and training, he was in the hospital for his latest one. Apparently he needs a heart transplant he can't afford. He basically runs the entire company himself with the help of a kid my age who is somewhat of a hood rat type. They have about four cabs and usually have two or three drivers on at a time. I don't know what you know about cab companies, but that's pretty unrealistic if it gets busy. I'm not sure how they manage. One trip can take anywhere from 20 min to an hour. If 3 people call in on different sides of town, you're pretty much fucked. The company I worked for probably typically had 10-15 cabs on the road at least and couldn't handle all the trips.

Apparently everyone who has worked for this company is some kind of deadbeat or incompetent because he keeps firing people. Everyone at the company besides the hood rat kid and maybe one other driver sounds to have been there for less than a month.

Now seems like a noble case of gung ho entrepreneurship in the face of near impossible odds. And to the guy's credit, he seems to be an extremely dedicated, hard worker who believes in honest business practices and making sure his employees are well paid, even at the expense of his own self interest. The only problem is that he's fucking crazy and his business is a totally disorganized mess.

I call in about 2 weeks ago and ask if they need drivers. The dispatcher sounds excited, they do. She takes down my information. A couple hours later, around 8pm, I get a call from the kid who serves as the boss' right hand man. He wants me to come over and fill out an application. I show up and the company is just someone's house with some cabs in the drive way next door to a small salvage garage. Kinda weird. The kid pulls up in a minivan blasting rap and looks like every skinny hood rat white kid I grew up with, but he's pretty nice. We go in the house, which is just couches and tables and clutter and not much else. I fill out the app and we talk and I get a vague sense of what the company is about, but nothing definitive. From what I can tell, it sounds like I'm hired and can start working as soon as they run my info through their insurance company. I have to get my driving abstract and make copies of my ID, SS card and taxi license the next day.

A few days later, I get a call that I've been approved and can begin working after I get back from DEMF. The night after I get back, I go out with the hood rat kid for training to see how things work for a couple of hours. There's almost no business this night, but apparently this is rare. The kid tells me they make really good money, a couple hundred a night isn't rare. This sort of makes sense. I've made around $300 in a night at my previous company on rare occasions. If I was one of only 2 drivers on the road and didn't have to compete for trips, making big money regularly would be a breeze so long as calls come in.

Anyway, the way they do business is a little odd. For one, they don't have a CB radio to dispatch over. They do it entirely by cell phone. This has some advantages. I could chill anywhere and wait for calls instead of being stuck to my cab, plus no one could steal trips from us by intercepting our radio. But it also means there's a lot of bullshit of phone tag, and if there was ever an emergency, there's not an immediate lifeline to call and let people know like there is with a radio and dispatch. And they only have a dispatcher during the day, during the night one of the drivers takes all the calls.

Another odd thing is that they don't have a meter. They just run the trip meter and then refer to a chart to see how much the chart is. This I don't like. People trust a meter and like to see their money go up as we travel. Without a meter, there's too much room for disagreements, especially on waiting time if someone goes into a store. One good thing though was their rates were slightly higher than my previous company and they had a minimum charge of $6 no matter how far you go. Some times those $3 and $4 trips all day can kill ya.

So I get dropped off at 1:30 am and the kid tells me I'm supposed to ride around with the boss the next morning at 7:30 am. That doesn't leave a lot of room for sleep, but whatever.

I wake up 2 hours late and freak out, but it doesn't seem to be a big deal. I get dropped off at the "office" and meet the guy. He's a total fucking weirdo. He's basically built up the company from scratch on his own. His health is failing and he seems to be prone to major injuries fairly often, but he just laughs about it. The guy is pretty loud and crude in general. He curses up a storm all day and says all kinds of shit you probably shouldn't say around a new employee. He yells at a black driver and says "I hate (n)iggers." He drives me all over town but there's practically no calls, part of which it becomes obvious is because the cell phones in the area failed for a few hours. We stop by the house of one of his old friends for a half hour. We run errands. He's in a shitty mood because of the cell phones and is ranting and raving the whole time. He buys me lunch but kind of freaks out when I tell the waitress to come back because he's on the phone. He tells me a story about when he kicked someone out of his cab in the middle of a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere for saying "goddamn" even though he himself says just about every other cuss word on record. He's also really protective of his vans. Which is understandable, he doesn't have a lot of money to spare and these are the foundation of his business. But it sounds like he blames all the drivers for everything that goes wrong with them even though he doesn't really have the money to invest in their upkeep. You can either drive politely or you can drive quickly, but it's pretty difficult to do both.

After wasting the entire day doing not a whole lot of anything, he drops me off at home and schedules me to work 12 hours the next day starting at 7:30am. This whole time, no real schedule has been set up for me. I pretty much only know what's going on day to day, and even then, not really.

So I show up at 7:30 the next day. He sets me up in a cab. Right off, he has a call for me. It's a pretty good trip too, runs about $33. After I drop off, I call in to the dispatcher and let her know I'm vacant, but she doesn't have any other trips. The guy calls me and tells me to come back to the office (from the far west suburb) to pick up a piece of paper for a medical contract run in another one of the suburbs. There's no other trips until then so I just sit around for an hour. They schedule me to pick up a regular at 11:00, after picking up the medical trip at 10:30-10:45, even though they're on the other side of town. This pretty much is how the whole day works.

I spend the whole day running from one far corner of town to another. It goes alright for the first few hours despite running a lot further than makes sense for trips. But whatever, I understand, they're limited on drivers. But then things get really stupid. The van starts making a screeching noise. I call in to ask about it. He starts yelling at me for having the air conditioning on. The dispatcher doesn't know what the fuck she's doing. She keeps sending me all over town, forgetting what trip I'm on. Her and the boss are fighting and throwing me in between it, having me call one another to relay messages and bitching about one another to me on the phone. They call me at the same time, and then yell at me for not picking up the phone right away. I'm pretty sure I won't be coming back the next day, but things settle down and I get a few trips and everything seems to be ok.

I get scheduled to pick up a trip at 5:30 at a hotel in the suburbs. It's a guy going to a concert at this big ampitheater in the rural suburbs of our town. Right before I pick him up, the dispatcher calls me to tell me she has a trip for me to run, forgetting she already scheduled me on this, but she tells me to just take this one and hurry up. Unfortunately, this venue is on a one lane road in the middle of nowhere that gets backed up for miles, so it takes a half hour to go 4 miles. Both of them are calling me frustrated. The boss tells me I should have gone an alternate route I didn't know about and that all rides to the concert from the hotels are a flat rate of $35. The guy doesn't go for it because no one told that to him before getting into the cab, and I don't blame him, so I just charge him the meter rate and he gives me a decent tip.

I get out of the parking lot and call in to say I'm free, and the dispatcher says she has more concert trips, but she wants me to pick up this guy going to the grocery store and back at some address. I hang up and GPS it and it's completely the other side of town, about a 40 minute drive away. I call her back and double check and she tells me to get it. Half way there, the boss calls me to ask where I'm at and I tell him the situation and he screams at me and tells me to turn around and go back to the hotels for more concert trips, and to always call and ask him about stuff like that. I go back to the hotels and everyone who was waiting on a cab has already left. The dispatcher tells me to go grab some people wanting to go to the show on the clear other side of town who have been waiting a really long time and are pissed. I run it by the boss and he says yeah, go get it. I get out there, can't find the address, ends up being a hotel, the people are gone and hang up on me when I try to call them. This is about 3 hours of me running from one end of town to the other without a single customer. It's been over 12 hours and I'm fucking done for the day, so I bring the cab in.

I get there and apparently she was supposed to tell me to grab this other trip, but didn't. He calls her and screams at her. When he gets off the phone he calls her a cunt and bitch and says all this shit about "I don't have to take this from any of these bitches. I tell them to suck my dick and get the fuck out of my house." This is pretty much how he talks all the time. I'm sitting around trying to figure out what I need to do to get the fuck out of there, and then he yells at me to start adding my stuff up so we can get out of there. After gas and sales tax, I didn't even make enough to cover my lease in a 13 hour day. Fortunately, he gave me a break and cut down my lease, leaving me with $20 for the day.

I had planned on quitting that night, but he was already so pissed and screaming at everyone, I was too intimidated. Although he never said it, it was assumed I would work the same shift today. Instead I slept. Him and his workers have called me probably 40 times today and left close to 20 voicemail messages. He's also visited my house twice at least, according to my mom, maybe more while she was at work (I sleep in the attic with headphones on, so I have no idea).

The good news is that the awfulness of yesterday motivated me to stop by my previous cab company and see if I could get back in with them sooner and it sounds like it'll be alright. Watch this space for updates.

06-02-2012, 07:08 PM
Damn. What was the concert?

06-02-2012, 07:11 PM
Sugarland I think.

06-02-2012, 07:32 PM
You should have just drove off a bridge. :)

06-03-2012, 12:53 PM
Ugh, Blossom? I couldn't imagine having to make trips out there in a cab.

Your boss sounds pretty fucking crazy. Hopefully you can get a job back with your old company soon!

06-03-2012, 01:55 PM
I wonder what would have happened if you had just blew both of them off and dedicated your time taking people to that concert. Would the money have shut them up? Perhaps even adding, "that cunt of a bitch and your old heart attacking ass have no goddamn idea what the fuck your doing."

I know you don't want to burn any bridges, but I'd just love to hear what he would say if you used the word goddamn over the phone with him.

denies the day
06-16-2012, 05:25 PM
I just bought a taxi. No idea what I'm doing but I'm glad you made this thread, Patrick.

denies the day
07-26-2012, 04:03 PM

I'm working out the legal aspects of my taxi right now but prolly gonna take the whip out a few times before it's totally legit. Have you worked or would you consider working independently as a cab driver/chauffeur?

07-27-2012, 09:47 AM
Not here. Not enough business. In a bigger city, maybe. Not that I'd ever have the money invest in such a thing.

I may start doing this again since I've started working again, but for now I'll leave you with the old black lady who was talking about whipping her grandkids into shape for disrespecting their mother: "I'mma terrorize some niggas!"

07-27-2012, 10:23 AM
Dream big, fail big.

09-02-2012, 01:09 AM
I'm going to try to just post highlights from now on as it's not as draining as trying to remember every single trip after a long day.

Saturday 9/1/12

My first trip of the night, I went half way across town to find my passenger had already left and not bothered to cancel, which, combined with my next trip and my hangover, foretold that it was going to be “one of those nights.”

My second trip was a couple whose car had ran out of gas in the ghetto and needed me to take them to the gas station and back. When they got in, the girl was crying and the guy was annoyed. He berated her the entire time for apparently throwing a tantrum and wasting his money. Quote: “First this happens to me, then I have to deal with the torment of your mouth.” At the gas station, when the girl got out to get the gas, he commented “Oooh, look at all the pussy around here. Pussy pussy pussy.” When we got back to their car, he told the girl to pay for the fare, to which she responded by saying she didn’t have any money and storming off, calling him a scrub and saying she was gonna call the police on him.

A group of college age white girls going to the bars were discussing a Louis C.K. stand up bit about the phrase “a bag of dicks.”

Towards the end of the night, some guy was going to the only fast food restaurant open in the area before going home. While waiting in the packed line, he blasted some shitty radio rap on his phone, which is not totally uncommon (and it’s always the same low-rider bangin’ radio rap, never any other kind of music at all), but still pisses me the fuck off every time just because of how rude it is. You seriously can’t deal with not hearing what you want to hear for 15 minutes of your life while annoying the person who is giving you a ride home. When I dropped him off, the meter was at $11.30. He gave me a $20.30 “You can just give me a ten back.” “Uh, no, I can give you nine back.”

09-02-2012, 09:08 AM
"scrub" hahaha

06-09-2013, 07:51 PM
I will provide a running commentary of the annoying shit that happens on my dispatch shift tonight.

With every trip, I take the passenger's location, phone number and destination (the first two are standard practice, we're probably going to make the latter SOP too soon), and if they're at a business, their name. These phone numbers usually cause as many headaches as they cause as the passengers are too dumb to give us the right number or answer their phones when the drivers call.

So this girl is out walking around and since it's night, I tell her we can't send a driver to pick her up on the side of the road for safety reasons and she has to go to a business. She says she's going to walk to the McDonald's and we dispatch the trip. A driver calls her, she doesn't answer, and he goes to the McD's and she's not there. Soon after she calls saying she thinks she saw a cab go by. We ask why she didn't answer her phone. She said she didn't recognize the number and doesn't answer her phone because she's "avoiding somebody." Now, I don't answer my phone from strange numbers, EXCEPT in situations where I give my number to someone and could be expecting a call; for example, if I order delivery, am waiting for some kind of cable man or other home technician, or if I call a motherfucking cab.

06-09-2013, 08:38 PM
Did the dispatcher leave a message?

06-09-2013, 08:59 PM
What? Pay attention, Professor Skankhigh, I'm working as the dispatcher tonight.

Just had a person call to ask me how much it'd be from their address to a different street in the city. Then they started asking me where that street actually was.

Some drunk girls called walking down the street, asked them where they were at and they kept going "uh . . er . . hold on . . . let me see where we're at . . " After about a minute of this I hung up on them. They called back and talked to the other dispatcher and finally gave them cross streets and we told them to walk to the hospital a block away from where they were at for the driver to pick them up. He asked their names and they started going on about "What you need my name for?" After I dispatched the trip and a driver called on it, another driver that was passing that area let me know they didn't bother to walk to the hospital and were still standing on the corner.

A girl called in wanting to know how much it'd be to go from one place to another. The shortest route was around 2 miles, which cost about $7-$8. She called back and was trying to see if she could get dropped off half way for $5.

Also, about 1/3 of all calls we can't even hear. They literally sound like they have a mouth full of cotton or are talking from a couple of yards away from their phones. Some times I'll say I can't hear them, then they'll come through clear and then start receding into quietness again.

06-09-2013, 09:21 PM
This person that got dropped off earlier by one of our drivers wanted the driver to pick him up again, but instead of getting the drivers cell number so he could call him directly, he calls us to ask if he was on the road by telling us his first name (a pretty generic one that a few drivers have) and saying he had a tattoo on his neck. Which means we have to ask over the air if someone by that name fitting that description is on the road and if they feel like picking up the passenger in question, which is kind of obnoxious when we're trying to conduct regular business.

06-09-2013, 09:22 PM
Hahaha, sorry. I skipped the first sentence.

I'm cool with taking on that title. It's close to brilliant.

06-09-2013, 09:29 PM
We just had three calls in an area that's a little out of the way. Tried to get a driver down there to get at least one of them, saying we'd hold one of the other trips for them if the first one was a no show. Finally get a driver to take one and it turns out all three of them gave us bad phone numbers or won't answer their phone. Wouldn't be surprised if we heard back from them in half an hour wondering where their cab is at. We breed people a really special kind of stupid here.

06-09-2013, 09:40 PM
What city is this in?

06-09-2013, 10:36 PM
YAY!!! i'm so glad you started this back up

06-10-2013, 12:45 AM
Not that you give a shit. But I spent the last hour and change reading this thread. I really love it. Thanks

06-10-2013, 05:15 AM
This thread is golden

06-11-2013, 11:05 AM
I didn’t know you went by Soul.

06-13-2013, 04:20 PM
Here's this thing again. I worked a day shift. A few notes here. Since we last spoke, the company lost the bid on the SCAT contract so we no longer have to run those horrible fucking things. We still have two other types of charges that are pretty common, that I'll refer to T. charges and P. charges (no reason to post the actually program names), the T. charges kind of suck because they have a tiered payment system where they pay us so much every couple of miles and it's always significantly less than the meter (for example 1-3 mi. is $6, 4-6 is $8.25, where 6 mi on the meter would be $16.25), while the P. charges pay close enough to the meter to be worth getting them and some times they can be some pretty decent trips (there's ones that run $300, although you have to spend half the day and drive a whole lot of miles for those; to keep things fair, the company distributes P. charges over $70 to all eligible drivers on the road on a rotating basis going alphabetically every couple of weeks; I don't get them very often because they typically only go out in the day and I prefer working nights). Also, I'm going to keep track of how much money I book and how much of that goes to the lease and how much goes to me. And I'm using military time on the pickup/dropoff times.

Start time: 0850

1. 0907-0912 - female, 50s, black - charge - woman going to work at a child care center, dispatcher told me to charge it to some person I've never heard of - $6.35
2. 0924-0936 - female, 50s, white - T. charge - very large woman with a walker going to doctor's appointment, rambles on about how she likes to write, says she's written lots of letters to congressmen and the newspaper but has never sent them, says she's filled up 4 notebooks in 3 years, says something I don't quite understand about 2 words being hate words and 3 words being love words and she tries to use the love words but she's not perfect, or something. Seriously, no idea what that was about. $8.25
3. 0953-1030 - male, 60s-70s, white - I had trouble finding this address because it was on a street that deadended into a perpendicular street with the same fucking name and the address continued from there, had to call the passenger and his nurse answered and said he was outside waving at me. Pick up this senior citizen with a walker, he starts talking about how he lives in the boondocks, or rather it used to be the boondocks (there's a Walmart and a ton of other businesses around there now, but outside of that, it is kind of country-ish), but "at least there aren't any black people here, I don't want to be the prejudiced one here, but I am. I went to school with them, I worked with them, never got anything back from that lot." Then he spends half the ride complaining about how he broke his leg. At some point he starts talking about the weather and how he has "coons" in his back yard and shot a few and that "I'll eat a possum if it's cooked right, but a coon, no way, possums, yes, coons, no." I said I've never eaten possum and he says I should try it some time, go down to Georgia and get it cooked right. Uh-huh. He's going to a doctor's appointment at one of the hospitals, but he has the wrong address and doesn't know where he's supposed to go, so I have to waste 10-15min trying to find someone who knew which building the department he was looking for was. Finally get him to the right place and tell him the fare and he tells me it's supposed to be a P. charge, so I have to call down to the office and they have to get ahold of his caseworker and I'm starting to worry I won't even get paid for this ordeal, but the charge ends up getting approved later on. $15
4. 1053-1103 - male, 70s-80s, white - P. charge - take him home from the cancer center at the same hospital I dropped off at, he isn't very talkative. $9.50
5. 1133-1150 - female, 60s, black - P. charge
6. 1141-1202 - female, 50s, white - P charge
Sometimes passengers on a charge can be "doubled up," meaning if they're on the same side of town and are going to a similar side of town from each other, I can pick them both up since it's a flat rate and the trips can be put out more efficiently and we get more money for running less miles. These two are going to appointments at two different hospitals that aren't really near each other but aren't really that far out of the way either. The first one is fairly quiet while the second one is pretty chatty, although it's mostly banal pleasantries. As we're nearing the first drop off location, the chatty lady (who is in the front seat) asks where we're going and I tell her we're dropping the lady in the back off first, and she's surprised because she didn't even realize there was anyone else in the cab and they exchange pleasantries briefly. $7.50 and $11.50
7. 1211-1223 - female, 20s, white, two mixed infants (Akron has a looooot of white girls with black kids) - cash - the girl is going to work at a grocery store, she drops her kids off down the street and her brother gets in to piggyback on her ride to go to the plasma center to donate. They talk to each other about how one of his friends got denied twice for smelling like weed. $10
8. 1244-1255 - two females, one 30s, one 20s, and an infant - cash - a mom, her daughter, and the daughter's infant; the latter two get dropped off at someone's house while the older lady goes to the ER. The mother seems irritated because someone they knew who was supposed to pick them up never showed, "Thank God for the cab company." $9
9. 1321-1334 - return trip of the lady from #5. $7.50
10. 1339-1407 - male and female, 50s-60s, white - cash - these two people are probably a couple, they both have canes, the woman is wearing like corduroy overalls and the guy has a ZZ Top thing going on, with long grey hair and a long grey beard, leather jacket, and leather cowboy hat. They say they want to stop at the bank and then are going to this medical center, but the bank they want to go to is clear on the other side of town from both where they are and where they're going, which would add probably $20 to the fair, so I suggest they go to the downtown branch of the bank which is sort of on the way to their location, or at least not all that far out of the way, so they end up doing that. They make dumb little jokes replying to things the dispatcher says over the air and when the guy took awhile in the bank, the woman asks if he had to go to Egypt to get the money. $25 ($18 fare + $7 tip)
11. 1417-1423 - male, 20s, black - cash - guy talks on his cell phone all the way there but I don't really hear what he's saying. $10
At this point I go downtown to grab a sandwich and wait for a trip, but after sitting around for like half an hour without getting one, I stop in the library to drop off some overdue stuff and pick up some new books and some graphic novels because I figure they'd be a good time killer when it's slow because it's not as focused of reading as a novel.
12. 1545-1557 - female, late teens-early 20s, black - cash - I pick this girl up at the main entrance of the children's hospital, she's maybe 90 lbs and in a wheelchair with a bandage around one of her knees. She seems fairly independent, gets into the front seat on her own, but taking apart the wheelchair so it fits in the trunk (it's the kind where the wheels pop off really easy) is a real hassle. She talks on her cell phone all the way home, mostly the typical inane teenage bullshit. When we get to her house, her teenage brother carries her into the house and I leave the wheelchair all disassembled for him to carry in (I have no idea how to put it back together). She pays me the exact fare, which, for the time and effort I put into getting her chair into the trunk, is slightly shitty, but whatever, it's not my place to judge I guess. $12.
13. 1628-1630 - male, 50s, white - cash - this very fat man gets in, so I move the front seat up since it's pretty far back from previous passengers, and he thanks me for "moving it for the fat boy," which I don't think he meant in a shitty way. I say I can relate with my long legs, and he says something about him being shorter than me but 450lbs, he asks how much I weigh, and I estimate around 330lb, and he calls me a skinny boy. He says he's going to the store for a beer run and shouldn't be long if I'm still around, but that he doesn't want to have the waiting time on. $5
14. 1639-1656 - male, 20s, white - cash - guy going to work at some restaurant, says he needs to stop at the gas station by his work to get money out of the ATM, but I tell him I have a credit card reader on my phone. He asks me what kind of phone I have and says he has one for sale. He ends up getting dropped off at the gas station anyway. $21
15. 1704-1732 - two males, 30s, Indian - cash - the address the dispatcher gives me is on a busy main street with lots of businesses, and not all of them have addresses on the front, so I have a little difficulty finding these guys. I figure it's either at or near these two hotels, but I have a hard time understanding their accents when I call them on the phone to figure out where they're at. I finally get that they're at this building next to one of the hotels whose entrance is at a parking lot to the rear of where the hotel is situated, so I tell the guy I'll head there. After waiting for five minutes, I call him back and ask if I'm in the right place and he tells me they'll start heading down now. Why they didn't head down when I said I was right next door eludes me. I end up waiting close to 10 minutes for these guys without the meter on because I feel like it's my mistake for not letting them know I was there and assuming they had the sense to come down, but whatever, no big deal. They finally get in my cab and are going to a cab nearby. They ask how much, saying they were quoted $10 or paid $10 earlier to another driver or something. I explained that it would be the meter plus $2 service charge because they were getting picked up and dropped out in the same out of the way suburb (this is a real policy we have, I wasn't scamming them or anything). Traffic sucks the entire way there because we have to go through a major shopping district. $11.
Even though I'm way on the outskirts of town, I decide to head in because it's been like 9 hours already and it's slow and I don't feel like waiting around for a trip to bring me back into town, because lord only knows how long that'll take. Although I do stop and grab some beers on the way home.

End 1830
Total time on the road: 9:40 hrs.
Total trips: 15
Total cancels/no shows: 0, amazingly enough
Miles ran: 105
Total booked: $168.60
Lease: $20 daily lease, $9.45 miles, $35 gas, $12 shortage (what I owed from a previous day that I didn't pay at the time, if this is over $20, we can't drive until it's paid off), total: $78.38

(A note on this. My lease is cheaper than most because I get a special rate on a voucher for every 8 hrs I work in dispatch because they can't afford to pay me more than minimum wage, so it's a little incentive they give to drivers who also work dispatch shifts. If I didn't have that voucher, I'd have paid $46 for my daily lease working 9 hours and $0.22/mi, making for a total of $23.10 in miles, so that voucher saved me close to $40. The rates are cheaper if you go out after 2pm but before 2am, but there's not as much business. The voucher rate is the same night or day though.)

Total profit: $90.22

06-13-2013, 04:42 PM
Thank you! i feel the necessity to re-assert my accolades.

06-13-2013, 06:15 PM
I would eat raccoons over possums.

06-13-2013, 07:38 PM
I'm so thankful to have noticed this thread. A gem.

06-13-2013, 09:11 PM
I'd love for Patrick to drive us around Indio after Coachella to sunrise. Can you drink and smoke in a cab?

06-13-2013, 09:13 PM
I'd love for Patrick to drive us around Indio after Coachella to sunrise. Can you drink and smoke in a cab?
That sounds like a great way to end weekend one.

06-22-2013, 01:47 AM

Start 19:15

1. 19:26-19:35 - male, 70s, white - old guy going to the gas station and back for a beer run, I've taken him before, he was mumbling to himself during the ride this time - $6
2. 19:50-19:54 - female, 20s-30s, black - picked her up from the strip club, seemed in a bad mood, not at all social, talked on the phone to what seemed to be her s.o., "Did you cook anything tonight? . . . (sighs) . . . Can you take me to the welfare office tomorrow?" - $5
3. 20:27-20:45 - two males, 20s, white - ran clear across town for this because it was slow, two guys going from a motel to the valley bars (frat type bars, Wednesday is their big night I guess), I picked up that one of them had a well paying job involved with basketball or something, although he claimed at one point his job was "to get laid." They were telling me about some bar I'd never heard of next to the motel that only served whiskey and beer but supposedly had really incredible selections of each, said he wouldn't have minded spending the rest of the evening there but his main priority was pussy, which is why they were going to the other bars. They asked if I ever got bored and fucked with people with the searchlight on my cab (half of them don't even work anyway, I carry my own light to find addresses), to which I responded that it'd be pretty dumb since i have the company and cab numbers on the side of the car for anyone to see. They started telling me about some car they had with lights that looked like cop lights that they used to fuck with people. - $20 ($15+$5 tip)
4. 22:23-22:33 - male, 20s-30s, black - regular rider, nothing notable - $11
5. 23:42-23:50 - two males, 20s, black - want to go from west side to east for $9, says that's all they have when I call them, but it's so slow and it'd probably only run like $11-$12 anyway, I do it anyway - $9
6. 00:00-00:03 -male, 20s, white - dude thinks he recognizes me from somewhere, asks me if I ever hung out in one of the suburbs (I haven't), but I don't recognize him, say it's probably just because of my beard. He asks for my # so he can call me directly for rides, I give it to him, but if he's gonna be going such short distances, it's not really worth it to go out of my way to pick him up. - $5.
7. 00:33-00:43 - male, 20s, black - regular rider, goes to and from his girl's house almost every day, pretty decent trip from the west side to the south side. I call before going over there, which was good foresight because he was a little drunk and gave the dispatcher his destination instead of his pick up address. Fortunately, I was about half way between the two, so it's not too big of a deal to reroute. We chat about the cab business, he says how he always calls back and cancels if he finds another ride, and I stress how important and appreciated that is. - $13
8. 01:41-02:02 - male, 20s, white - grab this guy from the aforementioned valley bars, surprised I actually got him as I had to go kind of out of my way to get there and there was a lot of other cab companies hanging around down there. He says he's gotta stop at a gas station to piss, I say none of them are open on the inside at this hour, but he says he's gotta get cigs anyway and he'll just piss behind the building. We stop at the first one we come to, and he does just that, only to find out they actually had the doors open (which is odd, they're usually locked late at night). He's going across town and kind of worrying about the cost of the cab ride the whole time, but isn't really being a dick about it or anything. I drop him off and notice he left his lighter, so I honk at him and he grabs it, saying "My man! My man!" - $25
9. 02:30-02:42 - two males, 20s, black - kind of suspicious of these dudes, they come out of these sketchy apartments and the number they gave dispatch doesn't work, and hey, yeah, it's a little racist, but young black dudes from the hood make cab drivers a bit cautious, so I keep my mic in my hand the entire trip just to be safe. I have my music down low (the Dadub album from this year), but one of the dudes asks me to turn it up because he's interested in music, he says he produces stuff, we talk about music a little. $15, I think, forgot to write this one down

End 03:15

Total time on the road: 8 hrs
Total trips: 9
Total cancels/no shows: 0
Miles ran: 101
Total booked: $109
Total lease: $53 (used a voucher for $20 lease, $9.09 in miles, $21.91 in gas, and $2 bond; without the voucher this would have been $24 more)
Total profit: $55

Slow days like this fucking suck and they're not uncommon in the summer.


Start 20:20

1. 20:30-20:40 - hospital called over this trip for someone on a voucher, so I show up and wait to give them enough time to get down to the lobby but after ten minutes of waiting and other trips being available, I take off. I hear the trip go out ten minutes later. This aggravates the hell out of me and other drivers, as it totally wastes our time and these hospitals don't seem to understand how much we value that particular commodity in our line of work. Once I had to wait 45 minutes for someone to get discharged, and the only reason I waited that long was because it was a $100+ trip.
2. 20:52-21:00 - females, 20s, black - girl going to work at strip club - $8
3. 21:09-21:24 - male, 50s-60s, white - picked up one of our drivers, he's a short guy who drinks a lot, so a lot of jokes get made at his expense at the company, he used to drive the cab I was scheduled on during the day. Pick him up at the trailer park where he's staying, but he's on the other side and gets kind of annoyed because I didn't call and figure out where he was exactly. When the trip was dispatched, one of the other drivers told the dispatcher to tell me to collect some money this guy owed him, but when I mentioned it, he didn't even know who the other driver was, so I figured they can deal with it on their own. He was going to get fried chicken and then back home, the fried chicken place is next to one of the strip clubs, he says maybe he'll go in for some titties, "chicken titties," but he doesn't really intend to stop in. We complain about various dispatchers and the lease rates. We get to the drive thru and the girl cannot hear him despite the fact that he's screaming (although he is slurring), and I can't hear her for shit either so we just pull up to the window. While she's off getting his food, he's talking at her ("Doesn't she realize I'm in the cab? I need to start doing drugs again. Give me more gravy, bitch!"). - $15
4. 21:31-21:33 - female, 20s, black - girl going home from work from fast food place - $5
5. 21:43-21:57 - male, 20s, black - T charge - going home from ER - $8.25
6. 22:04-22:14 - male, 20s, black - nothing memorable - $11
7. 22:26-22:32 - female, 40s, black - I think this woman's a caretaker or something, comes out of a house in scrubs like someone at a nursing home wears, stops by the store on the way home - $6
8. 22:49-23:01 - male, 50s, white - go a little out of my way for this trip, this guy going to the strip club, says he doesn't typically go to the dancer bars but his friend's band reformed and were playing a gig there. Says he is a truck driver and how taking a cab is better than a DUI, says he got one ten years previous, lost his job and eventually his wife, went home with a waitress from a bar or something. Said how he asked his ex-wife for a ride tonight but she had other plans, but he was going to some graduation party with her tomorrow, was going to see if he could get some "free pussy, but it hasn't happened yet." He asks for my number to call to pick him up later, but I never hear from him. - $20 ($15+$5 tip)
9. 23:38-23:45 - male, 40s, black - pick this guy up from the strip club, asks to use my phone, calls someone and tells him to meet him at his house so he can give him some money he owes - $7
10. 00:09-00:17 - male, 20s, black - guy going to the projects, kind of smells like shit, is talking on the phone most of the trip but doesn't pronounce anything, so he's hard to understand, at some point says something about not getting any sleep, wouldn't be surprised if he was fucked up on something, start to get that feeling that maybe I won't get paid for this trip, tell his friend or whoever he's in a "yellow boy," which is a term for a cab I've never heard before. End up getting my money, but there are about five cruisers right near where I drop him off at, so it wouldn't have been much of a problem if he tried to pull some shit anyway. - $10
11. 00:23-00:28 - males, 50s, white - guy in an orange shirt with just the name of the town on it waiting outside of a fast food place, wants to get let off on the side of the road like a mile and a half away - $6
12. 00:39-00:53 - female, 30s-40s, black, with her daughter - says she had to wake up at 5am to drive her niece to college to somewhere in PA so there was no way she was driving home tonight, we see some deer in someone's yard we pass and talk about how they're fucking everywhere in this town. She says she just moved back into town and didn't realize how many cab companies have popped up, I warn her that a lot of them are unlicensed and don't even have meters. We go by a school on the way and talk about how a lot of them in the city have been rebuilt in the past couple of years, she says one of them used the wrong tar while rebuilding it and they had to start all over again. When we get on her street, she starts complaining about her neighbors. $14
13. 01:06-01:25 - male, 20s, black - pick this guy at the Walmart on the far edge of town, he's going back into downtown but stops at the 24 hour grocery store. Says he worked for the cab company two years ago before the city started to require you to have a license with them and put in some extra regulations (which probably means he has a felony), said it was fun while it lasted. He hums to himself, not sure if it's to my music or something in his own head. Doesn't really talk the rest of the way home. - $20
14. Get a trip, call the people and they say they're waiting for the cab, I say I'm about 2 or 3 minutes away. About a minute later the dispatcher lets me know they canceled, but since I just talked to them and was almost there, I decide to check it out anyway, but they don't need to cab. Which is lucky since my next trip is a good one.
15. 01:57-02:24 - male, 20s, white - kind of a white homeboy type kid, leaving a house party to go to this little town just past the county line to the south. Since we're going out of town, I collect money in advance (although after using my GPS to route it, I realize it's not quite as far as I thought). He says he normally doesn't take cabs but it's better than drinking and driving (just as a cop rolls past us). When I drop him off, it seems like they're having a small house party too. - $39
16. 02:39-02:54 - male & female couple, 30s, black - luckily was able to catch a trip coming back into town at a bar way out south, there's a couple of calls there and the dispatcher gives me two #s to try, but we get lost calls there all the time so I just decide to swing by on my way in and grab whoever gets in my cab. Turns out to be the people I was supposed to get. They ask how much its going to be to go home near downtown, I say it'll probably be $20-something, I'm not totally sure, they ask if we can do it for $20, which is fine with me. They're pretty grateful. She says she doesn't know how they ended up there, they went out with her sister drinking and her sister took off without them. "And I haven't drank or done drugs in about 10 months." Very friendly, thank me a lot when they get home. - $20
17. 03:08-03:23 - male, 50s, female, 40s, white - kind of go further out of the way than I expected to this one thanks to the dispatcher misrepresenting the area it was in but money is money. It's not quite the boondocks but getting towards that, this couple are pretty white trash. The girl is fairly fat and wears track pants and a belly shirt that lets her stomach hang out all over the place in a really unflattering way. They're doing a round trip, stopping at the gas station and the Taco Bell, ask the drive thru girl "What's that new burrito you got? The long one?", finally figure out the one they're thinking of, they say they aren't serving those tonight, the guy says with spite in his voice "They never serve those on Saturday night" (even though it's really Friday night going into Saturday morning). The girl has to remind the guy to not order too much so they have enough money to pay me.

After this I sit in one of the stands for awhile working on my notes for this thing but it's getting pretty slow and I'm getting pretty tired so I call it a night.

End 04:00

Total time worked: 7hrs 40min
Miles ran: 137
Total trips: 15
Total cancels/no shows: 2
Total booked: $200
Total lease: $97 + $2 tip to dispatch (no voucher, trying to save them for when I need them, so this is normal weeknight lease, $36 lease, $23.29 miles, $35.71 gas, $2 bond)
Total profit: $101

I hope y'all appreciate this because it's pretty exhausting and time consuming keeping good notes and typing it up after work.

06-22-2013, 04:27 AM
Your taxi cab tales are much appreciated, Soul!

06-22-2013, 06:46 AM
Yes, I love the log. It always makes my morning when I see a new entry from you. Thank you. :pulse "My man, My man."

06-22-2013, 07:13 AM
Soul, you should write a memoir.

06-22-2013, 07:22 AM
Very interesting. Thanks, Patrick.

"I need to start doing drugs again. Give me more gravy, bitch!"

06-22-2013, 11:23 AM
Definitely appreciated!

06-22-2013, 03:46 PM
Best thread right now.

06-22-2013, 04:16 PM
It's interesting to see that people tend to be chatty in your cab. Out here if talk happens it's usually small talk about the weather or whatever, nothing personal.

Question: do services like Sidecar or Lyft exist in Akron yet? If so, are they eating into the cab business? I know there's been a huge uproar about unregulated private cars vs. the actual cab companies lately.

06-22-2013, 04:22 PM
Well, a lot of people are kind of in their own world and tend to talk on phones or whatever. I usually don't initiate conversation, I just give them a friendly "Hey, how are you doing today, where you going?" and leave the rest to them. I've spent enough time at jobs where I had to be aggressively friendly and I fucking hate it.

We don't have anything like that, but we do have a lot of smaller companies and unlicensed gypsy cabs around eating away at our business, and actively stealing our trips. I guess some of these small companies have scanners where they can pick up our dispatch radio signal and they'll steal our passengers before our drivers can get there (usually at bars). Or they'll just hang around heavy drinking areas, grabbing anyone they see. I doubt we'll get alternative transportation companies because we're just too small of a city and most of the cash paying customers who aren't going to/from bars are hood people. There's very little call for business professional style transportation. The closest airport to us we aren't even licensed to pick up at.

06-23-2013, 04:03 PM
Patrick these recaps are great and I read every word.