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01-24-2012, 05:40 AM
I am attending weekend 2 along with my sister, I'm looking for 3 more people that would like to carpool....at a cost. I'm in Norwalk near Cerritos college and I'm willing to pick you up if its on the way to Coachella (91, 60 or 10 fwy). Our plan is to leave early morning Friday between 4 & 6 in the morning and arrive at the campsite between 6 & 8 in the morning, arriving later in the day means you'll be further away from the gates. Our plan is to return early morning Monday, possibly in the wee-hours which is between 3 and 4am but if everyone meets back at the campsite before midnight I'm willing to leave at that time....no reason to stick around.

I have a full size truck and plan on bringing the following: large ice chest(100qt+), large canopy, coleman gas grill, two possibly three bicycles and possibly a generator(still in the works). I'm not doing this free of charge, I'm asking $80 per person due when we leave, not when we get back. If you feel more comfortable driving to my house feel free, I can park 1 possibly 2 cars in my driveway.....no oil leakers!!!! The $80 fee means you can use my ice chest, my stove, my canopy, my generator(if I take it) and one of the bikes if there's an extra one. YOU DO NOT NEED A CAR CAMPING PASS, I ALREADY HAVE ONE, you only need your tix to the show. $80 sounds like a lot but remeber this, you're not driving your own car and you don't need a car camping pass, add the cost of the car camping pass, your fuel cost and the fact that you need to drive yourself to and from and $80 will sound like nothing.

Those of you that are flying in are more than willing to jump in but I'm not picking you up at the airport, there is a train (metro) that runs from the airport to a train stop right near my house, I can pick you up at the train station and will be dropping you off at the same station when we return. The trip from LAX to the Norwalk Station(near my house) requires that you take a short ride on the bus from the airport to the train station, I believe the ride is free but don't quote me on this.

01-24-2012, 05:41 AM
BTW....this is my 10 year attending coachella.

01-28-2012, 09:03 AM
I'd leave the generator at home. These things are explicitly forbidden to bring into camping. I've seen people turned away at the checkpoint with one. Only year they were allowed was 2010 in the RV camping lot (wish they'd bring that back!).