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Coachella Bound
06-25-2011, 08:55 AM

Since it didn't, you're just going to have to settle for this blog post. It's MGMT, Jimmy Eat World, Surfer Blood, The Sounds and Dead Country all set to perform for FREE, on the beach, Thursday through Saturday, August 4 to 6. It's not exactly Weezer (last year's headlinging act)--but hey, we'll take it.

Music Schedule

Thursday, August 4 4:30-6:30pm The Sounds featured with Walk The Walk

Friday, August 5 4:30-6:30pm Jimmy Eat World preceded by Dead Country

Saturday, August 6 4:30-6:30pm MGMT preceded by Surfer Blood

and its FREE....!!!
looks like im going to HARD Summer a lil late this year....

06-25-2011, 08:58 AM
Where is this being held at?

Coachella Bound
06-25-2011, 09:00 AM
Huntington Beach, CA... right on da beach... mon'

06-25-2011, 09:12 AM
MGMT? Where's a tsunami when you need one?

06-25-2011, 09:44 AM

Coachella Bound
06-25-2011, 10:12 AM
considering MGMT's closest show to So Cal this summer was $50 +, and sold out in 20 minutes.... this is very exciting news.

07-25-2011, 02:31 PM
MGMT and boozing it on the beach. YUP!

Premium Roast
07-26-2011, 10:43 AM
get there early. Like a sardine can last year for Weezer. Also, recommend biking into the area.

Looking forward to seeing MGMT for the first time. Recent album is great.

07-26-2011, 12:23 PM
Yes, the traffic and parking will be an absolute nightmare and be careful of the douchebags. They are everywhere.

07-26-2011, 12:36 PM
be careful of the douchebags. They are everywhere.

An unbelievable amount of truth behind this statement.

07-26-2011, 12:38 PM
OH jesus as if hb wasnt enough of a circus with just the us open.

07-26-2011, 04:54 PM
if you want a spot within a mile of the pier you better get there around 7am. this will never be worth going to, no matter how free it is.

07-26-2011, 04:58 PM
HB is tolerable during the winter, that's about it.

07-26-2011, 05:16 PM
HB main street really isn't the place to hang out (see mention of douchebags above). But I'm thinking about biking to this. If it's that horrible i'll leave.

07-26-2011, 05:35 PM
Don't misinterpret our negativity. It will probably be a blast, but one . .. i won't be around anyway and two . . . It will take effort and patience.

Premium Roast
08-02-2011, 08:22 AM
webcast is on this morning in 2-3ft waves. Heat #4 in the water right now. Notibles coming up:

#8 Taj
#12 Kelly
#13 Fanning
#15 Dane (if he shows up) with local Timmy Reyes
#16 Sunny
#22 Simpo

08-02-2011, 09:12 AM
I grew up in HB (now living in SF) and went down this past weekend to visit the folks who still live downtown. Even though it was just the juniors surfing and day 1-2 of the event, the place was really busy. All I can say to folks who come and visit from out of town is beware of the aggro police presence. When the ASP comes to SF this year, beer and smoking whatever on the beach will likely be the norm and tolerated by SFPD. But no way does that shit fly in HB. If you get popped with an open container or trying to sneak a puff, be ready for a hefty ticket or even a possible arrest. Saw a lot of idiots down there without a clue and the juiced up police force won't have it.

Premium Roast
08-02-2011, 10:08 AM
Yeah, last year I saw cops asking for random people's sports drink containers so they could sniff them for booze. Fucking pigs. Better just to go to the bars on Main St.

Stoked for you guys and the Ocean Beach ASP stop up there. Hopefully the surf is on.

08-02-2011, 10:27 AM
The only other band I know that is playing is Thrice, and that's on Friday.

Premium Roast
08-07-2011, 10:02 PM
One of my absolute favorite songs from the last couple years


08-13-2011, 04:28 PM
Here's some photos and galleries from the 2011 Nike US OPEN OF SURFING Huntington Beach, CA.
http://www.ellenwood-ep.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/ellenwood-US-OPEN-SURF-_featured.jpg (http://www.ellenwood-ep.com/blog/music/2011-nike-us-open/)
http://www.ellenwood-ep.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/ellenwood-US-OPEN-SURF-_featured2.jpg (http://www.ellenwood-ep.com/blog/music/2011-nike-us-open/)
PHOTO GALLERY>> (http://www.ellenwood-ep.com/blog/music/2011-nike-us-open/)

Premium Roast
08-13-2011, 05:11 PM
looks like they are branching out with the Austalian Open too. Should be a success. If there are two things Aussie enjoy (i.e. surfing and partying).