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04-16-2011, 08:31 AM
So I started the day by wanting to see a bit of New Pants, but with the new tents and the new layouts I went to the Mojave by mistake and saw something called Hurts. One song. Not very interesting.

Quickly discovered my error ("ello everyone, we're urts") and went to the Gobi and caught some New Pants. These are some very young Asian fellows who play 80s-styled new wave pop rock. They werent' bad at all, and actually the singer is quite talented.

but I left there to go see the first band I actually had on my list to see, the Rural Alberta Advantage. (try saying Rural Alberta fast three times). They played an intense bit of folk rock for a while and were a pleasant way to pass some time.

[This is also where I discovered the new fenced off areas up close to the Outdoor Stage -- I hear they have them at the main stage too -- and I guess they are for VIPs? Wish I'd known. They actually made springing for a VIP pass seem possibly worth the price. Hey Paul T, if you're selling something, you generally try to make its best features known to your public. Just saying.]

so after Rural i was gonna go see Black Joe Lewis but ran into Sean and Ivy and Amy and got something to eat and sat and chatted with them for a while instead. This is an Important Part of the Coachella Experience and even sometimes worth missing a good band for.

then it was !!! and the day really got going. They were really fun, really tight, really good. A highlight of the day. Hanging out with a bunch of board members getting our groove on.

Stayed at the outdoor and waited for Titus Andronicus. They came on and their sound was kind of bad -- it was way too quiet for a band that explosive. But we got kind of close and it got louder or I got used to it or something. Other than the sound though they played an awesome set. Really really great. Also I fell in love with Amy Klein. She's beautiful, she beams a laser bright smile, and she plays punk rock guitar in what is probably my favorite band in the world right now.

By the way, good TA review here (http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2011/04/coachella-2011-titus-andronicus-serve-one-for-the-grown-ups.html).

So after Titus I was pretty hot and sweaty and needed nourishment so Sean and I went to go get a beer. Stopped and chatted with Randy briefly there too, I guess he wasn't banned from Coachella altogether.

I went wander a bit and settled on seeing Cee Lo, except he didn't show up, so I had another beer instead and then went to see the Pains of Being a Brooklyn Hipster. They were ok, no, better than ok, they were pretty good, though nothing special. Except I totally missed my chance. I'm watching the band with some board members and then they start clapping and pointing. I didn't understand why. Turns out Amy Klein had walked right in front of us and I was oblivious. I could have said hi, introduced myself, asked her to marry me -- but no. dammit.

After Pains I wandered a bit and decided to go check out Lauryn Hill despite warnings from a bunch of people that she sucked last time they saw her. Holy shit was I glad I did. Ms Lauryn Hill was in fucking credible. Sounded so great, and she just seemed totally dialed in to what she was doing. If I'd known she was going to be this good I would have gotten there early for a good position. damn. This is how it's done, people.

So by now it's 7 pm and my day is made. Titus and Lauryn Hill killed it so great that everything else was sort of a letdown. I went to Interpol but I guess I got bored, so I went to listen to them from the beer garden instead. Then I decided I needed something completely different so I pulled a name out of a hat (not literally) and went to Marina and the Diamonds. Who.. were late. They couldn't get one of their keyboards to work right is what I guessed watching the activity onstage. Scheduled 8:15, at 8:30 I left without seeing her.

On my way to the Black Keys I had to walk past the Outdoor and heard Brandon Flowers covering "Betty Davis Eyes" quite earnestly. I picked up my pace and kept walking.

So then the Black Keys who were a lot better than they were at ACL last fall. They did this odd set where at first it's just the two of them, and there's no video and the sound is sort of off -- it's almost like they just miked their monitors or something -- I guess to give it a 'small band in a barroom' feel? I dunno*. on the main stage it just seemed underpowered. But then their backups came out and they turned the video boards on and the volume up and it was a lot more accessible.

After Black Keys I looked at the schedule and didn't see anything I wanted to see right then and didn't feel like waiting two and a half hours for Scala or Flogging Molly or Gayngs so I left.

In summary: A very very good day.

* - edit: others seem to think it was technical difficulties.

04-16-2011, 08:48 AM
Overall a 100% improvement over last year ! Fewer people, great layout and the staff/security have been super cool.
I don't remember when we walked in and I couldn't tell you who we listened to. If the beat was kickin' we stayed. If it sucked, we left.
Our first mission was to find the Sahara. Once BD and I resumed our positions up at the right front rail, I looked at and said," Babe....were finally home :)"
I don't remember when we walked in and I couldn't tell you who we listened to. If the beat was kickin' we stayed. If it sucked, we left. Spicy pie sealed the deal.. Oh, Chemical Brothers = really fuckin' good times!!!
The only complaint that I have is that's its a long ass walk from car camping to tent companion parking. It sucks getting old.

04-16-2011, 08:54 AM
My take on Friday: or, who the fuck do you think you are, Ariel Pink? (http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/uponsun/2011/04/coachella_2011_friday_recap.php)

04-16-2011, 08:59 AM
Alf Alpha-7
Black Joe Louis-7
Cold Cave-8
Tame Impala-6
Lauryn Hill-8
Cut Copy-9
Chemical Brothers-9

04-16-2011, 09:04 AM
My take on Friday: or, who the fuck do you think you are, Ariel Pink? (http://blogs.phoenixnewtimes.com/uponsun/2011/04/coachella_2011_friday_recap.php)

Very nicely done. I think you captured the day quite well.

So glad I didn't stop to see Ariel Pink (I thought about it) and went to Lauryn Hill instead.

Miroir Noir
04-16-2011, 09:19 AM
Tame Impala and Cut Copy were my highlights, the former showing itself to be a fabulous live act, and the latter giving me one of my top five personal favorite Coachella sets. Titus was fun; I was definitey one of those circa age 30 dudes going nuts in the heat: I even caught the attention of the stage camera guy. Interpol sounded great and played a no-bullshit set. And yes, the glowruptuion at Chems was as good as advertised.

Miroir Noir
04-16-2011, 09:21 AM
Oh and best review of all: no logistical complaints!

04-19-2011, 04:29 PM
bump for people to add their reviews

04-19-2011, 04:50 PM
Hurts: They sang/played with some passion, but I was simply bored by the songs. Didn't know any of the songs prior to.

Tokimonsta: fun, but meh. Nothing memorable.

Black Joe Lewis: On point as always. Incredibly funky, soulful, and downright fun.

Titus Andronicus: Amazing. Great energy and great chemistry.

Cold Cave: Awful. Dickhead lead singer, boring band.

The Drums: Fun set. The singer looks/acts possessed which was completely unexpected based on what they sound like on their CD, but they were still enjoyable.

Morning Benders: sweet, but nothing memorable. The artists painting on stage were a nice touch.

OFWGKTA: I know a lot of people didn't like their set, but they gave me exactly what I expected. Dirty, rowdy, angry, spastic.

A-Trak: Good, but his formula got really tired for the 30 minutes I spent there. BASS -> Slow it down/slowly remove bass -> Build up/increase tempo -> BASS (repeat)

Tame Impala: They sounded phenomenal and the jam sessions were nice, but I would've liked a tad more energy.

YACHT: High energy, dancey set. Great

Sleigh Bells: Not for everyone, but I absolutely loved them. Their lighting has vastly improved since their last tour, and Alexis gets better everytime.

Cut Copy: Only caught a couple of songs, but I absolutely loved what I saw/heard. I wish I had stayed for the full set.

Brandon Flowers: I only caught the end when the members of the Killers came out. Technically I saw a Killers set, which was stellar of course.

Black Keys: I saw them twice at the Cosmo, so I didn't get anything new here. Regardless, they were on point, but the sound should have been much louder.

Monarchy: EXCELLENT. They started off a little shaky/nervous, but by the end of the set, they were comfortable and the crowd was into it.

Kings of Leon: Saw a tiny bit. Even if you hate them, the old school jams are amazing live. Plus, it's always fun to hear tens of thousands of people singing together even if you hate the song (Use Somebody/Sex is on Fire)

Boys Noise: Maybe my expectations were too high, but I was bored after 5 minutes. I wish they utilized the lights in the middle of the Sahara

Chemical Brothers: First time seeing them and they were everything people hype them up to be. Absolutely incredible. No Block Rockin' Beats?

04-19-2011, 07:09 PM
Tom, that Amy Klein moment was hilarious. I won't soon forget the look on your face when I told you. You turned into a hormone inflated sixteen year old. Good times.

Dede' Arneaux
05-05-2011, 04:07 PM
Our third Coachella was quite possibly be best yet. Not particularly because of the music (it could be argued that 2009, with McCartney, Weller, Fleet Foxes et al was unsurpassable) but the entire weekend experience was 'festival heaven'. I should add that the sound was excellent at every stage, even on Sunday when it got a wee bit windy. It was obvious fewer tickets had been sold this year as the trip in from Palm Springs took only around 40 minutes to get in and parked up. Not once did we have to queue for water, toilets, beer or food and there was plenty of space to get around thanks to the new, separate catering area that opened up and utilised the space between the entrance and the Mojave tent. We got into the front sections for all headlining bands that we wished to. That meant being up close for Kings of Leon, Brandon Flowers, Suede, The Scissor Sisters, The National, The Strokes and Kanye West. Kanye hi-fived Mrs DA (but we still think his show was self indulgent - more of him later). The bar staff were great and everyone on the Polo Fields were so friendly and talkative. In addition, it was hotter than ever which was just fantastic - just as well we had our factor 55 on!

Friday 15th April

* 1pm Mojave: Hurts. Manchester 'synth-pop band'. Think Pet Shop Boys/ Talk Talk/ Depeche Mode. They've had excellent press in the UK. The sharp suits and ties they wear make them look like waiters in a posh restaurant, albeit a very hot one. We loved their show, the singer has a great voice and despite the 'pretty boy' facade his delivery is aggressive. Particularly good were 'Wonderful Life', 'Illumination' and 'Better Than Love'. Watch out for them.


* 3:30 Outdoor: Titus Andronicus. I dont know where these flapjacks are from and I'm not caring either. Thank goodness we were still on a high from Hurts. This is the definition of rock'n'roll noise pollution. If you cant remember the name of this band just write 'shit', we'll know who you mean. I didn't see their whole set - 30 minutes of valuable Coachella time wasted - just as well it was sunny! Rant over.

* 4:10 Mojave: The Drums. I had gone off these guys a wee bit during my pre gig research phase. I felt they were a bit twee, and kinda lame like Vampire Weekend but we had a gap to fill before Cee Lo, so.. Really enjoyed them. 'Lets Go Surfing' and 'Forever and Ever Amen' were great and again the singer was excellent despite wearing the worst top I've seen since Maurice Johnston was paraded as a Celtic player, before doing an about turn and signing for Rangers shortly afterwards (google it).

* 4:50 Main Stage: Cee Lo Green. Knobhead - he turned up 30 mins late and blamed the early timeslot he'd been allocated. They didn't let him overrun his original time, so we got 4/5 lackluster songs riddled with expletives. The sound was shut down right on 5:40 and the Friar Tuck waddled straight off. It's a real pity cos his all female band sounded pretty tight and surprisingly rocky.

* 6:05 Main Stage: Lauryn Hill. I wasn't sure how this one would go and it turned out to be one of THE sets of the weekend. She's got a huge attitude and most importantly the voice to match. The set was funky like James Brown, soulful like Aretha and unpredictable - she called the timing for all the changes when it felt right. Her band were fantastic and she seemed genuinely delighted to be there, a real tonic after Cee Lo.


* 7:00 Outdoor: Cold War Kids. We didn't manage to see the start of their set. Mr Green is getting the blame for that too as Lauren Hill was allowed to overrun slightly, anyway, what a great band. I'd picked up bits and pieces during my research and was impressed with their stripped down songs and live they didn't disappoint. Again, the singer's voice was a stand out, very distinctive in the upper registers without resorting to falsetto. Also they were the first guitar band of our weekend - I'll be devoting more time to them from now on. Top song 'Bulldozer', not unlike The National.

* 8:15 Outdoor: Brandon Flowers. Although The Morning Benders played at the same time as The Drums and Tame Impala at the same time as Lauryn Hill, this slot presented our first conflict as Marina & The Diamonds were also billed at the Gobi at 8:15. Brandon won our time as he's American and we're Killers fans, moreover we should be able to see M&TD at home. Anyway, apart from the single 'Crossfire' which was excellent his set was a bit ordinary, although the 'sunset slot' did add to the occasion. He covered 'Betty Davis Eyes' early on in the set to grab the crowd but I'm not sure it completely succeeded. There was however a big surprise for the encore ... the guitarist & bass player from The Killers took to the stage for ''Read My Mind' and 'Mr Brightside' - that's more like it.


* 8:40 Main Stage: Black Keys. We caught the last 20 mins of the set as we moved towards a prime position for Kings of Leon, which in The Black Keys' world meant 5 or 6 songs. They were better than in 2009, possibly due to the addition of a Bass Player - well powerful and pretty tight with it. Brothers is a good album but I still prefer White Stripes much more.

* 9:55 Main Stage: Kings of Leon. Far heavier than I expected, which most definitely is not a bad thing. The drummer is a powerhouse (reminded me of the late Darrell Sweet of Nazareth / or a straight-backed John Bonham). A few songs sounded a bit samey but on the basis that they squeeze most of them out in 4 minutes or less, the set moved along ok. A shorter set may have had more impact, but then we'd have missed out on some of their older stuff. Opening with 'Closer' and 'Crawl' additional highlights were 'Mollys Chambers', 'Back Down South', 'Pyro' and of course 'Sex on Fire' and 'Use Somebody'.


* 11:40 Main Stage: Chemical Brothers. Unfortunately we were too cream crackered to wait on them coming on, which is just as well as they went on 40 mins later than billed. I've read both positive and negative reports of their foreshortened set.

05-06-2011, 03:33 AM
GAYNGS: You just had to be there to experience the magic that was that set. Pretty sure babies were made. Perfect choice to close out the Mojave.

M Sparks
05-06-2011, 10:55 AM




05-06-2011, 01:38 PM
12th PLANET - 8
SASHA - 10

05-06-2011, 04:15 PM
Black Joe Lewis- 7
The Morning Benders-4
Tame Impala-7
The Black Keys-8
Flogging Molly-8

05-06-2011, 06:57 PM
Here is my report if anyone cares, pretty lengthy review but it was probably my favorite day of Coachella ever so it deserved it. Working on the others soon...


05-08-2011, 05:58 AM
Here is my report if anyone cares, pretty lengthy review but it was probably my favorite day of Coachella ever so it deserved it. Working on the others soon...


Nice review - I checked that auction out myself - seems like you had a great experience meeting the Chems - Cut Copy edged them on the Friday (just)

05-09-2011, 02:08 PM
Friday was hot! I woke up at around 7:30 in the back of my CRV. My head swelled and pulsated from the blur of booze and music that I put my body through on Thursday night. For anyone that says that Coachella is three days, fuck off. Thursday is the hidden fourth day of Coachella. I am going to be present on the following Thursdays.

I started the day off with a couple of bowls and some vodka shots. My neighbors were really cool to let us drink with them, as my friend assured me that we wouldn't need to bring booze. That is the last time I listen to that guy. I gathered my shower shit and prepared to stand in line for the next hour or two, but to my surprise I was in and out of the shower in less than twenty minuets. Good job Goldenvoice.

Finally we were ready to enter Coachella 2011. I could barely contain my want/need to see Odd Future. This would be the culmination of their mega-hype up to this point. At least for me. I knew that I would be spending my entire morning getting sweaty and dehydrated in the Sahara Tent.

I started listening to this chillwave fad last year when Pretty Lights and Flying Lotus were playing. With the announcement of this year's line-up I was happy to see Nosaj Thing on the bill. Further investigations made me realize that TOKiMONSTA is right up there with Pretty Lights or Nosaj. This girl can bring it. I stood on the outside of the Sahara tent for about thirty seconds before my body decided to push its way to the front. I stood in awe of this amazingly chill chillwave DJ. She was the perfect opening to this festival in my opinion. Her beats were smooth and she looked generally excited to be playing to such a large crowd. There were a few hiccups but other than that. B+

Without leaving the Sahara Tent, I polished off a bottle of water and got ready to have my brains scrapped off of the tent ceiling.

12th Planet
12th Planet was the best Dubstep show for all of Coachella. I was way more excited to see Skrillex. 12th was more of an after thought for me. Boy was I fucking wrong. Everyone was sweaty by this point jumping up and down yelling and dancing. Bodies were meshing and rubbing against each other. You strangely became unaware of the outside world, your hands up in the air with the hundreds of other "Bros" that inhabited the Sahara that day. 12th did everything to make this one performance special. He even stage dived jumping into the crowd and having, what looked like, the time of his life. A+

Around this time I was handed a good amount of K and Molly. I don't do either so I preceded to pass them out. This secured me as a very popular person in the sweaty mob. Your welcome. Oh and thank you to those that were so generous.

My girlfriend has been deep into dubstep for the past couple of months. Much deeper in that shit than I was/am. She told me tales of Excision at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Well this show was bizarre for me. I don't think that it lived up to the expectations. I danced and lost myself in the beats, however it didn't have the same feel as the 12th Planet show. I didn't let it get me down however. I was too excited for Skrillex. C

So I milled around the crowd for a few minuets taking pictures of my sweaty companions. Some layed sprawled out on the grass in the tent, others were dancing to the house music that played very low in the crowd. People were passing around joints and smuggled water bottles filled with ever clear. This was a party. However, word that Skrillex was about to play quickly circled and the tent filled up almost instantly with a ton of douche bags and their barbie, materialistic, ladies.

Earlier in the year I became obsessed with Dubstep. I started listening to all sorts of sub-genres and found this Glitch-Step artist named Sonny Moore. I really dug his work, even though I wouldn't call it work. His songs like "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" or "Rock & Roll" were some of my favorites. I watched live performances of Skrillex playing various venues at South by Southwest and Hard Halloween in Hollywood. Needless to say I was really excited. His drops are fucking amazing. Then Skrillex took the stage. It got so packed with bro's and ho's that I could barely breath. People weren't even dancing, they were just sort of standing around to watch this spectacle. The worst part was when Sonny Moore brought out Johnathan Davis of Korn to do a track or two. WHAT? I thought that KoRn perished in an Airplane crash or something? Since when is KoRn relevant anymore? I waited for Fred Durst to come out to complete the weak 90's revival attempt. I think that through all of the pot and alcohol I realized what was happening and quickly made my way out of the Sahara tent. I shan't be listening to Skrillex anymore. He officially sucks in my book. F (Epic Fail #1)

So I left the tent quickly and bought up two waters, i guzzled them down and waited for Skrillex to exit the stage. Once he was far enough away i took a deep breath and noticed that I was actually nervous for this Odd Future show. My hands were shaking and I was ready to get into a brawl if need be... If shit started to "pop off" as it were.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All
Syd the Kyd stood on stage behind her Mac Book Pro for about twenty minuets, teasing the crowd. The thing that bugged me was that everyone around me looked incredibly uninterested in what was about to happen. I tried talking to a few people starting conversations like "...its going to be crazy to see Odd Future, right?" and they would look away. Finally after a multitude of technical difficulties commentated on by Tyler and Hodgy, the bassline for Sandwiches kicked on. Holy Shit. I am getting goosebumps just thinking about it. The song popped off and Tyler came skipping out in his green ski mask to a pretty sizable ovation, even though the crowd was really slow to get into it. I pushed my way through the crowd and tried to get a few mosh pits started before finally finding my way to the main mosh pit in the middle/front. I made it just in time for Tyler to start his Bastard Intro to French. I went fucking insane. I was moshing and tossing people about. Someone stage dove face first! FACE FIRST! I was kicked in the jaw and punched in the forehead but it was all in good fun. Fuck the Police was amazing and I was right there singing every lyric to Earl. I even got super stoked when Pharrell came out, much to Tyler's suprise. This was it... and it was mad fun. I really want to see them in a smaller venue. A+

I have to type more later peace

05-10-2011, 09:54 PM
You must have been on LOTS of shit if you thought OFWGKTA were that good.....

05-10-2011, 10:48 PM
Rural Alberta Advantage = 8.5
Black Joe Lewis = 8
Morning Benders = 2
Tame Impala = 6.5
Cold War Kids = 7
Black Keys = 8.5
INterpol = 3.5
Brandon Flowers = 5
Pains of Being Pure at Heart = 6.5

05-11-2011, 08:17 AM
12th PLANET - 8
SASHA - 10

You gave excision a 7.5 but magnetic man a 2. Im sorry, but you lost literally ALL credibility.

05-11-2011, 09:11 AM
Super sweet day.
New Pants - 7
Black Joe Lewis - 7
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - 6.5
!!! - 7
Odd Future - 2
Warpaint - 7.5
Tame Impala - Holy shit! These new to the scene acid-tinged rockers could have quite the future. They were so much better live and the crowd adored them. - 9.5
Cut Copy - Had to be the most energy packed concert I've ever been part of. The whole tent was going bonkers the whole time, Coachella really loves Cut Copy. This video of Lights and Music must be seen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FblMhN-tdSA - 10
Crystal Castles - Despite seeing their pretty bad set in 09 I knew they were capable of a good show. Totally blew me and everyone around me away, every song was awesome. Alice jumped off the fucking stage with a leg cast on and had people genuinely worried about her, but she was back up on stage going at it in no time. - 9.5
The Chemical Brothers - Got off to a bad start by being 45 minutes because of screen problems. Their visuals didn't really do much for me(the clown is so disturbing) but it was all about the music. The main stage sound and bass were stunning! Plus I was positioned right behind the boardies who were throwing glow the whole show. - 8.5

05-16-2011, 11:27 PM
Nice review - I checked that auction out myself - seems like you had a great experience meeting the Chems - Cut Copy edged them on the Friday (just)

Thanks, seems Cut Copy topped a lot of people's lists they are just an amazing live band. I've been trying to finish my other reviews but I'm slacking LOL

05-17-2011, 01:30 PM
You gave excision a 7.5 but magnetic man a 2. Im sorry, but you lost literally ALL credibility.

There was 0 bass for Magnetic Man, I agree with this post. I still believe Magnetic Man makes better music though

05-18-2011, 09:57 AM
I got in around 2 and went straight to the Sahara tent. Saw whoever that dubstep guy was before skrillex, he sucked. Then skrillex came on, he sucked too, i'm starting to realize how much I hate dubstep. Especially Skrillex, I really don't get what the hype is all about. Then Odd Future came on and they sucked worse and I'm pretty confused about what the hell they're even doing in the Sahara tent so I head to the beer garden. Head back for A-Trak, finally some house! I really enjoyed his set and Afrojack's as well. I like him better live than as a producer and the crowd was really into it which obviously makes a set that much more fun. After this the timeline gets a little fuzzy for a few hours, I remember being underwhelmed by both Erick Morillo and Magnetic Man, especially the latter. I could tell something was wrong and turns out there was so I headed over to Cut Copy. Wow! I didn't know much about them before but they were completely fucking awesome. Lights and Music was definitely one of the highlights of the whole weekend and the crowd was just super into it, great memories. I saw about 20 minutes of Sasha somewhere in there and don't remember much about it except that it was fucking radical and I was disappointed I didn't see more. Then I went over to the beer garden for a bit before making my way over to the Chemical Bros, where on the way I somehow get separated from my group for the rest of the night, oh well. The delay was kind of a drag and I'm a little disappointed I couldn't go see Boys Noize for a bit but the wait was completely worth it. Without a doubt one of the best sets I have ever seen and easily my favorite for the weekend. Would love to see them again!

05-19-2011, 11:40 PM
New Pants - 9
Brandt Brauer Frick - 7
Excision - 6
Odd Future - 8
Cee Lo Green - 5
Lauryn Hill - 7
Sleigh Bells - 7
Beardyman - 8
Aquabats - 8
Robyn - 8
Freq Nasty - 8
Scala & Kolacny Bros. - 9
Lucent Dossier - 10
Chemical Brothers - 8

05-21-2011, 06:53 PM
Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears - They were good, I had seen them before and they usually put on a solid show. Wish they would've played 'Get Yo Shit' though.

Cold Cave - I stayed for the whole set, but nothing I heard really impressed me.

OFWGKTA - They were alright, I guess a lot of people were expecting chaos and came away disappointed. Thought they were OK.

YACHT - One of the best of the day - played a fun, danceable set. Looking forward to their new album. The lead singer was rocking an Annie Lennox-circa-The Eurythmics look.

Sleigh Bells - They really impressed me, though I wondered how much of it was live and how much was prerecorded. They were as loud as their album, I saw the speakers vibrating at times.

The Black Keys - These guys probably work a lot better in a club, their music didn't translate as well watching them in the back of the crowd.

Robyn - Only watched the first couple songs she did, they were good and I wish I could've seen more, which wouldn't have been a problem....

The Chemical Brothers - ....if I had known the Chems were going to be 40 minutes late. Aside from a shortened set, I had a blast, I had been wanting to see them for years and I felt joyous the whole time, getting showered with glowsticks and tossing them in the crowd. Best set of the fest for me.

05-25-2011, 08:44 PM
Tokimonsta: had pretty good time, mostly chilled on the grass, i also got to meet the dude from Chemical Jump, he gave me a sticker, it was an honor- 6

Brandt Brauer Frick: i thought they did great, i went crazy when they played mi corazon- 8

Excision: got to see like 30min of his set, it was fun- 7.5

Mount Kimbie: very good, chilled there for a while- 7.5

A-Trak: only got to see like 15min- 6

Tame Impala: the sound was good, but i thought his vocals were a little off- 7

Interpol: they did well, i had fun, met some cool people- 8

The Black Keys: it was a good set- 7.5

Beardyman: saw like his last 5 min, i was blown away!- 9

Caifanes: i had a great time, cool set, i think they could have done better- 7.5

The Chemical Brothers: the wait was worth it, favorite set of the day, i was speechless, i would love to see them again.- 10