View Full Version : How much are wristhbands? I just need one....

04-04-2011, 10:50 AM
o hay guys, longtime lurker here - trying to hold out until i can find one at face.

rather appalled by all the "can't make it this year - selling my wristband for $900" stories if they're true. fuck the sob stories, i KNOW i fucked up on thickets, but im fine with it - we'll see where the secondary market goes in the next week.

seriously, im more saddened people are really just that fucking greedy. im poor as fuck too, butt fucking A man - Coachella's supposed to be a better place, with better people than that.

Sure, if you're fucking starving and need to put food on the table for your family - but that probably should be a priority over music festivals. But just to make an extra bill or two? C'mon man.

Of course it would NEVER happen, but if Coachella announced they were selling 5,000 extra wristbands OFF-SITE on the day of - I would retract every bad thing I've ever said about them.

Just like I did with Derek Fisher after the 2010 series.

ah well, back to dicking around with craigslist. :o