View Full Version : Still have room for 1 in our 4-person tent in Lake Eldorado

03-29-2011, 03:30 PM

Our group has room for 1 in a 4-person tent in the Lake Eldorado campsite. The couple my bf and I were going to go with cannot make it this year. So far we found a cool dude to share the camp with us and we still have 1 spot.

We are only looking to recoup our cost – so the price is $415 for one (with layaway fees) for the entire fest. Eldorado campsite opens on Thursday at noon. There will be “flushable toilets” =) can you imagine?


A little about us – F/24 and M/27 from San Diego. I work in finance and my bf is in school and also DJs. We’re chill, like to party and see a lot of live shows. This is our second Coachella. The other dude is M/26 medical student.
My bf and I will be driving from San Diego on Thursday and coming back on Monday morning. So if you need a ride from/to SD, we will most likely have room in our car. Otherwise, you’ll need to figure out where to park your car since we only have 1 parking spot at the campsite.

Please send me a message on facebook, if you are interested. :pulse


02-27-2012, 08:26 PM
Join in the Lake Eldorado Community!


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