View Full Version : Willing to share my campsite

03-25-2011, 01:09 PM
"Get you freaking tickets" was what i said to my dumb friends.... I said this in december when they were on lay away! ... ugh

Anyways ok so heres the plan.

I have a spot I have a vw Bus .
Anyone interested must be willing to paint my bus with watercolors for the whole carpoolchella thing!
Also must be ready to split the cost of the overpriced spot.
Split gas, and Grass.
Also pitch in for a gazebo tent. Faack tents its too hot gazebos work best.
pretty much be a part of the fun.... No freeloaders.

If interested hit me up. I live in los angeles and will be at coachella thursday thru monday....

my email


things u should include

Music orientation
how down are you to have fun
and your FB so i know you are not a creep

Oh yeah i forgot .... Im a guy (straight) Loves to have fun (lots) and is going to see the strokes.

Dont bother asking to come if you are going to see Kanye