View Full Version : Im flying in from Australia(!), ride needed from LAX to Coachella on the Friday.

03-15-2011, 05:00 AM
Hey Everyone!

i am so committed to this festival, i have bought a freakin' plane ticket across the Pacific!!... only just realised however, the last leg over land (LAX->indio) may be a bit tricky:
- Greyhound bus options on the friday have sold out :(
- Amtrak rail is doable, but only take me to palm spings (what is that like 20miles from site?) and the earliest arrival here i can find doesnt get in till 530pm. Bum.

So... was hoping to throw it out there to anyone leaving LA (downtown, near LAX, wherever) on the friday around 12pm/noon (or later) that has a space in their car, if they would consider letting me hitch a ride? Would clearly chip in MORE than my fair share of travelling costs to make it worth your while.

Holla back.
Oh yeah, im nice ; )

hoping the festival karma wheel will hep me out here!!

PS> seen a few other people on here who are flying into LAX that morning, worst case, we could pool together and hire a car between us. If you fall into this category, hit me up also to see if we can work something out.