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M Sparks
03-13-2011, 09:01 AM
hey guys,

i imagine this has been answered somewhere, but this year is my first coachella, and was wondering whether i can take a pipe organ into the camping area? i realise they're restricted in the main festival area but wasn't sure about camping.



Neighborhood Creep
03-13-2011, 09:13 AM
Coachella's 4am campground guitar players are thinking "yes"

03-13-2011, 09:15 AM
Nothing worse than waking up to Bach's Mass in B-minor at 3 in the morning.

03-13-2011, 09:18 AM
Awesome you can show us your mastery of Deadmau5 live and how cool you are. This should be allowed GV. Start a petition thread.

M Sparks
03-13-2011, 09:28 AM
Cool, do any of you guys know the words to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?

03-13-2011, 09:35 AM
No. Start an appreciation thread.

03-13-2011, 10:03 AM
Nothing worse than waking up to Bach's Mass in B-minor at 3 in the morning.

I would pay mad cash to get this circa 8 am.

M Sparks
03-13-2011, 11:22 AM
Bring your wallet, John.

03-13-2011, 12:56 PM
yes yes yes!!!... we should meet up for a jam

03-14-2011, 12:50 AM
My accordion is a much more reasonable idea.

Wheres the beef?
03-14-2011, 12:54 AM
Hi and welcome to the forum! Starting a new thread to ask your question was the right thing to do.

Your question could probably be best answered by the board moderator, psychic friend. You should PM her with your question. But she is pretty busy so if she doesn't get back to you within a couple minutes you should send her more PMs.

03-14-2011, 06:43 AM
I'm pretty sure someone brought a pipe organ last year. I remember playing it.

03-14-2011, 07:09 AM
It's been done.