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03-09-2011, 11:52 PM
Ok, this might sound a little nerdy, but I'm wigging out over the specs of the campsite.
Basically, it's all about what will fit, what will work for shade, and which gear to get.
Right now I have a big tent for two groups of girls. Which looks something like this.
Not sure the specs since I won't have it in my hands till April. (it's borrowed)

And just got a killer deal on this canopy. It was $50 at Shopko!

There's a few questions here.. Will the screens get in the way of trying to fit part of the tent under the canopy? There's an EZ Up at a local Sears for $60, and there's one left. I really wish I knew what it all looks like. Has anyone used a similar combination? Would the EZ Up be a better choice?
I like the screens of the Coleman, I could use it again and again, but doesn't look practical for this ginormous tent. I suppose I could get the EZ Up and attatch sheets for shade. But I already bought the Coleman.. Yet the EZ up is only $10 more. AYYYYY I hate making decisions without looking at it!

So I drew up a sketch, being obsessive, high, and it being my day off.. and came to the conclusion that A) I can't draw, and B) it's not to scale, so it does me no good.

side note: just totaled my car and getting a new one. Right now, all I'm thinking about is the ideal car for Carpoolchella, and how it'll fit in the campsite as well. Ha! (I'm thinking subaru forester.)

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

since you all suck at helping a girl out, I panicked and traded the Coleman for a cheap EZ up. Still don't know how it'll all fit in the site. oh well.

03-21-2011, 07:28 PM